Chaltu as Helen and Oromophobia – By Laalo Guduruu

By Laalo Guduruu

Two remarkable Oromo episodes dominated the Ethiopian diaspora blogosphere and social media over the last few months: The episode of Jawar Mohammed and the Tesfaye Gebre-ab phenomenon. Here, I will only focus on Tesfaye Gebere-ab.
Lest Tesfaye’s newest book, the YeSidetegnaw Mastawesha, see the light of the day, the most vicious campaign of mediaeval inquisitorial proportion was launched against Tesfaye, ironically utilizing the most modern instrument, the internet. If truth to be told, the purpose of the campaign was not so much as to attack Tesfaye, as to combat a heresy of talking in open about the trials and tribulation the Oromos endured in the hands of the successive Ethiopian governments. Thus, a retrograde movement was born to kill a book from being published in this the 21st century. The would-be publisher was pressured, threatened and cajoled not to publish the book. In turn, succumbing to pressure, the publisher tried to pressurize Tesfaye to at least expunge one section, Chaltu as Helen, from the book. Rumor has it that Tesfaye was as mad as hell for being asked this. He found this to be degrading. Rather than taking a single leaf of the book to appease these backward chauvinist gangs, who were trying to use the axe of censorship to silence him at this day and age, he preferred forfeiting any monetary value he may have procured out of it.

Rather than conceding to their indecent proposal, he published the book on the web for the whole world to get it for free. When you think valor is dead and no more, you see courageous men as Tesfaye appearing from time to time and gracing the world scene, and this restores the hope you have in the human spirit. To paraphrase a section of John F. Kennedy’s book, Profiles in Courage, Tesfaye did what he must—in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures—In whatever arena of life one may meet the challenge of courage, whatever may be the sacrifices, Tesfaye faced it following his conscience—the loss of his friends, his fortune, his contentment, even the esteem of his fellow men—all these did not matter and did not veer him from what he believed.
Within few days of posting the book on the internet, more than a dozen articles, if they deserve to be called that, mushroomed on the internet condemning the writer, asking for his flesh and blood or to banish him from the face of the earth. I tried to read all of them, including the one by ex-judge posted before the book was published; and this one in particular went on and on ad nauseam without saying much. I really read them very carefully, I tried to understand them, and I wanted to know where they come from, and how they can harbor such a fear against a work of literature. Why was such a campaign conducted against the publishing of this book?
I can’t say I was successful in disentangling their thinking. However, in their entire writings one thing was very clear. Tesfaye embodies the two twin evils that the Ethiopia chauvinist elites abhor; Oromo and Eritrea, and they could not tolerate this “dangerous” phenomenon fused in one person. And it’s also evident that they could not forgive Tesfaye for writing YeBurka Zimita. In every one of their comment, you see them again and again coming to his most popular book. In fact, the so-called judge states after he read YeBurka Zimita, he did not want to set his eyes on Tesfaye. His crime they all agreed, “He tried to sow seeds of discord between Oromos and Amhara”. Little did they know that the Oromos did not need Tesfaye’s book to know the historical crimes the Amhara ruling class perpetrated against the Oromos. It is beyond comprehension when one tries to condemn a historical novel that clearly depicts the past conflict. Had it been for the current Amhara elites, Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and multiple other novels dealing with slavery and colonialism would not have been published because according to them they disseminate seed of discord between whites and blacks. You can’t achieve peace and reconciliation by hiding past deeds, but by openly talking about them.

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Finally, there was a reason why in particular Chaltu Inde Helen in YeSidetegnaw Mastawesha drove the chauvinist camp crazy. To some extent through time some have reluctantly started to recognize that the Oromos were treated unfairly in the distance past. But they always tried to belittle even this by saying, “it happened in the remote past by the ruling group and that present generation had nothing to do with it”. However, the settings in Chaltu Inde Helen discredit this apologist argument. It depicted a picture of what relatively recently occurred in the center of Addis Ababa in the middle class environment. In tackling the twin issues of ethnicity and urban versus countryside conflicts, the writer hit a raw nerve with many elites who grew up in Addis Ababa, and who used to falsely portray themselves as if they were above the so-called ethnic strife that besieged the country. Tesfaye’s book is a mirror reflection of the childhood that most Addis Ababan elites passed through. It is a book about them. In this book most of them see their ugly selves, what they had done when they were young, how they grew up bullying, harassing and bashing Oromos and others, or how they were harassed and then lost their identity and assimilated; they have always wanted to repress this memory, they did not want this to come into light of the day because not only does it show their hypocrisy, but because it is also a constant reminder of their guilt. At least for those who moved to the west, it’s also painful because they now know what it means to be on the receiving end of discrimination. It is also a painful memory for those non-Amharas who through severe harassment were forced to assimilate and forget and deny their true self and identity and lived as Addis Ababans. To claim an Addis Ababan identity, the book showed to this group, means nothing but self-denial and acquiring a thinly veiled Amhara identity. Some at least do not want to revisit this stage of their history.
The Addis Ababan elites, who are predominantly Amahras or forcefully assimilated others, always tried to portray themselves as if they were nonethnic. However, Chaltu Inde Helen exposed that they were just as bad as any chauvinist Abysinian. In addition, Chaltu Inde Helen cut the ground out from under the Amharas who always blamed the past discrimination only on the system and failed taking person responsibility that they were part and parcel of the system. And so they came in drove to condemn Tesfaye for he rudely put a mirror in their face and forced them to meet their other self and see glaringly their past deeds which they did not want to see. The tolerant and accommodative metropolitan life they claimed they led, this book showed, was nonexistent, false and only lived in their mind.
After Tesfaye released his book on the internet, the campaign to stop its publication became mute, and now the attack shifted towards discrediting the quality and the substance of the book itself. This attack obviously targeted Chaltu Inde Helen. As if reading from the same page, all of them started singing the same chorus. They declared that the conflict in the book, that is the bullying, tormenting, mental harassment and forced assimilation that Chaltu underwent in the hand of Addis Abbabans was a predicament that everyone who moves from the countryside to Addis Ababa endured and nothing to do with her ethnicity. I don’t know which “genius” first came up with this point, but you could almost see their elation when they found this argument, because they believed this would poke a hole in the central point of Chaltu Inde Helen and emasculate the potency of the message thereby also delivering them from their pain, and the embarrassment the book caused them. So, every one of them repeated this self-delusional argument with a glee.
Their line of argument is that Chaltu came from countryside to Addis and any balager Menze who comes from Menz to Addis Ababa would have faced the same situation to adjust to city life. Their conclusion was that Chaltu did not suffer because she was an Oromo. The problem is the suffering that Chaltu had to endure is not equivalent with a harassment a person coming from Amhara area to Addis Ababa had to endure. This kind of argument is very common in politics and it’s called equivalence fallacy in logics. The pattern of this fallacy is usually explained using this formula:
A is the set of c and d
B is the set of d and e
A and B both contain d
Thus A and B are equal
If we use this formula to depict the argument against Chaltu Inde Helen we can come up with several scenarios, but let’s just take one simple example and dismantle their argument. Here is one scenario:
Chaltu (A) an Oromo does not speak Amharic (c) and has a tattoo in her neck areas (d) which connotes she is from the countryside and thereby exposing her to ridicule.
Assegedech (B) an Amhara from Menz speaks Amharic with accent (e) and has a tattoo in her neck areas (d) which connotes she is from the countryside and thereby exposing her to ridicule.
Conclusion: Chaltu and Assegedech both have tattoo in their neck area and both are harassed in Addis Ababa for this reason. Therefore, Chaltu’s harassment has nothing to do with her Ormoness.
Just because both are ridiculed and laughed at because of their niqisat, the writers want us to believe that both are equally situated and the ultimate consequence they face as a result of their situation is similar. This is a typical false equivalence and a logical fallacy which describes a situation as apparent equivalence, when in fact there is none. It is often used by apologists attempting to justify or excuse certain discriminations and disparate treatments.
The other way of perpetuating this fallacy is to present as equivalent one shared trait between the two subjects. For example if both are teased because of language related issues (Chaltu because she is Oromo and spoke Amharic with Oromo accent and Assegedech because she had Menze accent), our apologist conclude equivalence between these two situations. The magnitude of the teasing, and most importantly, the consequence of “changing” as a result of the harassment, is not considered by them. But if you go a little deep, there is no equivalence between the two conditions at all. Leaving aside the incomparable magnitude of teasing that Chaltu as an Oromo has to endure compared with Assegedech who comes to Addis from Menz, the consequence is dramatically dissimilar. Assegedech by changing her accent to conform to Addis Ababa accent will not have to change her language. She is not forced to change her culture and way of life, and most of all her identity and ethnicity, will still remain Amhara. The change she is asked to make pales in comparison to the metamorphosis Chaltu is required to undergo to conform. Chaltu through the harassment is forced to forget her language, culture, and way of life and hate her identity. Because identity is one of several fundamental human needs, Chaltu through this forced assimilation is losing who she is by and large. Assegedech is asked to make changes on the periphery, while Chaltu is asked to change her core- who she is. Therefore, there is no equivalency between the two.
It’s so sad, that most of these apologist writers, due to the role they assigned for themselves as protectors of the legacy of the Amahra domination, failed to sympathize with a human misery. The system of domination, the bullying and harassment of the students at school and society killed this once promising, vivacious beautiful girl. The story is even beyond the depiction of the Oromos forced assimilation, it is also on different level about the story of an individual’s suffering and struggle, a story about an and individual who is caught between two systems and does not know how to cope. Because they were blinded by the defense of the old order, they could not even for a moment empathize with Chaltu’s agony as a person. What makes these people so callous and indifferent to such sad story? I have no clear answer, but I surmise that the fear of the Oromo, or Oromo phobia, a term popularize by Jawar, has something to do with it.

