Correction: Eritrean Independence is not Twenty Five year, Just turned to 25 years of failure!

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By Tedla Asfaw
As far as the record shows in 1991 May this time EPLF controlled Asmara by itself and Addis Ababa with TPLF after Mengistu Hailemariam run for his life and the Derg army went back to its village. Ethiopia under TPLF and Eritrea under EPLF agreed to conduct a “referendum” in 1993. It was either “Freedom/ Nestanet” or “Slavery/Barent”. They voted 100 percent for Freedom that was in May 1993.
Eritrea was recognized as independent nation by foregin countries after the late Meles Zenawi the first person recognized its independence. That was 23 years ago not 25 year as was portrayed on the VOA’s program below.

it seems Isaias Afewroki wants to be part of the “Early Bronze” celebration of independence. He is right no one knows if he will be in power to celebrate the 25 year celebration in May 2018.
The Eritreans who voted against “slavery” within Ethiopia are now “enslaved” by foreign powers claimed by Isaias Afeworki on his speech on the “25 anniversary of Independence”. He accused foreigners for being in business of smuggling young Eritreans estimated 5000 in a month according to France 24 TV.
Isaias Afeworki knows very well that to cross the Eritrean border to Ethiopia it costs 2000 dollar and 3000 dollar to Sudan according to the French TV documentary.
I agree with Isaias Afeworki that Eritrean refugees especial treatment by Westerners has encouraged many who have family members in Europe and America to pay the cost of 5000 to 6000 dollar for smugglers.
Many Eritreans are dying on their way to Europe and that however did not discourage many. The referendum in present Eritrea is To Stay or Not stay in Eritrea under Isaias Afewroki’s EPLF. Dollar is the Winner at the expense of thousands of lives !!!!

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  1. After this fast empeting nation gets
    To lose all its youth , it will be swallowed by EPRDF (life a frog by an eagle )

  2. Right, it is also 25 years since Ethiopians have fallen in the absolute authority of the traitor junta (TPLF). Yes, TPLF has illegally given away the province of Eritrea and made Ethiopia landlocked.
    Descendants of the traitors (the TPLF gang) has also:
    – Murdered Tigerian patriots/priests and many others from this sub society of Ethiopia.
    – Committed extensive genocide against the Amharas, the Aghuaks and others
    – It has deluded the artifacts, canonical laws and other deep rooted values of Tewahido
    – It has murdered great deal of scholars and other key national figures
    – It has deluded our golden historical records and the national integrity
    – It has looted the national wealth and economies
    – It has also deluded our Islamic values and the coexistence of the 2 religions
    – It has given away sovereign resources including land and businesses to neighboring states and to multinationals
    Sure, it is already 25 years since Ethiopians have been denied of human dignity and nationhood. It is hence 25 years since we are colonized owing to descendants of these traitors.

  3. The Eritrean euphoria about being independent from Ethiopia brings to mind George Orwell’s writing in “1984”.
    War is peace
    Freedom is Slavery
    Ignorance is strength
    For a novice observer these few lines seem to be contradicting each other. And they are! Yet, it tells us a country run by a group of people that pretty much brainwashed or intimidated the entire population into believing the repeated nonsense the Eritrean regime is telling its citizens year after year. President Isaias Afwerki blames Washington for every ill the country is facing and justifies his war footing on the TPLF. Neither of this assertions are completely false. But, for how long people will be running their homeland while soldiers are shooting at them? For how long will Eritreans and Ethiopians suffer in foreign lands? It is time for sanity! Forget about how many soldiers you killed and for how long you fought to separate your self from Ethiopia. Tells us measurable things you have done for the people of Eritrea for the last 25 years. By the way, there is no difference between EPLF and TPLF. They are two sides of the same coin.

  4. Even though I am a strong opponent of any violent form of struggle for independence, that will not prohibit me from sending my heart-felt congratulations to my Eritrean brothers and sisters. I hope and pray that the 2nd coming of real freedom will not be too far of a fetch for you. The same goes to my dear countrymen of the old country we left behind. It is also in my daily hope and prayer that all war mongering elements in both countries will be relegated to the dustbin of history soon wherein words uttered would be nothing but business dialogues and harmonious living. If you think this will never happen, then think again. All these miscreants and ruffians will give ways to those on the contrary. So please take it away from this old man, a very warm brotherly congratulations on nationhood day!!!!

