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Dan Rather’s Show: “Unwanted Children–The Shameful Side of International Adoption”

By Maureen McCauley Evans
adapted Ethiopian childrenDan Rather hosted an in-depth show on AXS TV called “Unwanted Children–The Shameful Side of International Adoption.” (Use the password danrather to view the show, which is available here).
It’s a tough and important 2 hours to watch and ingest. Much of the focus is on Ethiopian adoptions, and children who have been “re-homed,” moved to new adoptive families with little oversight, assistance, or regulation. Reuters did a series on re-homing about a hard ago; information is available here.

“Unwanted Children” sheds light on some terrible child welfare practices in adoption. The idea that children can be internationally adopted to the United States, and then moved to new adoptive homes with less oversight than occurs with dogs, is deplorable.
Kathryn Joyce wrote powerfully in Slate in November 2013 about some of these adoptees as well. Her detailed, insightful article “Hana’s Story: An Adoptee’s Tragic Fate and How It Could Happen Again” was part of the impetus for the Dan Rather show.
This show, on the heels of “E.J. Graff’s incisive report They Steal Babies, Don’t They?“, is an explicit call to action for change in Ethiopian adoptions. I have spoken out about this; many, many people are deeply concerned around the globe. I hope to see a response soon from organizations such as the Joint Council on International Children’s Services, the National Council for Adoption, the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute, and Both Ends Burning to demand changes in oversight and regulations, as well as solid improvement in services provided to adoptive and first/birth families.

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  1. this is not fair! my heart is broken…oh my God. a 23 years old yound man wishing to die in his country is just heart breaking.

  2. I see two fundamental problems here – adopting children is a kind of busines for many. 30 kids allowed to a single family is beyond comprehension. They might by millioners, but it doesn’t mater. Raising one child in a responsible way a challenging task – 30? is insane. These adopters are looking for tax benefit and governement reward. So the governement and the institutions involved are criminals and accounted for the mess in general. They need to fix this immediately.
    Secondly – what does these kids expect when they traveled to the new world, new strange family? I said this because from this documentary (I’ve great respect for Dan Rather) I couldn’t find a single cause that the adopters (parents) done wrong. The girl is talking about ‘anger…’ when she explains the way she was treated by the adopting mother. Would this girl feel bad if her biological mother swear at her, get angry or even beat her? The kids had a wrong impression about parenthood – are you telling us taht the guy was sent to jail for a wrong reason? I smell something their; or else its the system that should be blamed.

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