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  1. Well said Obbo Laalo. Habesha attitude towards Oromo never changes. They still live with 19th century mentality.

  2. Dear Writer: Gebreab is on mission. What about you? Are you telling us the Oromos were treated differently from other Ethiopians? if that is the case, it is not nothing than beating a trumpet of the enemy called Gebreab. Gebreab is not writing this to help Oromos. He his mission on the moon that to sow hatred among Ethiopians only. Why does not write anything about the misery and suffering of Eritreans in the 21 century , today than writing stories of Oromos in the 19 century ? Even if we says Oromos were treated badly? even if we agree with such accusation? who is responsible for that? Are you telling me the Amhra responsible? If you says that all the Amhara generation of this age and or your age did not exist on this planet during those regimes. There is point barking on the wrong trees.

    Be honest, what is the benefit for Ethiopians? be it for Oromo or amhara or anyone. What is the merit of this book useless racist and hatemongering book about. Look the man never write even a single article about the misery of his own people today and you never see him talking even a word about Shabia. But if he has touched you, then he has accomplished his mission very well.

    Oromos were not treated differently from the rest. Actually there are other Ethiopians who were not even recognized as human , much worse than Oromos. Geabreab and others external forces are on mission brother. Ethiopia does not need anything at this stage. The Oromo, tigreans, Eritreans, gurage, Gambelans …. others questions were answered during Mengistu. That is almost 40 years ago. There is no need to revisit and chew the mistakes of our past leaders. They did not mistakes as all human beings do on this planet. Where there are human being there is all stories of bad and good everywhere you go. Every country has its own bad and good history. Even if we agree Oromos were treated differently, alas, you can not do anything about it now. You can not go back in time and dig Menelick from the Grave and ask him why he did that and this. There is no living person who is responsible to be hold accountable for the mistakes of past leaders. I am not pro amhara or pro oromo. I am pro all Ethiopians. I see like any Ethiopians. But I must tell you the way you think is not good for the present Ethiopia. Whether we like it or not, we are bound to live together forever against the Wish of the evil Gebreab.

    Please use you time to do something good than to read the rubbish book of Gebreab. He is on mission to destroy our country; he is not writing this to help Ethiopians. He is writing this as if he is concerned about Oromo. But he is in a mission to stir hate and conflict among us. We do need his book. Tell him to go to hell with his hate book. This is the 21 century bro. As I said I am not pro anyone. I am pro every Ethiopians. For instance, I do not agree the slur against Jawar for saying he is first Oromo. There is nothing wrong Jawar saying he is first Oromo. Jawars statement similar to Gebreab is not helpul either. Jawar is supposed to be a man of the 21 century, not a man of the 19 and 18 century. Jawar accusing others his tribe is treated badly is not valid in this century. Because there is no one accountable for the past because we are all new generation and innocent. No amhara or anyone should be blamed for past leaders mistakes. Please look forward and move forward and stop following people who take you back 100 years in time. Time does not go backward. Only Gebreab time and clock go backward in time. God bless Ethiopia

    • Gazaee
      Your points do not hold water. You are telling us there is no discrimination or killing, jailing in 21st century in Ethiopia. What’s your prove? ETV, YouTube, etc. You are really confused Eritrean.
      Gebreab should not write about the suffering of Eritrean during Amhara rulers. Why? They are free now period.
      Remember I want Ethiopia to remain as one country based on equality, justice and freedom for all. If this fails then South Sudan and Eritrea path would be the other option. This is the trend in history whether you like it or not. You might say zeraf as you used to say to Eritreans in vain.
      Let us work on our biased, unjust, oppressed system of ruling in Ethiopia since the country established 120 years ago. Accept your crime and then move on.
      You told us you are economist living in Canada. You are also Eriteran who was born in Ethiopia. I hope you don’t wish bad for Ethiopia.

  3. @laaalo gguddurruu

    Pitiful man your language need to change. Amhara elite did this , amhara, neftegna did that , amhara this , amhara that wont get you anywhere. Get off the back of amhara, and sort yourself out. Your problem is not the amhara , you are your own problem.

  4. The name helen is neither Ethiopian nor Biblical.
    Tesfay must be a hell of a clever guy. These people deny books written by the “debteras”, Arabs, whites and even other Oromo since they are allergic to the truth. But this guy is just hit it on target with his books. He writes what they wanted to hear and he is their brain, eye,mouth, leader, hand, god, may be everything.
    “Heil Tesfay”!

  5. Thank you Laalo Guduruu,
    You pointed out the reality, honestly, as it was, and what can we do. Especially when it comes from you, you must be in a peace of mind; good for you, God bless you. I love this sentence: “You can’t achieve peace and reconciliation by hiding past deeds, but by openly talking about them”.
    A piece of advice, don’t try to understand the gang of Emye Minilek; just ignore them. They don’t care at all, they are worse than animals. How? One example. They pulled out Abune Merkoros from Addis Abeba back in 1991/92 to Kenya then to USA and they break up from their mother church of Ethiopia. They don’t give a dam what conflict can create in any institution. I don’t mean what has happened in 1991/92 was right, but it has been like that since Emye Minilek and it should be corrected. Revenge is not positive response. Acknowledge the problem and forgiveness is the best. I remember in 1982-1984, The Derg send special commando to Asmera and he told them to sleep with Asmera girls to have a baby; elimination of EPLF supporters. So those gang of Emye Minilek need to acknowledge what has happened and work in reconciliation, hiding is not a solution but a reputation of the past.

  6. Who ever says what, Tesfaye is our hero, especially among the young generation. I don’t worry about the old hate mongers because all of then will die within a few years. Tesfaye should be lauded even more by Amharas because he is lifting up the dead Amharic literature that is facing the fate of Ge’ez.

  7. I think it is natural to assimilate when you move to a new culture. When you move to USA you have to adjust yourself with the new environment to servive, achieve and exel. That doesn’t mean that you have to deny yoursef. There are things you have to learn new, things you can keep for yourslf from the old, and things you have to drop depending on their importance for your achievements. For example you have to learn English in USA but you can practice your own culture and religion as much as you can. It is/was not a choice for chaltu to speak Amharic if she have to live in Addis. Kenenisa Bekele had to spent some time learning Amharic when he first came to Addiss before he starts to get used to the new environment. We know non~native English speakres were teased up on their accent here in the USA. It is not meant to offend the speaker. We used to smile and joke with the accent of our relatives who came to our home from the countryside. We didn’t mean to discrimnate our own relatives whom we love so much. Zenebe Wollea in his novel ‘lijinet’ wrote how he repeat the accent of his relatives who came to visit them.

    If you are not Addiss Ababian you can’t understand our psychology. To understand it you have to live in Addis for quite a long time. Really we don’t have ethnic complex . You know that every kilil is being run by its own people. In the entire history of Addis I have never seen an Addiss Ababian mayer. We didn’t complain. Our kebele officials might be from north, south, east or west but we are still ok with that. What we are asking is respect of our individual human right, Humanity before ehnicity. We want to be treated and valued as human beings as citizens. I don’t want some sort of grouping to control my individual right. Respect my individual human right and then I will use it wisely for the respect of the group (ethnic, religion, ideology, profession, languge, culture) that I and only I decide to associate and idetified with. Group right iz the derivative of individual human right as Mesay Kebede explained it.

    Otherwise with out realization of individual right the ever growing ethnic and religious based movements will lead. us to a total5 haos mainly to the pepople/group we claim we represent.(if we are lawfully represented).

    I’m not sure if the

    • i love it………………..u touch my heart ‘ first humanity’ then ethincity ;;;;;…………… I hate zooose exterime cheuvinist ………… All ways talk about ethincity whay dont u talk about equality ;……;;of human being ………If u know the histroy of Germany really u will not talk about ethincity oromo hadiya amhara tigera……..look please read YEHabesha Jebidu’ rather than tesfayes evil books………

  8. I think it is natural to assimilate when you move to a new culture. When you move to USA you have to adjust yourself with the new environment to servive, achieve and exel. That doesn’t mean that you have to deny yoursef. There are things you have to learn new, things you can keep for yourslf from the old, and things you have to drop depending on their importance for your achievements. For example you have to learn English in USA but you can practice your own culture and religion as much as you can. It is/was not a choice for chaltu to speak Amharic if she have to live in Addis. Kenenisa Bekele had to spent some time learning Amharic when he first came to Addiss before he starts to get used to the new environment. We know non~native English speakres were teased up on their accent here in the USA. It is not meant to offend the speaker. We used to smile and joke with the accent of our relatives who came to our home from the countryside. We didn’t mean to discrimnate our own relatives whom we love so much. Zenebe Wollea in his novel ‘lijinet’ wrote how he repeat the accent of his relatives who came to visit them.

