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Cartoon of the day | Hailemeles Desalegn

Hailemariam desalegn

Ethiopia: Cartoon of the day | Hailemeles Desalegn

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  1. Take any measure Hailemariam didnt have the personslity of a leader.He is a resource abused.He has learned water engineering and become crime minister.sorry prime minister.I am sure he never dreamt to be in this position.
    Dreams,drives and trainings would enable you to assume certsin position.When the tplf thugs lost Meles in unforeseeable incident they sit togather and put requirements to put some one who doesnt have power ambition,meek,toady personality who would accept their order without contest or grudge.They found this man to be the best fit person.His track record shows them that as long as you keep him feed like donkey,he would be ready to kill his ethnic group wolitas and take the burden of hate.
    He never speak his mind but his bosses.Neither he has ordinary freedom to maintain his personal preferences like personal relations with people,let alone excuting the broader national policy issues of the country .He is an animsl in the zoo besieged by apparition of meles in arat killo palace and the living thugs of tplf.REALLY I PITIED HIM.

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