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Canadian scholar says TPLF still stuck in Stalinist ideology


Canadian political science professor John Young of Simon Fraser University says TPLF is still stuck in the Stalinist ideology of self-determination. Prof. Young, who is the author of Peasant Revolution in Ethiopia: The Tigray People’s Liberation Front, 1975-1991, noted that the TPLF leadership has not modified its outdated ideology of Stalin’s Bolsheviks that it copied during its armed struggle against the Derg. He also criticised TPLF’s decision to install Hailemariam Dasalegn as Prime Minister despite his incompetence to become a credible political leader with a real leverage of power. According to Prof. Young, Hailemariam is a technocrat who neither understands the complex political dynamics nor provides a credible political leadership.


  1. who is he

    is it b/c he lives in canada you still claim that a white foreigner is your lord and downgrade your own fellow country men you must be a slave of our time

    you should comdemen europeana and others torturing and robbing the socalled refugees like germans and dutch

  2. I find Abebe incorrigible. He makes mistakes after mistakes mostly silly ones which he could have easily avoided.

    The very first statement he made in this interview is terribly wrong. Simon Fraser is an Institute and not a university. There is a whole lot of difference between an institute and an a university.

    The other mistake in the same statment is the use of a wrong word. He called TPLF fighters “gorella” instead of “guerrila”. Gorella is a large ape whereas guerrila is a fighter. So many Ethiopians make this mistake even if they have seen the word on paper.

    After I noticed these glaring but foolish mistakes I lost interest on the interview and moved on to something else. When I mentioned my disappointment to a friend who laughed out loud added another conspicuous mistake.

    Guess the mistake my friend mentioned to me! Abebe replaced “Marxism” by a non – existing word “markism” which he invented. Obviously, he is not familier with the name Karl Marx who wrote on the political economy of capitalism and predicted change. The word Marxism is attributed to Marx’s works. Abebe might have seen the word “Marx” but unable to read it.

    Again, this is not to say Abebe has not made any progress this time around. My friend said he still has his lap top from which he has problem reading his prepared questions. He is on text to which he sticks; that appears to have made the interview a student and teacher exchange and totally an attractive.

    In passing, my friend said Abebe called M. Zenawi a strong man. Since when is he extending appreciation to M. Zenawi on whom he yelled? Is that a regret and change of heart fro the “strong man” after the man died to whose death same say he has contributed? If so, say it clearly.

    To call M.Zenawi a strong man is one thing, but to give H. Desalegn a designation different from what J. Young presented him as another. Abebe wrongly “paraphrased” what his guest said about H. Desalegn. Read what he posted as an introduction to the vedio clip and listen the interview around the end part. Real silly politics.

  3. Dallool Depression,

    What you’re saying is not fair. English is not Abebbe’s mother tongue. He might have fluency problem and make mistakes here and there in words as most Ethiopians who try to express themselves in the language. Why don’t you focus on the msessage than Abebe’s mistakes? If you allow me, I’ll show you mistakes on your comment above.

    You rightly pointed out that Abebe mixed up “gorilla”, the animal with “guerrilla”, the fighter but you misspelled both words. On top of that you should have hined out to him how to read them. In effect, you did not help at all.

    The second mistake you said had been brought to your attent by a friend really unfortunate. Abebe is from the 1980s generation who had not seen the pictures of Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao hanging from bouildings in Addis and read their works. And yet I agree the mistake is a serious one. For now, he will not lose his managerial job at ESAT for such silly mistake.

    I’m not surprised Abebe called M Zenawi “a strog man” since his intention was to trash H. Desalegn. It’s stupidity to suggest Abebe contributed to the passing of Zenawi. I also checked Abebe’s introduction to the video clip with Prof. Young’s characterization of H. Desalegn. There is no claim of word for word citation of Dr. Young’s characterization of Desalegn which kepps Abebe in the clear.

    Again, focus on content than form of the materials Abebe produces.

    I hope Abebe will careful not to be a target of bullies.

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