    If you are not Addiss Ababian you can’t understand our psychology. To understand it you have to live in Addis for quite a long time. Really we don’t have ethnic complex . You know that every kilil is being run by its own people. In the entire history of Addis I have never seen an Addiss Ababian mayer. We didn’t complain. Our kebele officials might be from north, south, east or west but we are still ok with that. What we are asking is respect of our individual human right, Humanity before ehnicity. We want to be treated and valued as human beings as citizens. I don’t want some sort of grouping to control my individual right. Respect my individual human right and then I will use it wisely for the respect of the group (ethnic, religion, ideology, profession, languge, culture) that I and only I decide to associate and idetified with. Group right iz the derivative of individual human right as Mesay Kebede explained it.

    Otherwise with out realization of individual right the ever growing ethnic and religious based movements will lead. us to a total5 haos mainly to the pepople/group we claim we represent.(if we are lawfully represented).

    I doubt if the writer is an Oromo. Because if you are really an Oromo and really care for the Oromo why you want to focus on the past too much and say little about the real grievance of the people as of now?? Hey they say the weyane prisons’ official languge is Oromiffa. Why don’t we first free those our people from the prisons cells and make sure that no one is going there again for what he stands for. Then and only then we can have ample time to talk about historical justice and find a Moses goat to take all the past mistakes and crimes not only on Oromos but all Ethiopian so that we can start the healing process. For nos lets focus on the fire under out people foot burning right now.

    a proud Addis Ababian

  9. Tired and boring. Again and again. Do not try to transplant hate in the heart of Oromo people. they are not racist and gutter minded like you. Get over it. Tesfaye is a hired pen, a mercenary journalist which Woyane used to spread a false granduer by sparing him few coins and a couple of married tigray tegadelti women as a sexual gift ( one was killed in passion murder). I do not know whose wife Tesfaye was sneaking after, he had to save his ass and flee the country he deeply hates. Now he is hired by the lunatic-OLF-interhamwe group to spread silly fairy tale so that gullible oromos will cry the olf song of genocide on amharas. Tesfaye after all suffers from deap-seated inferiority complex. that is why he is obsessed with Eritrea, a country he does not know. Tesfaye has told us his early youth that was nothing but mindless womanising extended to handicapped oromo women of bishoftu. he even followed her in Belgium… and slept with her again.. and that is how he wants to keep the secret of oromos.

  10. I think it is natural to assimilate when you move to a new culture. When you move to USA you have to adjust yourself with the new environment to servive, achieve and exel. That doesn’t mean that you have to deny yoursef. There are things you have to learn new, things you can keep for yourslf from the old, and things you have to drop depending on their importance for your achievements. For example you have to learn English in USA but you can practice your own culture and religion as much as you can. It is/was not a choice for chaltu to speak Amharic if she have to live in Addis. Kenenisa Bekele had to spent some time learning Amharic when he first came to Addiss before he starts to get used to the new environment. We know non~native English speakres were teased up on their accent here in the USA. It is not meant to offend the speaker. We used to smile and joke with the accent of our relatives who came to our home from the countryside. We didn’t mean to discrimnate our own relatives whom we love so much. Zenebe Wollea in his novel ‘lijinet’ wrote how he repeat the accent of his relatives who came to visit them.

    If you are not Addiss Ababian you can’t understand our psychology. To understand it you have to live in Addis for quite a long time. Really we don’t have ethnic complex . You know that every kilil is being run by its own people. In the entire history of Addis I have never seen an Addiss Ababian mayer. We didn’t complain. Our kebele officials might be from north, south, east or west but we are still ok with that. What we are asking is respect of our individual human right, Humanity before ehnicity. We want to be treated and valued as human beings as citizens. I don’t want some sort of grouping to control my individual right. Respect my individual human right and then I will use it wisely for the respect of the group (ethnic, religion, ideology, profession, languge, culture) that I and only I decide to associate and idetified with. Group right iz the derivative of individual human right as Mesay Kebede explained it.

    Otherwise with out realization of individual right the ever growing ethnic and religious based movements will lead us to a total chaos mainly to the pepople/group we claim we represent.(if we are lawfully represented).

    I doubt if the writer is an Oromo. Because if you are really an Oromo and really care for the Oromo why you want to focus on the past too much and say little about the real grievance of the people as of now?? Hey they say the weyane prisons’ official languge is Oromiffa. Why don’t we first free those people from the prison cells and make sure that no one is going there again for what he stands for. Then and only then we can have ample time to talk about historical justice and find a Moses goat to take all the past mistakes and crimes not only on Oromos but all Ethiopian so that we can start the healing process. For now lets focus on the fire under our people foot burning right now.

    a proud Addis Ababian

  11. So what the hell do you think is the solution here? kill woyane first or kill all innocent Amharas BEDENO style? You sound like you are dying to accomplish the latter. You know you are either one of those dumbest creatures on the face of the earth who couldn’t recognize their own enemies or you must be kind of Woyane sympathizer who are currently pillaging and raping the entire country.

    You are trying to upgrade the division created by woyane to a new level. I am sure current generation of Ethiopians of all ethnic groups including myself wouldn’t mind to forgive and forget for some thing that happened more than 100 years ago…..I agree with you on the story of Chaltu and Asegedech mentioned on the article. Bullying should be considered like a crime. If your fear is teasing and bullying in our future United Ethiopia , then surely there is a way out. It is simple. Dialogue and clear solution on that . We can figure out a way we all can live in peace and prosperity within one country. Start writing about how we can solve our problem please! The World Need Ethiopia and hopefully Eritrea within Ethiopia As A county. That is a fact like it or not.

    Onward and upward ,
    United we rise , divided we fall

    • Unite: Woyane did not create division. Division was already there. Actually Woyane, olf, onlf, eplf ,… were inspired by division that was in Ethiopia . Please let us be fair to everyone. I hate this woyane created poverty, division,… bla bla, bla propaganda.No one is going to buy this woyane propaganda.

      Hell people stopping pointing fingers and believe in equality and fairness. The OLF , ONLFs, TPLFS, … all are our people. you can not love Ethiopia by hating them. If you love Ethiopia you oughta love everybody. We can only correct them. I do not agree OLF, ONLF, TPLF, ANDM,… are evil. They are all our people. They were inspired by injustice in our country. However, now now must be accoutable for past injustice unless there are actors . We need to embrace every Ethiopian with love and fratenity. Promoting oneself and demonizing others is not the 21 century. I request some of you people to grow up and to love people. If you love your country you have to love everyone who live in it. Stopping demonizing people, telling us they did this and that. We know Ethiopia. We know our country very well.We know when the problem started . Do not teach us it is woyane who did this and that. We know the mistakes of woyanes and we know the mistakes of OLF, ONLF, TPLF, EPLF, … We must believe in equality that is the only solution. Insulting, demonizing, … others is not going to help us. You wanted to teach them they did not have problem but you wanted to tell them their problem is woyane. Come on please, who is going to buy self-promoting propaganda? This will not work in the 21 century. Recognize people please and stop promoting yourself above others as if you are special citizen. you will not bring good change to Ethiopia by accusing and chasing people who do not agree with you. Listen, recognize and respect people even if they have different line of thoughts from you. We want a new Ethiopia where no one feels excluded and under one supreme law. Thank you

      • That is fair enough. I used to think like you but It was not self promoting propaganda or putting myself above any one else. Neither do I think I am special citizen.

        Briefly…,Woyane had an opportunity to heal all our divisions until our last free and fair election more than eight years ago . Instead they made it worse. We are where we are now. The situation is getting worse by the day. Woyane has to go in order to get our ( ETHIOPIANS OF ALL ETHNIC GROUPS ) country back. Thank you.

  12. There is this old tale which I heard in a different language. There was an old lady who was physically limitted and always lying in bed. One day, while in bed, a mouse crossed to the other side running over her. She cried loud for help(eriiiiiiii…malet new!). Family gathered and asked what was up. She said a mouse of certain capacity ran over her. She was asked what was the big deal. Meaning the mouse was already gone. Gone things are gone! The old wise lady answered: I cried because I am afraid it might come back when it pleases!!
    Ofcouse bygone things are bygone. The old addage “yewega biresa yetewega ayresam” should not be dwelt on for ever. The most important thing is today and tomorrow. Form our evil past how could we improve or change tomorrow or today is wise thinking. Yesterday night I had a bad memory dream. On of my mentors in college was a bad person (he was neftegna) by my evaluation. He was in my dream and was trying to harass me. He was powerful during derg era. If he said some one should fail or be dismissed from cmpus he had the power. I never saw his evil behaviour interms of the fact that he was orignally from Neftegna family or amhara. All amharas are not bad. All Tigrians are not bad. Even all neftegna were not bad-they thought they were serving the country or the existing system at that time. Now bad things were done here and there. One day the nation when free will address all this with reconcilliation (just opening hearts). What is important is now and tomorrow. The same mistake we thought our predecessors did is being reapeated at same or even higher level. Yesterday it was neftegna. For me now it is woyane. May be the language of opression and dominance has changed but the yolk of ruling one ethnic elite over all others is still there.
    A couple of times I read well thought articles from our oromo intellectuals on feww of the online media. It is for God’s sake 21st century. If you guys are oromo thinkers, come to the front. Think and write in inclusive way. Write about the problem of the whole nation. Not only of oromo. All Ethiopians one way or another have been abused. Would as well be happy our northern brothers to be inclusive. I don’t want to dwell on ethnic names; but if necessay our Amhara Ethiopians have to be openminded. I don’t know why there is amhara-oromo, amhara-tigra cat-dog fite every time. I don’t know why only Tigrians and Amharns think Ethiopia will evaporate out of the blues if they have not led this country. Take a brake. I wish our brother obang metho was the president of Ethiopia and Ethiopia was a democratic country with justice taking upper hand. For now I pray that our ormo intellectuals will keep behind “the oromo alone grievience” and come up with proceedings that mainly capitalizes on our unification as a family as Ethiopians to solve our common problem of doing away with dictatorship.

