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Cartoon of the day – Tewodros Adhanom

adhanom tewedros


  1. At this very critical time this kind of joke will not serve the purpose as a joke, but fueling hate amongst Ethiopian. Unless the cartoonist thinks Tigreans are not Ethiopians.

  2. To Gulo_allo

    Are you tigrians are Ethiopians? Can you prove it?
    My best wish to you all is drowned in the red sea.

  3. This is not funny. I wish I could not hear about ethnicity. Why we concentrate to build one nation instead of mocking eachoeachother. Weather we like it or not the tegreans they’re to stay here. this is their homeland. You may demand a few to go away from power whom they climbed a quarter of a century but the people of tegreans are innocent they’re forever to live in peace along side with the rest of the people. Success.

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