Coronavirus outbreak reported at Ethiopian Orthodox church in Calgary

Alberta’s top doctor announced a new coronavirus outbreak tied to a church in Calgary on Monday.

Dr. Deena Hinshaw said 57 cases so far have been linked to the Kidanemhret Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.

She asked anyone who attended service at the church in the last two weeks to stay home and watch for symptoms until 14 days from the last time they visited the religious centre.

She also asked children who attended church to stay home from school for at least 14 days as a precaution.

“The case numbers we have seen to date are raising concerns that there could be more cases,” Hinshaw said.

She added that coronavirus outbreaks can happen anywhere, and reminded members to treat those affected with compassion.

“It is critical as always that members of this church be supported and not targeted or stigmatized,” she said.

She added the church is working with public health to help with contact tracing to stop the virus from spreading further.

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  1. Criminal investigation needs to be initiated. It is known many Ethiopians use this Coronavirus pandemic to get life insurance settlements and inherit assets of their next of kins.

    Also some of the evil-sinodos members promote the current genocide at churches overseen under the holy sinodos of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church.

  2. My family’s thoughts and prayers go out to those afflicted by this scourge. Let’s hope none of them will lose their lives from this outbreak and will recover soon. Insha’Allah!!!!

  3. Pray for us.
    Six people already paid the ultimate sacrifice , one of our fellow elderly parishioner has just passed away this morning, more than two dozens are in a Comma on life support , all these because we were gathering despite the warning given by the authorities. We celebrated the end of the two weeks long ‘Filstea’ fasting season going house to house allnight on Saturday August the 22nd till sun came out on Sunday morning . We also had a lunch buffet to celebrate the end of ‘Filseta Tsom’ earlier that day Saturday on August the 22nd. Now most of us are too weak even to tend to ourselves. The international charity organization Red Cross is tending to us while we are quarantined in our homes. Learn from our mistakes , take this pandemic seriously.

  4. My family’s thoughts and prayers go out to the loved ones of the deceased. It is very depressing news. That is why I have been urging my dear countrymen/women not to let your guard down. This an extremely virulent pathogen and a deadly one. We should always keep our guard up. Wear face masks, maintain social distancing as advised by the experts and keep your hands sanitized preferably with water and soap. From all indications, this pandemic will hang around for a while killing and disabling many more. Vaccine with proven efficacy and safety will not be here for many months. The silver bullet drug that will cure from the disease is not even in sight. So please dear countrymen/women stay vigilant.

  5. Backward nephtegnas do not even get civilized in Canada. Timkhitegnas got no hope of acting as a human even while living in a developed country.

    They think with their stomach , hodamoch. These alcoholics fall of a cliff running after food and drink. Hager Asedabiwoch. I am ashamed to be called Ethiopian because of these animals.

  6. Tekle GebreAmlak
    I am very sorry to read my fellow countrymen so severly devastated by this deadly virus. I wonder about the scale of devastation in our old country if in a small congregation the magnitude is so high.
    May the dead rest in peace and the sick fully recover..
    Let us pray to Almighty God to eradicate this deadly disease. Let us also follow the advice of the health professionals to the letter. Amen!

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