    • Freedom. See how you are wishing to be close but find a single Neftenaya (both) who think like this. The current neftenya want to keep the status ko, the preious one are telling us there days were honey and butter.
      Can you imagine if the young generation of Oromo thinks enough is enough with these people. Why I give my freedom of being to keep Ethiopia intact that the Amhara and Tigre get privilege?

  13. Laalo,

    You nailed it. You teased out the gist of Oromophobia. Those of us who came to Addis Ababa as students know very well the atmosphere we grew up in. For you information Helen is no an imagination. The character is in Abe Tokichaw, Nagasso Gidada and tens of thousands in Addis Ababa. We do not know what got to the Neftegna children who ran to discredit Tesfaye’s book when there are many characters who can attest to the truth.

    No, we do not need unity with these kinds of fools for it is a waste of time.

    • It is easy to unite with you mamo. Do you know why I know that is easy? Just agree with what Laalo (aka tplf) wrote. If that what it takes to unite with you, sir, I will do it. Can we unite now? It is you who are fool. Just stop this game, and let us heal our country. Following the meles vision ( which is di-vision )can not get us anywhere. We are at each other’s throat all the time because of that. We are just wasting our time in this planet because we are incapable to love, goodness and forgiveness. It seems though that we are just making an irreversible damages to each other. At least let us do it for the sake of our children, so that the may live with freedom and dignity in that country. Would you extend your hand for that? Would you?

  14. He Guys, there is an 80% chance the writer can be a tplf member, even a polite biro member, you know! one of the ruling click who is running around with his twitter commenting bulls@#t stuff. He is telling us gebrebab is courageous. What a bold faced lie! Courage is bekele Gerba, Eskindre Nega, Andualem Arage, Reyot Alemu, and all political prisoners who are languishing in Ethiopian Prisons, while murderers, rapist, thieves, and genocide instigators roaming the street. Courage is the Ethiopian people as whole who is in a school of suffering. The writer seems to be an intelligent person. We have to give that up. But he can not agree with the simplest of things. He does that willfully or with purpose. His writing can be summed up like this ” Admit this or else I will cut up rough or throw tantrum” That is not an argument. That is a manipulation. If anyone disagrees with his argument, that person will be labeled as chauvinist, colonialist, neftegng etc. He writes about the past misdeeds and past conflicts, but there is none about the present one. I was told that in the past ( Janhoy era ) a political prisoner allowed to walk 4 km in radius. Now prisoners are murdered and harassed in a prison cell. I think this writing insult the Oromos mind.

  15. Zehabesha: I hear you ; you only wanted to post something antiwoyane only? only? Shame on you you deleted my comment. Shame on you ; you are shameful and disgraceful. I do not want Ethiopians like you. I decided before not to come to your website; I came to give you a second chance to see if you can post my comments; yet you are doing stupid things still. you only love to post antiwoyane only. If I write something that is balanced you never post it. you only post my comments that is only against woyane and pro amhara? Shame on you and shame on you. This is my last comment on this website. This is the only website I was trying to come? now you made me to say never again. Good bye the ZeHabesha.

  16. Well, i am Amhara and i can tell you the truth that most Oromos were abused and misused in the past not only by the sysytem but also i can say by the majority Amharas.I do remember many mocking jockes by Amharas even now.I was a child when i remember the first time my mom called my oromo friend whi was a child to as Gala and dispice him as poor rag.Now i do remember well that it was a common practixe everywhere to mock and concider Oromo as second class citzen. am from Addis and honestly those from North specially from Gonder yebasebachew nachew kenesu lela zer yalem aymeslachewem.Any ways my point is that the solution for our country is truth and recocilation just like S Africa.second, mekarer yetim ayadersem yacheraresal enji.You Oromos got to change ur mentality that you are the only victims of Amhara and also dont brag that much abt the size of ur population Amaha also is large and its no use to think abt separates Oromiya yaw metelalek kalhone beker lemanem aybejim on the other side you Amharas you have fundamental problem whih is agul are no body but you think somebody bedenb enetewawekalen am one of you.let the Oromo pple express and use their right to use their language and express their feelings about evrything that happen in the past and at the same time take personal responsibility and have feelings of the abuse and misuse of Oromos by the hands of Amaharas yoi are dirctly or indirectly involved so write and acknowledge that and try to build the broken bridges rather than denying it.As for me weather we like it or not most of us grown up together as Muslim and Christian and diff tribe and cultures and its impossible for any of you guys to break that bond.I decided to acknowledge that my fellow oromo pple were severly abused by me and my tribes and i ask forgivness for everything that happened to you guys and pls do not consider this as the sign of weakness but strength.we got to do more such things and embrace our home land and live as equal ppl.

    • Thief you are snake who try to go here and there. You never know about Amhara people and you are not Amhara. Amhara people does not insult anybody, they like other Ethiopians, they like to entertain, they are generous people. Amhara people never hate people based on race, they like Ethiopia. You stupid bands, narrow mind individual are trying to post you inferiority ego here

    • You are no amara. No amara from Gondar, Wollo and Gojjam will take responsibility for what happened in Shewa, addis. Are you kidding me ? The poor people of Gojjam, Gondar and wollo who suffered through all the regimes so far. They had nothing to do with the supposed ‘oppression’ of the oromo. Thus will never ever take ‘responsibility’ for what menelik and his oromo gujiles did all over shewa and the south.

  17. Thank you Laalo for expressing my feeling so eloquently and succinctly. It is very insightful and well to the point. I hope those who have open mind will learn from what you and Tesfaye Gebreab wrote. Those who have closed their mind will never learn no matter what. They always sing the same song and never want to learn any thing new. They suffer from Oromophobia which is a fatal disorder if not treated timely and properly. Tesfaye pieces of work, Yeburka Zimita and Yegazexenyaw Mastawasha, though magnificent and superb, just scratch the surface of a huge mountain of truth about the genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against the Oromo people by Amhara ruling class. Every Oromo family has tones of stories to tell about the massacres, mutilations, tortures, displacements from ancestral lands , expropriations, arsons, robberies, dehumanization and humiliation on their own ancestral homeland visited upon them in every corner of Oromia by the savage and backward neftenya Amhara ruling elite. Tesfaye’s work is just a microscopic portion of the untold miseries the Oromo people have been suffering in the hands f the neftenya Amhara elite. Those who got mad because Tesfaye’s terrific pieces of work are shedding light on this dark and shameful history of the neftenya’s should not blame Tesfaye but blame the truth. I would only say to Tesfaye, keep up your marvelous and enlightening work. Some day somebody will learn. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.


  19. Laao
    you are one of the Hate driven and sick OLF cadres who are out to spread false and fabricated stories to facilitate the genocide you are dreaming day and night to exterminate innocent Amharas as you did in Arsi, Harar

    Laao for your information every nation in the world is created by Force, expansion, and war which resulted in bloodshed, displacement, and death, Even the seat of OLF America and MINNISOTA are also created by force and expansion led to the death of thousands of people , however SICK OLF CADRES always made it look like Ethiopia is the only country in the world created by FORCE lol
    YOU guys even went to accuse AMHARAS for cutting the breast of ARSI women kkk Cutting BREAST and PENIS is the culture of ARSI and GUJI oromos AMHARAS never had a culture of Cutting PENIS and Breast which is still being practiced by Gujis

    OLF cadres and sick HISTORIANS are busy writing a false history that will prepare Oromos for the imminent Genocide they dream against Amharas, now a days OLF Cadres and so called HISTORIANS are calling the expansion of MENILIK a genocide however the true Genocide was committed rather by OROMOS during their expansion against the kingdom of ENARYA, DAWRO, DAMOT, and GAFAT who were located in the heart of the present day of OROMIYA and please shut up don’t put the blame on Amharas your fathers are the once who committed genocide on the people of ENARYA and the last speakers of the language of ENARYA who used to live in the present day of WOLLEGA were interviewed and their interview with their language is found in Addis Abeba University

  20. Kudos to brother Guduruu for enlightening us about the said issue. I believe you are well informed as far as this matter is concerned. I do not understand what is the all fuss about it. I believe Tesfaye Gebreab really hit nail on the head when it comes to racism and discrimination in Ethiopian the ruling elites and especially in Addis Abeba city residents. I heard it was the worst place to be if you were not either Orthodox amhara folks or pretending to be among one of them. Even being among the high ranking officials hailing from different groups and their relatives were not immune to racism taunting and name calling in public . For instance, one of my good friends, who now lives in America, admitted recently his bad feeling when he used to live in Addis abeba as a child in 970s. He was a son of Tigrian / Eritrean girl friend adopted by Somali ethnic police Colonel during Haile Silasse era. His step father, Colonel Alwan , was transferred from Wallo and Eritrea to Addis Abeba city after many years of hard work in his previous posting in the north. As a kid he started playing soccer with his neighbors and school mates and they were calling him Somale shiritam afterwhile eventhough could no speak Somali language at hat time. It was just plain profiling and racist issues in Addis city.

