China building a new $4 million Confucius Institute to teach Chinese language in Eritrea

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Asmara — Confucius Institute, School of Chinese Language and Culture in Eritrea, has launched the construction of a new building.

Foundation laying ceremony, presided by Eritrea’s Minister of Education, for the new Confucius Institute campus in Asmara.

Speaking at the ground breaking event, Mr. Semere Russom, Minister of Education, noted the existing friendly relations between Eritrea and the People’s Republic of China and said that the construction of the new building attests to the close cooperation in the domain of education.

Likewise, the PRC Ambassador to Eritrea, Mr. Yong Zigang, commended the Eritrean Government’s cooperation for the establishment of the Institute and added that the Institute is expected to make due contribution in education and culture.

Dr. Wang Xiaohua, Director of the Confucius Institute, said on his part that the building would be

constructed at 2500 square meters involving an expenditure of 4 million dollars.

Mr. Yemane Gebremeskel, Minister of Information, Mr. Arefaine Berhe, Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Kahsai Gebrehiwet, Minister of Labor and Human Welfare as well as Prof. Tadesse Mehari, Executive Director of National Commission for Higher Education were present on the occasion.

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  1. THE NEW COLONIZERS ARE SETTING THEIR DIRTY FOOT EVERYWHERE. WHAT IS THE NEED OF TEACHING CHINESE LANGUAGE to AFRICANS???? What is their ultimate goal????? I am very very sceptical of these Chinese guys.
    Africa has lost its time learning and speaking the language of the colonizers (englisch, french, portugese, german and now chinese).
    No nation in the world has quickly developed using foreign languages. Let us teach our children to use properly their indigenous languages than teaching them chinese and etc.

  2. EPLF defies the very logic of truth. This is a party that tells its people not to listen to Amharic music. We are the colonizers. Oh well not the Egyptians, the Gulf states and the Chinese they are its new masters. No wonder Africans are so despised by the rest of the world because of our idiocy such as attempting to learn Mandarin while ignoring and forbidding our indigenous languages and cultures.
    Yes, this could be a cover by the Chinese to setup a military communications center and other subversive entities in the highlands of Eritrea. I can’t fault the Chinese, they are working to become a world power. What is alarming is the Eritrean regime that is parceling its land to the highest bidder to hold on to its own power.
    Eritrea and Eritreans will be better served if they are given full democratic rights to use their God given minds rather than have new masters from far away places. China is the new African colonizer. There is no place the Chinese are not working to extricate valuable resources in exchange for their faulty devices, fake medicine, and un – drivable cars. Africa is their dump site! Furthermore, they do not have much respect for the locals. It is because of that Zambian copper mine workers were forced to kill some of the Chinese because they were exploiting and abusing them in their own homeland. When will Africa wake up and be united? Will we see that day? I hope so!!

  3. There is a correction with regard
    the total project cost of the building
    is 4 Million Nakfa not Dollar.
    They do not know Dollar .

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