Cartoon of the day – TPLF

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Cartoon of the day – TPLF


  1. i like it,a good portrait of the real aimless TPLF. No one knows what TPLF wanted with no war no peace keeping Issayas to bleed Ethiopia on purpose. The camels are coming through Assab too?

  2. Love it! That is a great cartoon. Pretty accurate too. Isaias Afewerki does NOT want to deal with TPLF under any circumstance. Even if they were to give him Badme tomorrow he would say NO. ISAIAS AFEWERKI JUST WANTS TPLF GONE! Even if TPLF were to say to Isaias “Just give us a list of everything you want and we will do it promptly.” He would say NO. He just t wants TPLF gone because he doesn’t like them or trust them. And they will be gone soon. That will be great for the Eritrean-Ethiopian friendship as well as the wider region. TPLF is a cancer that needs to be nuked.

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