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  1. There is no one unique path or formula in politics. Every politician has its own idea or path to get solution of his/her country’s problem. But our political practice is usually based on propaganda and dictatorship to kill the personality of different idea or solution originator.Therefore every popular political idea of our politician does not have any rationality to bring a sustainable change that takes the country forward. It is always a reduction to the overall interest of the country. This cycle is a non stop culture we always see in Ethiopia political history. The biggest problem in our politics being the ruling regime or diaspora does not have any democracy culture they only exercise a short cut means to get to the power. Look There is no difference between EBC & ESAT both fully propaganda and they have similar style of subjugating individual expression of different political view by their maximum means of generating muscular power to eliminate.

  2. ፈሊጥ ፈሊጥን ወልዶ!
    ጡት ኣጥብቶ ኣስተናግዶ!
    ደርሶ መሃንንነትን ወዶ!?
    ማገዶ!? የሰው ማገዶ!
    ጭራሮ እንኳን ተለቃቅሞ
    ምጣድ ያሞቃል በተለምዶ!ተጋድሞ!

    ገለባ!ፍሬ የሌለበት ገለባ!
    ሽሙጥን ኣጣንበት!?ተልባ!!
    እንደ ቁራ ስትጮህ!ዝንተ አልባ!
    የስልጣን ሱስ እንዳፋዠክ!በያምባ!
    ትራጫለህ ገና እንባ ለንባ!
    የሚሉሽን በሰማሽ ገበያ ባልወጣሽ
    ኣሙሽ!ዓሙሽ!ኧረ አሙሽ!!

  3. እኛን ጨነቀን!?ጨነቀን!?ውነት ጨነቀን?
    ሌባ ላመሉ ዳቦ ይልሳል:ኣሉን?
    ለመውደቅ ተንገዳገድን?
    ደግፉን!እባካችሁ ደግፉን!!
    ቃርሚያ የዋለ እንሰሳ
    ሆኖብን አንበሳ!
    ከዝንጀሮ ገመሬ ብሶ ብሳ
    ንሳ! ንሳ! ንሳ!
    ይጭነቀን!ወይ አበሳ!
    በለፈለፉ!ባፍ ይጠፉ!
    ገብረሃና ወይስ ክንፉ?
    ይጭነቀን!ክፉኛ!በጣም ክፉኛ!

  4. Shiromedal said it right. Both sides are wrong. Lidetu is a civilized person. I speak prophetically that Lidetu will be Ethiopia’so first democratically elected leader.

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