Cholera spread rapidly in new territories in Ogaden, and the situation is out of Control

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Ogaden news agency (ONA) correspondent in Ogaden reported shocking news that cholera spread rapidly, where many hundreds of people died in the past few days. The most infected areas are Dollo, Korahay, Nogob, Jarar and Afdheer Regions.
The scale of the current drought ‘s too giant for Ogaden people, while they dying of hunger and diseases because the international community has responded too late and the regional puppet administration is taking pictures of the dying children and elders for a show off to post on social media instead of helping the needy citizens.
Many people died of unreported and government concealed Cholera epidemic currently rampaging Ogaden Somali region, coupled with the ongoing and chronic drought and deliberate neglect of the area; the people are severely affected and dying at an alarming rate. Therefore, the figure could be much higher. This is not the first time when the regime aimed at inflicting severe damage to the Ogaden Somali people.
ONLF call up all international key players such as AU, UN, EU, USA, the OIC, ICC, and other donor countries, to actively pressurize the Ethiopian regime to allow the corridor of humanitarian passages for possible treatment and support.
ONLF also call upon all humanitarians to unconditionally denounce the Ethiopian government and support to those subjected to ongoing government orchestrated sufferings and genocide.
Visits and reports are not enough. The Ethiopian government is committing a crime tantamount to genocide in preventing the Ogaden people in having access to medicine and food– an inhuman and heinous act.
Finally, ONLF urgently appeals to the World Health Organization and UN agencies to heed the call for help from the Ogaden people and take an urgent action in Ogaden regarding the drought and Cholera.
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  1. No new reveletion – we know even what he thinks regarding Ethiopia and Ethiopians. It is simply a show of english practice by naive journalists and a monster.

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