  21. Freedom,
    I agree in most of the points you make. One thing I struggle with is the detinitions of the words neftegan and Amhara. You too use them interchagably. We can agree neftegnas are ruling classes who can be accounted for whatever is done and being done. That means being neftegsna is not ethnic specific cauase we still are under neftegna system the neft being in the hands of Tegriay ruling class. But that doesn’t equate Tegray to neftegna. We all want to get rid of neftegnas and form a democratic system where in individual right is the building block. If being Amhara automatically makes me neftegna how can I get ride of myself? I can’t change the fact that I’m Amhara. Tomorrow will be Tigrians turn to be lebeled neftegna…

    Don’t make a neftegna system ethnic related cause you can’t get out of the vicious circle.

    Mamo killo,
    How is ur day??…I heared your friends raped an opposition party member, also a man, in Addiss. You guys are really serious in the Ethiopians humilating business. Now here you are acting as if you care for Oromos while you rape them in the prison. You keep up defending shabia~weyane grand project and we keep up exposing your evil secretes behind the unsuspected yewah Ethiopian people.

    • You are right. I did not mean to use neftegna and amhara interchangeably. Neftegna could be any ethnic orign mostly amharic speaking in those old days. The Amharas might have constituted much of the number though. My assumption. There is often a misnomer. Some one coming from high lands, christian and amharic speaking often times was called Amhara. Personally I would prefer this ethnic hair spliting and name calling and concentrate one how we achieve good tomorrow for all of us. Thank u any way

  22. @freedom you are the man. I hope they’ll come to their sense. I don’t know where they read this hate bible. I know most of them are christians but don’t know the principle of christianity. We all know what mandella did. I wonder what they would say if they were south africans. Egziabher mastewal yistachew. Tesfaye as most of you said is on a mission. Otherwise he would have written a lot about his country. Eritrea is the second biggest prison on earth next to north korea and we know what happened even recently. So my oromo brothers why do you think he is not writing about the suffering of his own people? Do you think he loves oromos more than his country men? Try to open your eyes. Get out of hatred. It won’t take you anywhere.
    God bless Ethiopia.

    • Guys nobody in his clear mind said the Amhara people who believe in equality and justice “Neftenya”. What the hell are you talking? I have never heard neftenya equals Amhara.
      But there is a neftenya Tigre/TPLF now and the new neftenya who wanted to bring the old system back. That is what we want to fight. Not our brothers who poorly live among us and live in poverty like us. This is clear by this time to every body. I am sorry TPLF used the fear tactic very well. For sure weather TPLF live or not, people Amhara/Oromo/Tigre will live together. Nothing of the scale of genocide can even thought of unless the government do it as they did during Minilk. Do u even know the culture of the horn especially in Oromo culture, killing innocent person is punishable. Do u know our culture by the way? Are u really living among us?

  23. No choice words or reasoning can hide your underlined message of deep seated hatred towards the Amhara people. It happens to be a new trend of late to jump on ‘blame the Amhara’ bandwagon especially in the diaspora Oromo population. I am anxiously awaiting for the day they will start blaming Amhara for natural disasters around the world including the Aids Virus, earthquakes, tornadoes, wars in Afghanistan and Syria amongst other things. It is getting ridiculous by the day. Fortunately, evil will never triumph over good and the attempt to sow hate between Amhara and Oromo people will fall short.

    You have tried to mix apples with oranges by mentioning the history of African Americans in order to justify Tesfaye’s book. There is a difference between registering history and inciting the future generation into violence based on past history. In both cases ( African American and Oromo) history; there is the good, the bad, and the ugly. The problem is people like you choose to pick up the ugly side of history and run with it. If anything, there is a lesson to be learned from the African Americans experience particularly the civil rights movement. African Americans had a long difficult journey–worst than Oromos accepting your fiction–beginning from slavery, segregation up to the present day. Because old habits never die , there still is discrimination here and there is no denying that they have made big strides towards freedom. Along the way there were distractions from extreme groups such as white supremacists, Black panthers and the likes of Malcolm x threatening progress made. But it was Martin Luther King’s boycotts, sit-in’s and marches that made the difference and achieved its goal. African Americans could never have succeeded in ‘an eye for an eye’ violent act. Following the hate and violent act would spell disaster not only for Oromos but everyone around them.

    South African blacks were under white rule for quite sometime. Mind you! these whites were invaders from the outside, pushed them aside in their own land and began to colonize them. Talk about atrocities, exploitation and disasters of biblical proportions and yet when the black South Africans gained their freedom vengeance was not in their vocabulary–no settling scores or kill the whitey slogan. They did not moan and groan or sound like a broken record just like you guys are fixated with the Amhara. They had visionary leaders, the likes of Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu blessed with wisdom, unlike you internet warriors who love to pour kerosine into the fire from the comfort of your diaspora homes. The white and black South Africans agreed to let bygones be bygones and made a smooth transition and have been marching on the right track ever since. On the flip side, the Jawar mohammed of Mozambique Robert Mugabe chose to accuse, insult and kick out whites and as a result turned his country into a place where one can’t buy a piece of bread for millions of Mozambican metical. If we take an example of tolerance out of Africa, you don’t see Israelis holding a grudge against the people of Germany because of Hitler and his gang of Nazis. It just goes to show you smart people don’t dwell on the past but rather look for what the future brings.

    About Oromia and Eritrea being the two evil twins is a figment of your imagination. At any rate, Eritreans were more passionate about seceding from their motherland Ethiopia. They had a history of long separation that created conditions to divide them further apart. The bondage between Oromos and the rest of Ethiopia is not comparable as of Eritrea and the rest of Ethiopia. Menelik, Haile Selassie, and Mengistu Haile Mariam that oromo extremists vehemently accuse of–all had oromo blood running through their veins. Be that as it may–all that hoopla, all that beating of the drum for Eritrea’s independence turned out to be a Greek Tragedy. It will be a waste of time to explain Eritrea’s debacle but i can’t help wonder why Oromo elites learn something out of this sad episode? Your goal of “free Oromia” is difficult to achieve. It is not going to happen in your life time in fact never. But infecting your children with hate and vengeance as opposed to living in harmony and equality in future Ethiopia is unforgivable. Should we learn from past mistakes if any? of course! But only the present and the future counts. Your job should be making sure Oromo interests are represented equally in the future democratic government of Ethiopia instead of dwelling in the past–the consequences of which can be devastating for all concerned. Violence always begets violence! I want my partially Oromo children to live in prosperous Ethiopia where all citizens are treated equal regardless of their background. Amen!


    • Unless you are old lady to die, you will see with your naked eye when Oromia is liberated. you have been saying that Oromia is fiction but now it is reality, you were bashing Afaan oromo, now it is official etc. . The more you push us the more we resist. The name Ethiopia is almost history for new generation of Oromo. we are more determined than our fathers who were half-hearted in their stand. Our determination has forced ESAT to start Afaan Oromo program . Have you noticed how ESAT has been ridiculing Jawar for expressing himself as Oromoo? Have you seen how the young generation of Oromo mobilized to do practical things that makes you to recognize Afaan Oromo? tomorrow would not be yesterday! except the almighty God, no force on earth would deny the realization of Oromia.

