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BREAKING NEWs- The Federal Government Has Declared a State of Emergency

hailemariam_desalgn-6-satenaw-newsThe federal government has declared a state of emergency as of Saturday, October 8, 2016. The cabinet of Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn has an emergency meeting on Saturday afternoon where the government declared the state of emergency at a time of deteriorating security situation in Oromia Regional State.

The state of emergency declared for the first time in 25 years, will last for six months.”It may be shortened depending on the improvement on the security front,” a senior government official told Fortune.

The constitution allows the Prime Minister to declare state of emergency for up to six months, but needs to present the bill to parliament in two weeks. Prime Minister Hailemariam is expected to table his declaration to Parliament in 10 days.


Addressing the nation on the Marshal Law declared last night, Prime Minister Hailemariam pledged to respect fundamental human rights and diplomatic privileges under the Vienna Convention.

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  1. Declaring state of emergency does not solve the problem at hand, but allowing the people to have full democratic space will help lessen the tension. If the HD government means serious business it should release all political prisoners and allow them to work with the people they represent. Militarization of the country will drive more people to resort into clandestine activities and there is no way with limited resources and man power this regime will have the upper hand.
    It is also the parliament of Ethiopia is in focus. If it is the representative of the people then they will not consent to this decree of emergency measure, if on the other hand they give a consent then it will further shows they are there for themselves and not to represent and protect the constitution of the land.
    Well lets wait and see.

  2. I don’t think we all understand out need. Why?
    1- If the struggle is against TPLF, it should also be against all liberation fronts too because we have to be careful not to repeat the same mistake again; for example OLF is the same criminal group who escorted TPLF with the same ideology and killed many innocent human beings in the so called OROMIA KILLEL, and finally kicked out by TPLF and many of the OLF members and leaders are abandon the people what they said they are representing and came to Europe and America.
    2- All the so called Liberation Fronts are the remnant of Communist ideology, which brought to Ethiopia Deville sprite and still creating problems b/n all human beings in the country,
    3-We don’t have to lie each other by saying that we are all one. I am not saying all because I don’t have the stat sticks, but from what I can see most of the new Oromo generation are intoxicated by the OLF hatred ideology and trying to act like they don’t belong in Ethiopia, which is taking the whole situation to worst. First of all the so called Oromia Killel was overloaded by TPLF & OLF not by the People referendum. The only reason it is going on right now is because people don’t have any choice until they own their God given freedom, let be honest Wolega, Bale, Arusi …etc Oromo people they all have their own different cultures, and even if we think they speak the same language, but we need to know that they do have their own dialogue in their particular location this applies to Amhara ethnic group too. If it was a free interest I can assure you that they all don’t want to be in one basket called Oromia or Amhara because if we talked based on dialogue and culture they all have their own identity. The creation of great Oromia is the illusion of criminal OLF organization and the divide and rule ideology of TPLF. There was no OROMIA before and there will not be in the future.
    4- I can’t say every thing in writing, but I can say please Wake up from you deep sleep and don’t make another mistake again, if you want to fight TPLF you have to fight OLF and other liberation fronts at the same time because it is a joke to stand up among these fronts and expect to work for freedom.
    1- We all need to get out of a devil sprite and come together and ask God’s forgiveness by praying form the bottom of our hearts.
    2- Every so called collection of people or organizations are working for their own interest not for the people interest, they all use the burning issue of the people to get them to power, and we have seen this in the recent 40-50 years and we need to wake up, Freedom was given to all of us by God when we first came to this world, but we allowed other group of people to take away our freedom ourselves. If we want to get it back, we all need to stand as a human being not as ethnic group because we have to say enough for those group of people (organization) acting like they are representing us all and divide us in ethnic groups for their own interest.
    3-To bring back our God given freedom, let us create a new FREEDOM FOR ALL HUMAN-BEINGS LIVE IN THE GEOGRAPHIC AREA OF ETHIOPIA, and work together under this umbrella and get to our destination in a short period of time other wise if we keep going to follow all the previous all so called opposition groups we are playing a game on ourselves because we have seen these groups for the last 25 years standing only their own agenda not for the people, actually they don’t event care the blood shed of the people, and their aim is putting themselves on the next power competition, Please people wake up and form your own FREE HUMAN BEING IN ETHIOPIA.

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