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Cartoon of the day: Robel Kiros

cartoon Robel kiros
Cartoon of the day: Robel Kiros


  1. This is what they doing to Ethiopia , how come the Olympic committee let him to swim at the first place, he should be in barn not the swim pool, the woyane rigime all they care is how to make money, not the patriotic for Ethiopia , they suck of the blood that country.

  2. It shows the typical behaviour of the weyannes. There is no law and order in ethiopia. They think they can do everything but the reality shows they are incapable. Because they have neither the knowledge nor the experience. They do everything on the Ethiopian people because they carry guns. But by the time we take the weapons out of their hands and law and order is restored then we see the right faces of the weyannes. It will happen soon!
    In most of the countries where we Ethiopians now live, the first citizens fought to live in peace and rule and law. It did not happen simply. A lot of sacrifieses is associated with the standard of living what we are now enjoying. So as an ethiopian diaspora we have to do our part to make the life bearable in our own country.

  3. The reason this person was able to be on the Olympic swim team is beacuse his father is the head of the Ethiopian Olympic swim .
    No other reason. Laughing stock of the Olympic watchers!

  4. I really feel pity for that young man. The father is the worst kind macho parent. Using his authoritative fatherhood, illegally exploiting his official position unfairly selecting his son to compete on the world stage without having the least qualification has put his son in the public spotlight and humiliation and unforgiving ridicule and criticism. How many of us force our children to get a high score in school, to do excersies, play in the football filled that do not fit with their age,strength,skill and without giving the least help expect results. There are a bunch of us out there. Assuming that that son was forced rather than consented, I put my feet in the son’s shoes, my father’s in his dad’s. I was forced to go with no necessary skill and fault of my own I miserably failed. I was humiliated, ridiculed by unforgiving media. Then pondered what my life, my career would look like. It was really scary.
    As a mother of two, I advise all parents to love their kids, to give any help as much as one can afford to assist them their own person, We always see the front door, check the back door. Fortune is waiting standing.
    I guess the feeling of the son may have damaged. I advise him to be strong. Everything is transitory. The world is full of opportunities.
    Despite his nepotist behavior, do not hold a grudge against your dad. As a parent, I understand he meant the best for you. He did not see the other side. Just forgive your dad and move on. Let everything go away. I wish good luck.

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