    • I think you are mixing points and confusing yourself and the likes of you. Knowing your past history, good, bad or ugly, helps you plan and shape your future better. It helps you build on the good and avoid or minimize the bad and the ugly. You have to be honest to yourself and put everything on the table and learn from each. What you are advocating, it seems here, cherry-picking only the good ones and talk only happy and fantasize the mythical Ethiopia you created in your mind. This delusion of the fantasy land is what Ethiopia needs the least today. We have a real problem at hand and we have to get real if we want to solve a real problem. If you are denying even the existence of the problem and instead cherry-pick only the good ones and talk happy to your children day in and day out, you are not only complicating the resolution of the problem but you are also doing disservice to your country, your children and the people you think you are speaking for in the heart of your heart. ‘Do and Deny’ is not a good policy to begin with. You cannot deny your way out of a problem. Commonsense has it that if you really want to solve a real problem, the first rule of thumb is to be honest to yourself and get real. If you open your eyes to see only what you want to see and close your eyes not to see what you do not want to see, you are not honest to yourself and you are not getting real. You have planned to fail right there and then in addressing the problem at hand. Ethiopia benefits from people who solve real problems and not from people who cherry-pick to tell their children the fairytale of the fantasy land in the past. The way to solve a real problem is to man up and recognize the problem, take responsibility and ownership of the problem and come up with a workable realistic solution. You cannot solve a problem by running away from it or by ignoring it or by denying it and pretending that it never existed in the first place. That is not only a cowardice way but also it never contributes the slightest to solving the problem. It is this later approach that Birtu/can is advocating. This is not only an absurd shortsighted approach and a flagrant disservice to the peoples of Ethiopia but it is also dangerous and puts the peaceful coexistence of the peoples in the region at a greater risk. For Birtu/can committing genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity is not a problem as long as we do not see, talk, hear, read and discuss about it. For her/him, the victims that talk about the crimes perpetuated against them are more dangerous than the perpetuators. For Birtu/can, the victims who escaped from Auschwitz Nazi concentration camp and managed to live another day to tell the horrific crimes against humanity committed in the camp are far more dangerous and hate-mongers than Hitler himself because the former are spreading hate between the Germans and the Jews simply because they are telling the truth. For Birtu/can, the ex-Iranian President, Ahmedinagad, is a hero because he denies the existence of Holocaust. Those who accept that Holocaust happened and thus want to learn from it and create a better understanding between peoples not only to rectify the past but to also avoid future Holocaust from occurring again in any part of the world are the villains for Birtu/can and not the perpetuators. I do not know what planet Birtu/can lives on where the writers about hate crimes committed against an entire population are condemned as hate-mongers and dividers while the perpetuators of those very hate crimes are lionized and idolized. It seems that Birtu/can has the gut and repertoire of words to condemn Tesfaye/Laalo for writing about the hate crimes and crimes against humanity perpetuated against the Oromo people by fascist Minilik and his ragtag terrorist militia, but he ran out of guts and words to condemn the perpetuators of the hate crime and crimes against humanity. What a travesty of justice right before our own eyes! You cannot find a better example than this for the justice being turned up-side-down. With regards to the slavery and civil rights movement in the U.S and the South African experience on ending apartheid, I think Birtu/can has it up-side-down again. The U.S. and RSA did not solve the problem by denying that slavery or racial discrimination had not existed. They didn’t run away from the problem by foolish denial. Instead, both the victims and the perpetuators agreed that the problem existed. The perpetuators or those who were perceived to be on the side of the perpetuators manned up and took responsibility for the problem and owned it. They didn’t want to fool themselves around by putting up silly excuses here and there in order to avoid facing the stark truth. Playing a blame game was not an option for them if they wanted to solve the problem. They were smart enough to understand that recognizing and acknowledging the problem is the key to solving the problem. As the old adage goes, identifying and recognizing the problem is finding half of the solution right there and then. They didn’t want to spend time by blaming Frederick Douglas, Martin Luther King, Malcom X or Nelson Mandela for talking about slavery, racial discrimination and apartheid claiming that talking, hearing, writing and reading about those ills and rectifying it so that the present and future generations can learn and do better is tantamount to spreading hate. They didn’t choose to hide the truth and hence the lesson from it from their children. Instead they grabbed the problem right by its horn and faced it and defeated it. For that America is a far better country today. Because of the courage Mandela and the perpetuators of the apartheid system, South Africa is by far a better place today than it was a couple of decades ago. This has not been achieved by denying the truth but by accepting and coming up with a commonsense solutions. Because of the wisdom of the leaders, the U.S. and South Africa have become literally the second homes away from home for Ethiopians who are fleeing their country in their tens of thousands daily for one or the other reason. These and the likes are the places where Birtu/can and I are enjoying the real freedom of human beings and not in the glorious and fantasy land created in Birtu/can’s mind. If you come out of the fantasy land and get real, you get real changes like in the U.S. and South Africa. You cannot achieve these kinds of outcomes in such large scales by denying the problems and trying to gloss over it by nice words and hiding the truth from your children and others to see it. Nor do you achieve it by attacking those who bring the truth to the light and help us learn from our past so that we can plan and shape our future differently and better. The path Birtu/can and the likes are advocating has been tried over and over again for over a century and the outcome is out there for everybody to see. Doing the same thing over and over again in anticipation of a different outcome has a name. It is called insanity. It has made Ethiopia one of the worst places in the world to live in despite its modest resources. The citizens of the country are voting with their feet as to where they want to live and that is what is making the tragedy of Lampesuda a daily occurrence. This is what we need to change not by glossing over the problem or denying it but by facing it head on. I advise Birtu/can and the likes to come out of the fantasy land they have put themselves in, get real and make your modest contributions to help solve peoples’ real problems. We cannot go back to the old days that brought the peoples in Ethiopia nothing but misery, humiliations, abject poverty and degrading exile life to a few of the most fortunate ones.

  24. Gobez lemin Ethiopian anibetatinatim. Keza behuala man bekdmiya entorotos endemiwerd enaya len. Endih ayinetun yebetachinet simet yebelawn, temiro yaltemarewn dedeb yizen endet lewit yimetal bilen entebikalen. Selechegn yemanim kizenam eyetenesa sitefa mayet astelutovnal. Ethiopia biyibeten yih ayinetu werafa sidet enji lela maseb ayichilm. Dedeb newa.

    • Araya,
      More than 100,000 refuges of which 90% Oromo cross to Yemen. What the hell are u talking. Most Oromo lost hope in Ethiopia. It is only few who thinks it could be fixed. The Somalia without government are doing better than Ethiopia

  25. Zehabesha: good you did not delete it; I will be here as long as you do not delete my comments.

    You accommodate everyone please; do not be like Tigraionline, AIGA, Ethiopian Review, Ethiomedia, … be a journalist, not a politicians. You will better serve society if you stick to journalism than to politics. Keep your politican interest away from your profession.

    Let us now stop about Amhara or oromo or tigire or gurage story. Forget Gebreab. Think we must do about the dam? EPRDF gave our land Arabs and now EPRDF wants to sell the Nile again? Let us Unite and oppose any agreement the regime does. This regime is intoxicated with sells money. They will sell everything if we keep quiet. Why Zehabesha never post about Nile? This is important than the Gebreab chaltu and Hellen stories. This story does not even deserve to be posted because this type of articles wasted my time. Nothing good to learn from this article. Because people think backwards, do we have to think backwards too? what is the merit of the book? There is no past leader to be blamed for the past? all of them dead? Only Mengistu alive? if you have problem with him and go to Zimbabwe and talk to him. Otherswise, no one can be blamed for the past. Those of you from Amhara ? please do not defend the past, you just tell them you were not even born and it is not your business what happened because you were not part of it. Do not be on the shoes of the past leaders just to defend their mistakes . That is bad because it makes liable to be blamed . you better say you do not know what happened. you are not responsible for a dead leader. Those Oromos guys, get out of your ruse of biase, and hatred, do not attack this generation of amhara for sake of a revenge to the past leaders. you are making mistakes. It is like taking the wrong person to court. can you take a person as murderer if he or she did not murder? Why do you think the Amhara youths have to be barraged by endless blames for Menelick? I do not know Menelick. The amharas of my generation have no clue who Menelick is ? why do you have to attack them for things you are not responsible? Look forward please

  26. Woyane Abandons the Nile Intiative frame work and also betrays the upper riparian states. Woyane teams of up with Egypt for a hot sell out. Egypt says it can pay woyane 3 billion dollars to take 50% of the power from GERD. Woyane Tigraqi calles GERD is no more GERD, but GRD. nOT ethiopina anymore.

    Woyane is now happy to meet Egyptians and to sell the Nile. Woyane will not give more land to Egypt in compensation for Egypt for buidlindg a dam for Egypt. Egypt is lucky one. It get Adam built for it and gets land. It will also set up Egptian settlements across Ethiopia so that Egypt will colonize Ethiopia. This is called Woyane GTP. The sell out Woyane Tigrai is blinded by money for nothing. Egypt must paid Ethiopia for the water. but there is a saying in Tigrigne, zemenya girnbit mai neakeb. This means beasgeram zemen zenab wedes semai yzenbal malet new. This to say rains rains from the ground to the sky, not from the sky to ground. This is woyane Tigrai. I here declared I abhor and reject Woyane Tigrai as an Ethiopian entity. Woyane must stopped from making another Wuchale and EEBC. i call up on all Ethiopians to occupy Ethiopian embassy across Europe and North America. I here declared if Woyane makes all these madness concession of follies, I will be the frrst enemy number one of woyane. Woyane supporters are also writing wushet saying Ethiopians people wanted Egypt to control Ethiopia and also to take over the dam. Hmm, it is really a rain raining up wards. Down To woyane .

  27. Lalo
    As a matter of fact the name SHEWAYE an Amhara name is more abused by people from Addis Abeba than Chaltu, Tesfaye knows this however he has a goal of destroying Ethiopia by preaching Hate for the benefit of Eritrea
    Blood Thirsty OLF cadres and so called historians knows very well the people of Gojjam were ridiculed by their origin, name , accent. Poverty and backwardness by Addis Abebians than Oromos

    Tesfsye also knows the people of WOLLO were left to die in hunger by the so called Amhara regimes yet he does not talk about the suppression and poverty of Gojjam Gonder and Wollo peasants rather he choose not to mention it intentionally for his won end of creating animosity

    Lots of girls from Amhara region forced to change names like SHEWAYE , Almitu Etc for being teased and ridiculed

    Finally I wonder about the so called Ethiopian Lawyers who are sitting and watching Tesfsye writing and preaching Hate to lay the grounds for the future genocide OLF cadres and OLF historians are preparing and dreaming against Amharas for the crimes they did not committ
    Why Ethiopian Lawyers not to do anything about OLF historians and Tesfaye while committing crimes which are illegal by the UN COMISSION of GENOCIDE PREVENTION

    • OLF is a freedom fighter. They have not have any genocide plan. They are a fight the oppressors. They figher colonizers. They never hate amhara and they even use Amharic to tell people that they are fighting for their freedom. This is in the hope that amhara can stop getting exploited by TPLF propaganda. But they never listen. Truth always win, Nobody in his clear mind said OLF fights amhara. Why? What did amhara did to us. It is the system who did all to us, in the system there was all ethnic group and they speak amharic. 90% of amhara even doesn’t know that we/ they syestem exist, why do we fight the poor amahara who lives in poverty like us?

