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Read Aloud:   Four Missing Oromo FCO Members, Co- Defendants Appear in Court this Morning - Addis Standard Magazine


  1. The resolute declaration the TPDM to fight the TPLF in order to bring about a just government in Ethiopia is, a welcome news.

    It is perhaps instructive to note that the declaaration made reference to the Tigres who returned from Gondar in the wake of the massacre of Gondares by the TPLF.
    The Tigres that were harassed were largely people who are perceived to be Woyanes.
    That is why there are still thousands of Tigres who live in Gondar, Gojam, Wollo as well as regions peacefully. In Gondar many Gondere stooges of Woyane had their properties gutted with fire too.
    And at least half a million Amaras were gunned down and had their properties accrued over generations, looted, burned and the survivors rendered internal refugees.
    The issue of repatriation must be seen in perspective. There is a basic distinction between the two groups of victims.

    The innocent Amaras were targeted simply for being or being perceived to be Amaras as per the official policy of the Tigre apartheid regime. Most of the Amaras born and bred on the very land they were evicted from, know of no other place to go to. That is why the once proud and dignified men and women are beggars on the streets of many cities today.
    The Tigre returnees on the other hand were, incorrigible Woyane supporters and allies who could easily go back to the home they in fact never left.

  2. 16 years have passed without shooting a single bullet against the so called your “enemy TPLF”. What a JOKE!

  3. DEMHIT where are you? I mean on the military field. I fully support what Melaku is saying. WHERE IS THE WILL TO DEFEAT THE SNAKE, “WOYANE’. I am really doubting the prurpose of this misterious group (TPDM).

  4. ህወሀት 17 ዓመት ተዋግቶ ደርግን ጣለ ደህሚት 16 ዓመት ገና ዝግጅት ጨርሶ ለትግል እየተዘጋጀ ነው ቅቅቅቅቅቅ እናንተም ስትፋቁ ህወሀት ችናሁ

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