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Congressman Keith Ellison Helps Introduce Resolution on Human Rights in Ethiopia


Press Release

Washington (ellison house) – Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) was the lead Democrat co-sponsor on House Resolution 861, introduced by Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), which calls for the respect of human rights and inclusive governance in Ethiopia.

During a press conference introducing the legislation, the 2016 Olympic Silver Medalist in the marathon Feyisa Lilesa made an appearance. Lilesa expressed his solidarity with the Oromo people by raising his arms during the Olympics as he crossed the finish line.

“I stand in solidarity with the Oromo people in Ethiopia,” said Rep. Ellison. “For too long, journalists, bloggers, students, and political opponents have been wrongfully arrested, or in some cases, killed. With Minnesota being home to the largest Oromo and Ogaden community in North America, I hear their stories often and I offer my condolences to their families and loved ones. While Ethiopia is an important ally for the United States, continuing to let the Ethiopian government oppress its own people will only further destabilize the region. We must do all we can to ensure that the human rights of all Ethiopians are respected.”

Additional co-sponsors include Rep. Al Green (D-TX), Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) and Eliot Engel (D-NY). Text of the resolution can be found here

Excerpts of Remarks by Rep. Chris Smith


  1. hi we love Americana people and all westerners people since all of us human and stand for the same peaceful HUMAN RIGHT and those president, prim ministers, senators and MP who stand and work for the right interests and believe to whom voted them, by standing THE RIGHT for innocent,poor, equality and democracy in the (world) one planet. but in the mean time we disrespect, dishonor even take them to the court to those leaders who not stand for which voted for by blinded their eyes, deafen their ears and supporting, BY funding and arming to dictators, genocides murderers , tyranny, criminal, corrupted Africa leaders e.g Ethiopian by pretending fighting terrorism which is human violation.
    well Americans peoples are not fool but Americans leaders looks fool they never learn and they do not look to take a little stand and think what is going on around them or their surrounding. I think america leaders looks like a soldiers who are in the middle of the war who are fumed with smell of gun powder and act with instinct (desperate) with out thinking long. let me bring you one example, start from my birth country Ethiopia, Ethiopians are a nation of proud never against anyone the people are innocent but we have silly, selfish, dictator and murderer and corrupted governments ( leaders) who were not voted by the people interests but Americans and westerners should not think the people like their leaders. The people of Ethiopia are poor innocent, kind to anyone. but since the dictator military Ethiopian government down. the new american and westerners supported, financed,armed, trained rebel leader Melese zenawe to bring Ethiopian to be a democratic nation in the horn of Africa. in 2001 the Ethiopian leader did proclamation to stand to fight against terrorism ( for self benefit but not other interests since he was real terrorist). but melese zenaew he did not keep his word in 2005 by calling democratic general election in Ethiopia and defeated in the election by the opposition but THE TPLF government override the vote result and claimed EPRDF(TPLF) won the vote but the people went out for protest against by the government won claim but the government use excessive murdering force by suing AMERICAN MADE ESPECIAL WEAPONS to FIGHT against TERRORISM AND MURDERED 1000S INNOCENT CIVILIANS ALLOVER ETHIOPIA AND ARREST THE OPPOSITION LEADERS IN PRISON. THAT TIME THE AMERICAN PRECEDENT George w BUSH TURNED HIS FACE (ANGRY) against the Ethiopian dictator BY THE Acts of crime on ETHIOPIAN people AND THE WESTERN COUNTRY do so. BUT THE ETHIOPIAN DICTATOR HE KNEW THE sensitive button to press on THE USA AND THE WESTERN BY SECRETLY ARMING THE SOMALIAN TERRORIST AFFILIATE GROUP TO OVERTAKE SOMALIA AND TO CAUSE MARIAN PIRATE TO CAUSE INTERNATIONAL OUTCRY TO FIGHT AGAINST TERRORISM. THIS TIME 2006 AFTER ONE YEAR GENERAL ELECTION DEFEAT in ETHIOPIAN. but the Ethiopian DICTATOR OFFER AMERICANS AND WESTERNER TO IMPROVISE HIM SUPPORT FINANCE, ARM TO FIGHT against THE ALSHABAB THE SOMALIAN TERRORIST ( MELESE SECRETLY ARMED GROUP) THE AMERICAN AND EUROPE THE ACCEPT with big open hand EVEN IF They ANGRY A YEAR AGO THIS TIME BECAUSE OF THEIR INTEREST and THEY Gave THEIR BACK TO ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE AND SUPPORT THEIR KILLER LEADER SO 2006 THE ETHIOPIAN ARMY Cruised IN SOMALIA AND TAKE OVER 80% OF THE LAND WITH OUT FIERCE FIGH. WHY? BECAUSE THE ETHIOPIAN DICTATOR HE KNEW WHERE WERE THE TERRORIST group AND HOW he CAN push them to one side TO CONTROL 20% the land. THIS TIME ALL THE WESTERNERS AND AMERICAN HONER AND CONGRATULATE THE ETHIOPIAN GOVERNMENT FOR HIS EFFORT. BUT THEY DID NOT THINK WHY 20% LIFT for terorrist. THE REASON 20% OF LAND LIFT FOR SOMALIAN TERRORIST group IS THE WAY to GET CONTINUOUS SUPPORT FROM USA AND EUROPEAN AS to FIGHT AGAINST TERRORISM. SO THE ETHIOPIAN GOVERNMENT DO NOT LIKE OR WANT THE DEFEAT OF SOMALIAN AFFILIATE TERRORIST ( in fact SECRETLY ARM THEM) SINCE THEY ARE A GOOD SOURCE OF FINANCE, ARM AND WESTERN SUPPORT and are a life line for the dictator. SO THE SOMALIAN people WILL BE DRAGGED WITH LONG continuous WAR WITH TERRORIST FOR THE BENEFIT OF NEIGHBORING DICTATOR LEADER (ETHIOPIA) AND ETHIOPIANS ARE SUFFERED BY THEIR AMERICANS AND WESTERN SUPPORTED DICTATOR MINORITY GOVERNMENT. I WOULD LIKE TO REMIND YOU USA AND EUROPE TO SUPPORT KENYAN GOVERNMENT TO FIGHT AGAINST TERRORISM WHICH VOTED BY THE PEOPLE AND STAND FOR HIS PEOPLE. ABANDON THE ETHIOPIAN GOVERNMENT AND MONITOR HIS MOVE BECAUSE HE IS THE ONE SECRETLY ARMING THE TERRORIST GROUP.

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