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Crowd devastated Dutch companies in Ethiopia

Everything is destroyed or burned at Sola Grow, a company that grows seedlings.
When protests in Ethiopia, three Dutch agricultural businesses as well as destroyed. A rose grower, a seed company and a grass and livestock farm were targeted by violent protesters.

“Our guards have their guns empty shot in the air, but the attack was unstoppable,” says Jan van der Haar Sola Grow, a company that grows seedlings. ”The office, the machines, the pilot, almost everything is destroyed or burnt and the rest they have looted. A large group of hundreds of insurgents, they were overjoyed.”
No ethnic conflict
Van der Haar was not present at the assault. The staff at his company fled into the mountains. A guard was severely beaten by the rebels and is covered with bruises and contusions.
According to the Dutchman goes in the riots not about hatred against whites or Westerners. ”This is the result of political unrest. That is actually permanently in the area west of the capital Addis Ababa. If the federal capital will expand at the expense of the region, they do not pick it.”
damage, the damage for Sola Grow is about two to three tons. ”There was seed where we had grown to four years. Some 50 tons of seed potatoes has gone up in smoke.”

15,000 bales of straw away
Wassink has been three years in Ethiopia. Graz Land is a company that grass and other crops cultivated for entraining cattle. The Wassinks also own a herd: “We had most fortunately brought cows to another dairy company, but our accumulated stock of 15,000 bales of straw is gone, burned or taken away.”
Wassink also thinks that violence is not necessarily directed against whites and Westerners. The problem lies in the ground that have been awarded to the Dutch by the Ethiopian government “. That land was previously used by the locals in their eyes was the land of everyone it now looks like we have usurped it.”.
“Now do not run away”
Despite the risks Graz Land does not plan to leave. ”We can run away now, but the country remains as it is now. It’s a matter of persevering, and setbacks belong.” She wants to pick up the thread as soon as possible.

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Source: http://www.rtlnieuws.nl


  1. Who in his/her right mind will condone this destructive violence? Infrastructures and modern manufacturing/farming sites belong to the people at large either in the short or long run. Such modern farms do generate wages and that can be the only means of making a living for so many. This will not bode well with the foreign investors. Once they are gone they will never come back especially in the middle of chaos where ‘niggers’ are killing each other. How in the heck is this happening? These are a bunch of thugs the same as those who burned down small businesses in Baltimore, MD or Ferguson, Missouri. Ruffians of the first rate!!! Nobody should support this wanton violence.

  2. It is totally different. When international companies steal land from locals, make the locals their servant we call it business and investment. No compensation or social safety net was accommodated to these locals. When the time comes to revolt, this is expected. The good thing is no life is lost.

  3. These are the Gala people who are ignorant enough to burn the seeds that help it’s own people. These donkeys don’t get it! It’s much easier to train a dog than the Gala people.

  4. Let’s say you live in America and own a farm and hire local and your farm is destroyed by black American you immigrants nerd to understand to respect

  5. Whatever is said, this has nothing to do with long term sustainable investment. The labourers are paid sometimes as little as 10 ETB a day and mostly the environment suffers from it, look at the water level of the Zway Lake. The flower farms have come from Uganda and Kenya because of the availability of cheap labour. This is pure slavery. No one in Ethiopia can live of 10 birr or 20 birr a day. I call upon all investor to respect the people of Ethiopia or to stay away.

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