Council of Ministers approves draft proclamation to form National Dialogue Commission

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Addis Abeba, December 10/2021 – The Council of Ministers, in its second regular meeting held today, discussed the draft proclamation establishing the Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission and passed a draft proclamation establishing Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission.

In a statement the office of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed released, it said that one of the national issues that the government promised when it was elected in the 6th national election was to work for national consensus and establish a common ground on national issues through inclusive national dialogue and consultation.

Accordingly, the draft proclamation discussing the establishment of an independent and legitimate institution aimed at bringing together various political elites in order to reach at national consensus and common ground on various national issues was presented to the Council of Ministers.

After deliberating on the draft proclamation the Council of Ministers has approved the proclamation with some amendments and decided to submit it to the House of Peoples’ Representatives for approval, the statement said.

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  1. An excellent idea. Now it is that time to find out who is disingenuous and shun this call for a united effort for the good of the upright citizens of that country. We will also be able to tell between Facebook/Twitter ‘patriots’ and those who can be counted on. But there is one topic I consider off limits to be on the agenda and that is the call for separate ‘republics’. Those who push this call are those with a grand plan to found their own fiefdoms so they can loot uncontested. No sir! The hell with them!!! . .

  2. It is about time Abiy has finally chosen dialogue. It must include all our heroes who have fought oppressors for a long time. That includes those gallant Oromos, Sidamas and Gambelas. Oromo freedom fighters such as Professors Henok Gabisa, Ezekiel Gebisa, Awol Alo, Tsegaye Ararasa, Asafa Jalata, Seenaa Jimjimo, Ali Saeed Yayo, Lemma Megersa, Arfasse Gemeda, Tsedale Lemma, Shimelis Abdisa, Jaal Maroo, Debretsion, Eskinder Nega, Jawar Mohammed and Bekele Gerba must be invited to this planned discussion.

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