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Co-Blogger Zelalem Et Al Verdict Postponed To April 14

The trial of De Birhan Blog’s co-blogger Zelalem Workagegnehu, Yonatan Wolde and Bahiru Degu, set to hear the innocent or guilty verdict today, has been postponed to next week April 14, 2016.
In today’s hearing an unusually large number of young defendants charged under the 2009 Anti -Terror Proclamation were present in the Court. Most were reportedly Oromo protesters detained over the past few months.
Zelalem Workagenehu, co-blogger of De Birhan Blog, was initially charged in October 2014 with being the local leader of Ginbot 7 opposition Movement, conspiring violent revolution with his friends (such as this writer), writing and sending reports that appeared on Diaspora based websites such as this article he wrote in 2011 using his pen name, receiving money from abroad to recruit members for Ginbot 7, and facilitating asocial media and communication related training course with his friends.
However, the court dropped most of the charges and now he is defending two charges, which are receiving money (10, 000 birr) from abroad to recruit members for the opposition Ginbot 7 and facilitating the social media training.
Yonatan and Bahiru are charged for applying for the digital security course, which is framed as “a course to terrorize Ethiopia” by government prosecutors.
Source: De Birhan Blog

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