Comedian Jj Bebeto very funny response to Hailemariam Desalegn | Video

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Comedian Jj Bebeto very funny response to Hailemariam Desalegn

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  1. An Ideal mind spend time on rubbish. Those mafias could say and mock. Obviously, at the end, they kill themselves. I and the likes are now ignoring such blogs and individuals who have no purpose in life; who work day and night to bring bad images about our people and country; who have an attempt to always fail our citizens. we know you- are just jobless & useless. I have major differences with EPRDF, but now have understood that they are far greater than most diaspora opposition groups who are aimless. Keep on mocking but people laugh at you and give due respect the prime minister.

  2. I just love it JJ God bless my son. I am proud to see the new generation like you/ the cheetas’ beginning to change the old and rotten course of parts of our past.
    Thank you and keep it up.
    With best regards,

  3. I just love it no words to express my admiration.
    I feel relieved and satisfied to see the new generation like you taking over from the oldie and grampy mostly have been wasting their time and energy on nonsense.
    Now the cheetas coming up fast just like holywood movie with substance that is necessary, right, just and vital. Then to admistrate or run the state of Ethiopia in a way that its people deserve it which sadly has been long over due.
    Thank you for challenging the rotten,back ward, disgrace and shameful regime in Ethiopia. Well done for making fun of them that is exactly their level because they are a laughing stock nothing more. Thanks son, God bless,
    Wth best regards,

  4. This guy is insanely funny. I hope he is not prejudiced about the entire people of Tigray. We are not bad people at all.

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