CAF bans Ethiopia’s Bahir Dar stadium from hosting international games

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October 20, 2021 /APA News

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) Tuesday banned Bahir Dar Stadium from hosting international games including the National Team’s next world cup qualifier game against Ghana.The venue has recently been hosting home the entire matches of the Ethiopian National Football Team including a 1-3 loss against South Africa in world cup qualifiers

Caf declared the Stadium as unfit to host international games after its club licensing senior manager, Muhammad F. Sidat recently visited several venues in Ethiopia.

As per the assessment, the stadium failed to meet at least seven of CAf’s requirements, according to Ethiopian Football Federation (EFF). Substandard medical, VIP, Media centers as well as training facilities of the stadium are among the reasons for ban.

The Stadium is now banned from hosting any international games including World Cup Qualifiers, CAF African Champions League Confederation Cup matches, said the Federation.

Ethiopia was expected to host its next match against Ghana for Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022 in Bahir Dar Stadium on November 11.

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Caf has given Ethiopia until Oct 20 to report back its decision regarding which country and stadium for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers match.

If the Federation fails to replay, the match will be held in Ghana.

Jimma and Hawassa stadiums have also failed to fit Caf’s requirements to host international games, according to EFF.

Caf, however, allowed Abebe Bikila stadium to temporarily host international games at junior level as well as matches of Ethiopian Women National Football team.


  1. It is sad and embarrassing to fail to meet international standards that are already known by all parties. Solution? Fire authorities responsible for the mess and appoint competent leaders.

  2. Surprised? At a time when everybody is talking about war and political vengeance, who can look after sport, economic development and social welfare? Isn’t this very sad?

  3. Surprised? At a time when everybody is talking about war and political vengeance, who can look after sport, economic development and social welfare?

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