  28. To Mamo kilo and his alike…I am sure you are trying hard to dismantel our beloved Ethiopia, That will never never happens.If we fail to put aside difference and starte united to advance struggle for freedom and justice from woyna. we will extend the leadership.I If you keep blaming amhara and stop fighting wayna your oomo people will rotten and die in jail. We all should unite and fight our enemy..

  29. @bini,

    only a woyane rat like you can write such rubbish. by the way ‘gala’ is an arabic word which means ‘pagan’. It was the arab muslims who named the oromo as ‘gala’ when they found out that they could not convert the oromo to islam.

    Evil minded woyanes pretending to be oromos are spreading their own hate of oromo. The fascist woyane and their cadres are still blaming amhara , after 22 years in power, where they continue killing, evicting, dispossessing the amhara.

  30. I just finished watching Sew Lesew part 108. I have seen a cultural crash Biruk, the Addiss Ababian, faced in DireDawa when he meet with Sami the Dire boy who was more than willing to help Biruk find his lost girlfriend. The way the Dire boy Sami talk about Medi, the lost girl, was ‘rude’ for Biruk and Normal for Sami. Liuel, another Addiss boy Biruk’s best friend, is well aware of Dire’s culture and helped Biruk to calm down and understand Sami’s way of expressing his feelings. Thanks it was Liul not people like Tesfaye G/ab who was there when Biruk misunderstood Samy. Here also we want somebody like Liul who help people like Lalo to clear their misundertanding of us, Addiss Abebians. Next time if you don’t want to be teased up don’t come to Addiss ok. We tease not insult. It is just that simple. How dou you cope in America or Europe if it was that touching in Addiss??

    My mother used to say ‘afer bila, yedfah…’ when she is angry and I know she doesn’t mean it. I don’t crticize her after 20 years for that.

    The other thing we are saying is don’t make everything Only Oromos problem and go around the bush to prove that because if you ethnicize every problem you eill make difficult to find the solution for all of us. Somebody, up there, comments that 90% of Ethiopians crossing Yemen border are Oromos. Now you are asking for sole ownership of the problem too. This only helps weyane by narrowing the problem to Oromia region while it is much bigger than that. And you are also puting salt in the wounds of millions of other victims by ignoring them. If you can’t understand the problem in its true nature and scale your solution(if u have any) will also be dwarf. It is amazing to see the similarity between tplfsts and olfsts in estimating figures.
    Start to work on a human scale which has a larger resolution than ethnic scale. Dare to be an individual human being whose right and freedom is asured. Only weaks want to hide behind some sort of herd.

    • Ethiopia’s enemy are the chauvinists and the elites of Amhara and Tigre. Force will never work any more when 70% think that they are unfairly treated in Ethiopia. Oromo is clearly telling you that enough is enough but also most of the south people also looking deep into the system of subjugation where the main share holders are not them but others. Do u think they will take this for long?
      God can not save a country that hide the truth. Ethnic discrimination is as recent as 2012 at the University of Addis Abeba against Oromo students. Why is the official language speaks Afaan Oromo. Don’t you think something is wrong there? Are you going to hide the reality we know? Do you know that Oromo support group and other Oromo oriented Organisation put name on those who are killed and disappeared by successive Ethiopian regime? Do u know that Ethiopia regime purposely doing it to deny the democratic movement?

      • Hey Daom,

        Are you sure the oromo popn is much more than the Amhara? Please try to find out the truth. One thing these people lived together with harmoney for such long period of time so most oromos are 50/50. it is the Woyane not the the true tigrians who confesicate the population numbers. Don’t you realize about the population of addis Ababa? I knew that it was about 3 and half million during the the derge regim but still they reporting 3m right? Have you ever gone to Selalie, arsi,Jima, and Also Natheret? Do you know the estimated popuation of Amhara over there? do you know that, the population of natheret before 20 yours. 75% were the so called Amharas.
        The truth is the Amhara people understands the evil woyane and never denied the the brotheren Oromo. Eventhough they are attacked so many times by the foolish one who are thouroughtly cheeted by tplf.
        Brow, think at the humanity level, ethnics is never recognized in God, but by your human nature and your dedication to help and understand other human as human like what Jesus does. I know, woyane used so many things to create hate among us but don’t follow them as a sheep or cheap one. Do you know that Afar people call every body Gala for tigrie, Amahara or Oromo, what do you think? how about the little man from tigrai think for himself better than any body else in any thing who are living in shewa as and call others as “Hadgie/Ahya”. So if you are really angree on them, then you are not better than them. Because these are illitrate or ignorant who have no responsible families. Just like someone who grew up in the wildness lonely, so your job is to dedicate your self to help them educating until they can understand that all humans are equal under God.
        Woyane is evil working for others to satisfy their thuristy for power sacrifying primarily tigrians and other ethiopian as well. They don’t care for any body. They will sacrify anything. I am not really sure that their decendents are from tigrai. I am really eagered to know this secret. Do you know that how many oromo people was in a key position during the the janhoy and the derge regim? How about now? what if we were able to continue without any change during the Janhoy? what do expect the status of Nazret?

    • Hi Gudu,

      Do you understand /know what you are writing? You compare the incomparable. Where did Chaltu move? Do you think she moved to Amhara land? She moved to Finfinne, so-called Addis Ababa, and you write as if that land is land of Amharica speakers, Amhara culture and Amhara’s originally.

      You shamelessly say that, “It is/was not a choice for chaltu to speak Amharic if she have to live in Addis”. All these arrogance, ignorance hate towards Oromos by you habeshas came to this level because of the silence of Oromos. It should have bee the other way round. i.e. It shouldn’t have been a choice for Asegedech to speak Afan Oromo to live on Oromo land, Finfinnee!!!!

      You talk about USA and English language. You came to USA to improve your life. You get every assistance to learn not only English but any other discipline/subject. How do you compare this with Ethiopian empire that is impoverished by your greedy relatives? Is there any American that ridicule or laugh at you when you speak the Gojame-accent/style English here. That is not the case in Ethiopia. You forced Oromo to speak your language on his/her land and laugh at him/her when he/she has hard time speaking that backward language that couldn’t help Oromo to cross a single river.

      You came to the USA for better life as you did to Oromoia. Here you respect the law of the land, however you managed to enforce Amhara law, rule, language, culture and everything on our own land after you occupied it forcefully.

      Therefore, don’t worry! the days are numbering now. You will not remain preaching your ignorance and backwardness on Oromo on its own land! You will see what right and authority Oromo has and must have on all its resources and what right and responsibility you shall have to live on our own land sooner or later!!

  31. ከወያኔ ወደ ሻቢያ ነጥሮ መመላለስ የኢትዮጵያችን የፖለቲካ ምህዳር ሆኗል። ከተስፋዬ ገብረእባብ ነጥረን ወደ ስዬ ፖለቲካ እንድንገባ የሚነግሩን ኤርትራ ነዋሪ የነበሩ የተከበሩ ዳኛ ተብዬ ናቸው። በሌላ አነጋገር ኤርትራን ካማከለ ፖለቲካ የቀድሞ ወያኔዎችን ወደ አማከለ ፖለቲካ ጎል ሊያስገቡን እያስተካከሉን ነው ማለት ነው።
    እንደሚመስለኝ ሁለቱ ሀገራት ኤርትራ ና ኢትዮጵያ የተለያቱ መንግስት ቢኖራቸውም በእንድ አካል ወይም ቡድን ስር እንደሚቆጣጠሩ ነው። ከዚህ የፖለቲካ ውዝንብርና ንጥረት አሸናፊው አካል ይሀው ተቆጣጣሪ ሀይል ነው።

  32. I may be what you termed an” Addis Abebian” or assimilated” ( as if to be assimilated some kind of ill) lived for all my early ages have been part of the melting pot. Your argument tries to have Veneer of logic–to pretend to be logical. However, one easily can see through your argument what you are trying to do is to tightly nail the assumptions you hold dear. So rest assure you are not an independent true searcher- examining what all side of arguments are offering. You don’t even want to probe what are Tesfay’s motives before canonizing his as second coming of JFK. You also assume that we Ethiopians shaking in our boots in the event of the coming of Oromo secessionist and Eritrean saboteurs. If that was a successful endeavor both have been cajoling for a while, either side has not come remotely close to the wonderland they were promising for their respective followers. Eritreans had more than 20 years of so called independent Eritrean and ask them what those independent tests with out having to be free like. Independent is not an end in and of itself unless it brings freedom to the people that seek it. The other important thing you conveniently avoid to mansions is that the son and daughters of Amara had paid dearly in blood to uproot the old system . Had they stuck with the rotten system because it was “Amharas” like you narrow nationalist do -the system still would have been around. What Ethiopian need is a democratic system which focuses on individual freedom, that includes the freedom of association and democratic elected system – if we institute a rudimentary system of a kind, everything else would have taken care its self. If it means anything to you– orom blood is still running in my vain— and ready to take on your disparage.

