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Cartoon of the Day – December 23, 2017

cartoon of the day23
Cartoon of the Day – December 23, 2017


  1. Cyber warriors slogan is not new. None of you cowards can go and face the gallant forces. You lead any conflicts from your warm place in the west and none of you will sacrifice to bring the change. Poor youth will die for this stupid campaign by the stupid narrow tribalists and chauvinists who are salivating to enslave the minority. You may fool a few ignorants but majority of Ethiopians are angry at your effort of encouraging hate, division and destruction

  2. The ultimate demise of the enemy Woyanes brilliantly foretold. The beasts must leave our blessed land dead or alive. Long live our sons and daughters who are giving a marching order to the vicious traitors. God bless our ancestors who have repeatedly dealt a crushing blow to Italian invaders and their contemptible Tigre footmen in 1896 and 1940.

    We need to brace ourselves for an Ethiopia without these incorrigible traitors, mercenaries and pure evil creatures that have wrought us havoc for over a century. let the primitive, dishonorable, insular, parochial, selfish and immoral animals be left to their own ugly fate!! Tigres cannot live with anyone. We will soon witness seeing these cunning dogs tear each other apart.

    Ethiopia with its mosaic children, Amaras, Oromos, Gurages, Sidamas, Somalis, Afars, Wolaitas, Kembatas, Hadyas, Keffas, Anuaks, Janjeros, Mursis, Gammos, Konsos, Gujis, and the dozens, others must continue with our stride to rebuild our shattered nation without the perennial problems that has beset our country for so long.

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