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Simegnew Bekele, project manager of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, stands in front of the construction project in Guba, Ethiopia, on November 24 , 2017. Photographer: Gioia Forster/Picture Alliance via Getty Images

Today I heard from PM Abiy of Ethiopia about the completion of the 3rd filling of the GERD with unimaginable jubilation. I am cognizant that Ethiopia is being challenged by a multitude of political ups and downs. The massacre of thousands of Amhara civilians in Tole, Wolega, the displacement of thousands of Amharas, Oromos, Sidamas, Guarges, and the Tigray war remain lingering challenges thus far.

I am saddened and fermented by the massacres and displacements of innocent civilians. Such acts of fanatical violence and extremism are egregiously out of the Ethiopian normative. Without a doubt, these political pitfalls not only challenge the Ethiopian psyche but also demoralize the spirit of Ethiopianism, something that Ethiopians cherish at heart. Coincidentally, Ethiopians remain bemused by the ill-advised foreign policy of the so-called Western superpowers, particularly the United States and Great Britain.

Nonetheless, during such an unhealthy political environment, the spirit of Ethiopians gets invigorated and lifted sky high by the successes of the Ethiopian athletes in the World Athletics Championships-Oregon22 and World Athletics U20 Championships-Cali 22, Columbia. There is nothing onerous and uplifting than seeing the Ethiopian flag hoisted above others in a highly publicized international sports venue watched by 14 billion eyes on the planet. Ethiopians shone on every television screen in the millions of homes across the five continents of the globe. A world that knew us with the infamous song “WE ARE THE WORLD” has come to know Ethiopia with WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD”.

The world that once knew us as the poor of the poor has come to understand our determination and resolve to fight poverty. Today, it has been exemplified at the heart of a poor nation by the 3rd filling and the operationalization of the 2nd turbine of Africa’s biggest hydro dam of Ethiopia. Egypt that frustrated Ethiopia’s ability to access international funding has forced Ethiopians to depend on ““crowdfunding” for the completion of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam estimated at $5 billion-plus US.

As Ethiopia is a symbol of African independence, the GERD has indeed become a symbol of African development and economic self-reliance. The GERD glorified the hopes and spirits of Ethiopians for a brighter future brightened by a light illuminated by the mighty Abbay (Nile) River. Ethiopians including the diaspora are energized by the energy generated from the 2nd turbine of the mega dam project.

As a diaspora Ethiopian, I am mesmerized by the magnanimity of the indomitable spirit of the Ethiopian people (young/ old, literate/illiterate, farmers/workers, politicians/ traders, religious/ community leaders, police & armed forces, diaspora/ migrants, children/youth, students, small vendors, friends/ foes).

I would like to take this opportunity to indiscriminately congratulate the Ethiopian people and the Government of Ethiopia for achieving an important milestone on their road to economic self-reliance. From here on Ethiopia does not need to look back because the Greeks refer to Ancient Ethiopians as ‘blameless’ and ‘ favoured people of GOD.

In conclusion, I humbly advise the Ethiopian government, politicians and people to work towards national unity by scraping ethnic politics. PM Dr. Abiy you have made history with the GERD. If you want to save Ethiopia, please make the 2nd glorious history by correcting TPLF’s ill-advised constitution. The time to do it is now, tomorrow is too late. Congratulations!



Semaneh T. Jemere

Ottawa, Canada; August 11, 2022


    Keep on going
    Don’t be off-track by the so-called “know it all nations”
    They have their own agenda — and are used to have their own way, regardless of other’s needs. and likings!!!!
    Concentrate on ONE Ethiopia, for ONE objective, for the benefit of the ONE and ONLY ONE ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE
    Obstacles may be on the way but FOCUSING on ONE OBJECTIVE is proven medicine to eliminate obstacles from their roots.
    And always remember the admirable and enviable History of Black African Ethiopian of time immemorial. Let the TRUTH be shining for ever and ever — NOT the DELIBERATE negative image pasted upon the history of Black African People. It is a crime of crimes, perpetrated by colonial forces and still continue in refined tactic. There is NO END to it.

  2. አቶ ሰማነህ – እንደምኖት!

    I agree that Abiy deserves credit where it is due for what he has been doing for Ethiopia rain or shine despite imminent dangers like this: https://youtu.be/Pg3WuF1eXww?t=4

    I have also read your article that praised ነጋድራስ ቴዎድሮስ ካሳሁን [ቴዲ አፍሮ] when he released his latest single that demonized Abiy & portrayed Abiy as the Amharas’ enemy. You also raise other issues here. So, I question your sincerity and personal integrity!

    Praising Abiy and praising ነጋድራስ ቴዲ አፍሮ don’t add up for me. It is unfortunate that Abiy is not Amhara/Oromo enough for Ethnic Fanatics & not Muslim/Christian enough for Religion Fanatics [although Abiy is of Amhara-Oromo & Christian-Muslim descent].

    To me, ነጋድራስ ቴዲ and his Eritrean manager/wife are opportunist business moguls who cash in on the emotions of Ethiopians by releasing timed songs that resonate with their emotions: Ethiopia, Menelik, Tewodros, etc. It is all about making money for them!

    You see, EPLF’s leader Isayas is the Architect of the Amhara-Demonizing Campaign since the inception of the Egypt-backed EPLF in the 1960s. When Isayas went to Addis after the ‘Abiy-Isayas Peace Accord’, he went to ነጋድራስ ቴዲ’s home for entertainment. Soon after, ነጋድራስ & wife were off to Eritrea’s Dahlak Islands to film their ‘Fiorina’.

    i_Mognu / don_Q

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