    • Habtamu,
      How about the dreamers who are telling me nothing happened.
      How about those going to bring back Teklay Gizat/Kifle Hager in 21 century, what the hell they think they are?
      Don’t you think they are the same?

  33. Back to square one. This is a shameless declaration of the doctrine of Amharaphobia. No body would expect the laalos to think differently. But I was amused by the “medieval” interjection. I thought that period was beyond your reach. You’ve proved me right. Again!

  34. Dear Ethiopians:

    Please hear me; please; we are wasting time on issues which are not relevant to this age. Trust me, people boggled their mind to study how to go to other planets in cosmos. Do you know what, there are planets which are more than the population on our earth. Zillions of planets discovered by now. Now the rush is how to get to them. So people totally taken by this new deep space mysteries.

    Others are spending night and day to cure all kind of diseases that malign human being. Others are busy exploring the sea floor for untapped resources.

    Others are spending day and night to build a robotic artificial doctor that can allow your cell phone to be your personal doctor. It can do all the imaging of endoscopy, RMI, ECG, … and you will able see to your instestine, liver, pancreas, kindney , right infront of you. it is amazing guys. You are wasting time honestly. Forget what the past leaders did 200 years ago; you can not live in the past; the past is alas gone; you can use the past for good. it is gone forever. Time is irreversible. Life is irreversible; you cannot get back one second of your yesterday; Time is precious; it is not only money wise time is precious. it is just time is precious because it pass, it is gone and irreversible. Imagine of every second as a happy moment; how nice it is?

    Do you believe in equality? if you do, please bury the past and work for today and tomorrow; Life is wonderful only with happiness and contentment and love. Life is with hate, revenge, rivalry, hate, grudge long buried stories is not life ,but misery. Whatever happened in the past; it is beyond our reach. Do you believe white South African used to feed their lions black men and women? do you believe white South African used to use black women as game/? do you believe a black woman after slave work in a white’s house, it has to bend over for the white dog to copulate on her? you may not believe? If we have to tell the bad things that happened across the world? you will not believe it. I assure if we compare what in Ethiopia with others, it is not that bad. Whatever was done was done out of ignorance only. All humans beings has done mistakes because of ignorance regardless race or colour or ethnic. All bad things were done out of ignorance. Euopeans colonized all the world and did many bad things. But their intention was not to do bad. When they were colonizing people, they were thinking their way is better than others ways and they wanted to make other people like them, not to hurt them but to make them better. It was based ignorance only. There is no continent where human beings lived and without something bad done. USA, UK, Scandinavian, Ireland, China, India, Canada, Russia,… every country has its own stories.

    Please forget Gebreab; Mr. Gebreab has an idle mind; He is a soldiers and does not know the current state of the world. He only know how to scripple.

    To your surprise, even the Asmarians make fun of the people of rural area, if you have heard of Anseba? oh my God, rural people who come to Asmara their life is misery because of rural accent and rural way of life. People make fun of them. They even make comedies. I do not know where Mr. Gebreab grew up to be honest.

    Please forgo the past and move forward. We better spent time discuss about Technology and Nile; Get out of this narrow world.

  35. Why only Ethiopian Review post about the suffering of Ethiopians? dying, raped, killed, hanged, …? why AIGA not post this? why Tigraionline do not post this? why the Habesha do not post this? Why Ethiopia media do not post this? why all the media do not post this? why people do not talk about this? why politicians do not talk about this? That everyone is trash, useless and zeros chinklat.

  36. The Tesfayes need horses that they can ride as they wish. They can rest assured that there are many Laalo Guduuru’s, mucho hippo men, for them out there. Enjoy the ride at least for now.

  37. It is better to look forward. please you crazy racists do not insult my Amhara people. My Amhara peoples are free from racism.

    we should not waste time about the past. Let us look forward.

    Why on earth the Amharas are to blame for what the Emperors did??????/

    It is not acceptable.

    Should the Amharas , Sidamas, Gurages, Hadiyas blame the Oromos for what their ancestors(Oromos) did against these people in the 16th century??? No it is unacceptable.

    Let us be civilized. Those of you who are hatemongers, please stop. enough is enough!!!!

  38. What a wonderful piece of work and analysis …. those who trying to hide on the ugly past must come out of their shell and face the reality …. and then move towards reconciliation and peace. the sooner they did this the sooner the wounds of pain heals… the longer they try to dump it to the back of their mind the longer the pain would go to the people of Ethiopia. thanks Laalo Gudurru. u r really genius.

  39. Laloo Guduru,

    This the is the best of its type in explaining the noisy Amhara vampires. They have no any argument at all and they can’t come up with one. Hence, they are confined to their last slogans, “Ethiopia Le Zelalem tinur” and “Ethiopia Ijochuaan wede Igziabher tizeregalech.”. Thus all. The gods and godesses of Ethiopias are supposed to destroy the mean sprited Non-Amharas, meaning non Ethiopians.
    We (Oromos) are blessed to be cherished with such brilliant sons and daughters. Keep on Laloo and other Oromo sons & daughters. As the saying goes “The Dogs bark and the Caravan goes.” Ethiopia will soon be in the dust bins of history and Ethiopia’s very enemy are the chauvinsts who are raping their own Mama Ethiopia.

  40. You foot soldier of the west,you wrote a piece of fabricated trash defaming Minilik who embarrassed your masters(Europian colonizers).you and your likes have no moral high ground to insult that can bark like a dog,but,you can not change the reality.Minilik is in disputed African hero who kicked white man’s far as that shabia foot soldier(Tesfaye) goes,he might be your hero.for Ethiopians,he is one pathetic opportunist loser.

  41. One more thing…
    I was a fan of this web site,how ever,some times I found the editor hypocritical.the reason I said is that you refused to post some true Ethiopians like Getachew Reda’s articles claiming that they are divisive. What do you call this piece of trash?is this article uniting?I wonder when you guys publish an other Ethiopia haters like Jawar or Tesfaye Gebreab articles insulting Minilik the man they hate so much.they are serving their masters(the West)how about you?whose interest are you serving?we are watching you.

  42. Ze Habesha Editors are so stupid and agents of the hatemongers.

    why you publish such kinds of shits?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • When you run out Of ideas you beg for censorship. Why is it that Abyssinians are always ahistorical freedom of speech ?

  43. Shame on you, you are always talking bad parts of Ethiopia. How come you support and Eritrean Tesfaye Gebreab that is telling you lies and fake stories. We know Arsi area residents are the victim of false OLF propagandas. What is the reason of you saying that you are oppressed? Don’t you have mind to see that all Ethiopians are under brutal rejime of Derg and tplf? what are you saying about the oppressed Ethiopians? You wanted to secede Oromia so that you will get some power to oppress oromos that is what you dream is but will never happen.

  44. You stupid bands, narrow mind individual are trying to post you inferiority ego here. You will never change your mind, tplf oppressed you but you talk about the innocent oppressed Amaharas, who don’t even have shoes in the countryside. What a shame is this?

  45. Kolenyaw, How Minilk and the dreamers are enemy to the west? He got guns and support from the same west in the name of Christianity to brutalize the subject people. Do u ever think your Ethiopia will survive without the brutality support of the west. Both Minilk policy and the current regime are supported by the west to subjugate the people. They gave you only the hope of Myth Ethiopia, that God will save her. God cut Ethiopia’s head because of the brutality of the leaders. Just look in to that myth and you will be fine. Start asking your leaders why they subjugate the mass and kept the country poor.

  46. dh
    What is the myth?I am talking the truth which the entire world knows.I don’t know which myth you are talking guys have no shame when you deny the absolute reality.I am repeating it again.Minilik is the only undisputed black leader and king of kings who kicked Europian you want to challenge?bring it on!!!as far as the 5 million Oromos massacre you and your likes hate mongerers claimed is is rediculous and phoney.the entire Ethiopian population was less than 10 million.your number does not add up.who ever came up with that number,either he was OLF’s enemy or stupid.he made your struggle look idiotic.

    • Hi Kolegnaw,

      We are talking about Oromo population, not Ethiopian population. There was no country called Ethiopia by then, but Abyssinia. And Abyssinia didn’t include Oromia at that time. Therefore, you are right in that the total population of Abyssinia was less than 10 million at that time. Let alone that time, even today after your relatives committed all sorts of crimes, genocide and destruction against Oromo and the Southern people, the population of Habesha is less than the population of Oromo. This has nothing to do with politics or OLF. Do loudly express your Oromo phobia syndrome, please! Denying facts and history doesn’t take you anywhere, but only to Abyssinia!

  47. There is no Oromophobia there is only a preparation to commit sucked on AMHARAS this article is part of the hate propaganda which will serves as a recipe for the planned Genocide against Amharas by sick and hate driven OLF cadres and Historians who are bent to write very false history they can come up with to label Amharas

  48. Dagmawi, why dont you give one example that shows the artilcle was based on hatred? You have no proof. Therefore, you simploy provided conclusion without evidence.

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