Cui Bono /Who Benefits/?

By: Dawit Fanta

Who really benefits from the death of the dictator Zenawi? For sure, it is not the Ethiopian people. Though there was a glimmer of hope that change in the political landscape seemed imminent, in the course of time everything was ended up into chimera.
Even if it was a big blow for TPLF to lose its pillar, Zenawi, it has maintained the supposedly emasculated power by acquisition of more power mainly by trampling their constitution; then the disproportionate power seizure of the Tigryans has been intensified through the addition of more than 25 newly appointed Generals in the army which is predominantly occupied by those who came from the same region, by assuming positions in Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Office of Vice Prime Minister which is subject to the Economic affair of the country. And once they reinforced their political power, we are now looking that the iron grip of TPLF is getting tougher and tougher.
For example, take a look how the current regime tightens the nook on the neck of free press. After the death of the dictator both “Feteh” weekly Newspaper and “Finote Netsanet” Newspaper have been officially blocked.
On the other hand, arbitrary arrest of individuals is inflating indefinitely, Officials are practicing corruption in day light, Good governance is under big question mark, demolishing of houses around the Suburb of the Capital then letting thousands of families into street life is inexorably continuing, the price of common goods are sky rocketing, the Government can’t properly handle the devaluation of the currency; but on the contrary the TPLF owned parasitic companies are exploiting the resource and the wealth of the nation at their full capacity.
I don’t think that there will be any peaceful means that will bring TPLF into the negotiation table for grand change that will give a final solution for all-round problem our country faced. Rather, its sole role has become a hindrance on the path for grandeur change. We already have been cornered to the very end. We are now left with an either-or situation: Either to fight desperately to break the yoke of repression and then get free; or to bear the yoke of slavery and live accepting the dominance of minorities. Let’s stand together for the former. Better a horrible end, than horror without end!!!
By: Dawit Fanta
December 07, 2012

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