  5. Mr Tedla Asefa what ever you said Eritrea is a free country, and unlike your beloved Ethiopia no body is starving, as far as refuge let me assure you they are not going to Ethiopia because it is better, they just making it stepping stone to go to Europe just like every Africans including Ethiopian, and you know very well that most Ethiopian in Europe and America claim to be Eritrean. Happy Independent day Eritrea, and Tedla Asefa there is nothing you can do about it

  6. Those who died for shabia r burning in hell !
    Their tiny empty land will soon be turned in to
    A grave yard .
    Their tiny land with its ignorant , deceptive , lazy , poor citizens is like a sinking boat !

    • hatred to the core. Gud you have misguide information about Eritrea. Are the son of Mengistu Hailemariam or his ex body Guards? Son of a bitch. Go to hell. Our Martyrs are heroes. Wa! dont play with the tail of a lion,

  7. Guys!!! The Eritreans fought for independence more than thirty years against the Ethiopian Government. We shouldn’t involve on their wishes. The choice is theirs!!! Who thinks for their thoughts more except their president!!!???? Guys!!! in my opinion, let them fulfill what they want!!!

  8. The camel continues its march while the dog barks. Continue with your incessant barking, for that is the maximum that you could do with your infantile brain.

  9. Eritreans r unlucky because they r neighboring country Ethiopia and its ignorant leaders. they r like a loyal dog to his master. they do what has been dictated by their lord USA. LEAVING THEIR PEOPLE TO BEG STARTING FROM STREETS UP TO THE SO CALLED SUPPER POWER PARLIAMENT.AM SO SORRY ABOUT A COUNTRY WITH SO MUCH NATURAL RESOURCES AND THE POOREST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.SIXTY YEARS ERITRA ERITREA ERITRA ASAB ASAB ASAB……………

  10. I read the article with a feeling of vile because no one cares for my people in the Eritrea province (I say “my” because people tend to emphasize the differences between Ethiopians tend to emphasized while I aim to contradict this). I wish Tedla Asfaw wrote about the fourteen provinces chronicled from the latest to the remotest one. To me, my people are deprived of their freedom and tens of thousands of prisoners are suffering. Additionally, those who happen to be outside are degraded and humiliated by that criminal rascal; our so-called “leader”. What saddens me the most is the writer said there was a referendum. Yes, people were badly brain-washed and intimidated to vote for independence. This was back then, but if that ballot were held today, I can assure those who rant in the comment section that there would have been opposition to secede. Those of the commenters who puff up and show their arrogance are living here in America and don’t care about the suffering of their own people in the Eritrea province. What I expect from those shameful commentators is worse compared to what the people of the Eritrea have to go through. What I strongly believe is criminals never admit their bad deeds, meaning it will be carved on their grave. I urge the critics to know that the independence of the Eritrean people is a sham. I greatly beg them to think about how much my people suffering they must sustain. One cannot heal such struggle by this ruthless de facto president. He is nothing more than a laughing stock.
    Selam tena yistligne

  11. Leave Eritreans alone. They have made the right decision. As far as I see there is no better than Isayas at the moment for the country to lead it. And in the absence of a strong opposition he will take the country to its Golden Jubilee, take my word, unless he died of ‘natural causes’ before he reaches that celebration. He believed to have more than 150,000 loyal soldiers born in the jungle ready to die for him any moment.
    The mass exodus of Eritreans is due to Ethiopian military build up around the border for a decade now. Ethiopians are doing it deliberately to empty the country from its youths. Indefinite military service has become the norm in response to national security concerns.
    Surprisingly, Eritrea is now better than the past few years. The economy has picked up despite sanctions. So what is going on here?
    The solution to Eritrea’s problems and the Horn i general is for the Ethiopians to stick to the Algiers agreement and leave Eritrean soil so the two countries can work together and cooperate for development.

  12. Long live ERITREA long live to president issyas afewrki. We eritreans are so lucky becouse we have assab and masswa port but ethiopia in other hand no port with 90 million people its so sad ha ha ha ha

  13. Duri Mohammed ,
    Trust me your fake make up is fading away !
    Your deceptive venomous propaganda is vanishing in thin air
    Your nation is going to hell
    Your people are fast deserting your land .
    Your so called martyers were blood thirsty brain washed killers who t now suffering in a blast furnace

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