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Breaking News: General Tefera Mamo Joins the Fano Movement

July 1, 2024

General Tefera Mamo, a prominent figure in the Ethiopian military joined the Fano Movement, drawing significant attention and sparking discussions within the community. His decision to align himself with this organization has raised eyebrows and generated interest due to his esteemed position within the military.

The recent incident involving General Tefera Mamo’s request for medical treatment abroad and the subsequent denial of a visa by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has shed light on the ongoing tensions and complexities within Ethiopia’s political and military landscape. This event underscores the strained relationship between key military figures and the government, and it has the potential to have far-reaching implications for the country’s political stability and power dynamics. Additionally, the denial of medical treatment abroad for a high-ranking official has brought into question the internal decision-making processes and the state of healthcare provisions within Ethiopia.

General Tefera Mamo’s connection to Fano illuminates the intricate political and military dynamics unfolding in Ethiopia. As a revered member of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces, his decision to collaborate with a militia group like Fano signifies a notable shift in the country’s power structures and alliances.

The choice made by General Tefera Mamo to unite with Fano underscores the deep-seated divisions and power struggles present within Ethiopia. This action underscores the intricate and volatile nature of the nation’s political landscape, emphasizing the challenges and tensions experienced by various factions within Ethiopian society.

Alongside his military expertise, General Tefera Mamo’s public statements and actions concerning Ethiopia’s political and security landscape have further cemented his role as a significant figure in the nation’s affairs. His perspectives and choices have not only sparked debates but have also had tangible effects on Ethiopia’s military and political realms.



  1. Heroes have respect for heroes but cowards like Abiy and POW Birhanu Jula they pee when they hear the names of General Tefera and others, this is why they are jailing every body in prison.

  2. I have politely pleaded to all editors of platforms like this one in our Diaspora to make the websites they prudently created where all of us will preach for harmony, peace and stability. They have to rein in those who used these sacred platforms to pitch one group of people against another by hurling repulsive and denigrating pejoratives. Those upright and noble people we left behind and that gem of the colored that produced us all have gone through and seen enough unimaginable bloodshed and destruction because of stupid individuals on both sides. Since 1974 every regime that ruled that country one after another has been more or less a disappointment. When you think one has learned a bitter lesson from its predecessors, it won’t take too long before it dashes to its arsenal and point its deadly guns at its own justice demanding unarmed citizens. It is a typical African disease. There is also another fact our old country has seen it all like everyone else in modern history since the 1776 American War of Independence. That historical fact is there has never been a single armed group that brought democratic form of governance once it topples a sitting government. Not one!!! One may have well educated and eloquent leaders at the top but when it comes to a form of governance where no one is above the law, they will turn into murderous beasts. So that country is now between a hard and rock place. Despots in towns and bigots in the bushes are taking it apart. The editors of this esteemed website and others should rein in these bigots and eyal-Al-souqs who have been spewing around repulsive pejoratives and profanities. It will only make life even harder for those innocent citizens and the effort much harder for those who toil 24-7 to bring people together. You will be blessed. Let’s monger peace and stability for that jewel of humanity. Insha’Allah!!!

  3. To the FOX with SHEEP skin ITTU ABA FARDA – you never said a word when millions displaced, from there houses , millions killed by war so ABIY can stay on power, 25 million Ethiopians starved at this time here you are barking to defend ABIY and his cronies. You can defend him when he face the ICC in the near future if you are a layer

  4. Dear Horn of Africans:

    Hearing news of armed groups controlling a few remote areas in both Amhara and Oromia regions is not rare. Let’s assume that is factual. Okay, what are they doing with it? Next the federal and regional forces will move in and there will be no sight of these groups. In both Oromia and Amhara regions, the citizens are between a rock and hard place. First the armed groups will move into villages and small towns during nights to murder and kidnap everyone they think works for the government and when the sun is up, the federal and regional will come in and do their own killings and kidnappings. That leads to a vicious cycle of internal displacement. What does that mean? Farms will end up unattended and go fallow. Then that is a perfect recipe for food scarcity leading to starvation and famine. This can happen even if it rains in buckets. What a predicament for those noble and upright people of both Oromia and Amhara regions! All this could have been avoided at a dialogue table when the will to compromise exists.

    Lack of the will to compromise has caused the loss of millions of human lives and unimaginable destruction. Lack of the will to peaceful resolution will give away to unwise and uncontrolled outburst by sections of the population and erodes the hope for sustainable peace and stability. You add haplessly unemployed youth in its millions and millions others who can not feed and cloth themselves and their families with what they earn from working to the mix, you will have a huge cannon fodder readily available for all sides. Now it becomes a matter of survival. You either join the regime’s camp or those who are roaming in the bushes. Or die trying to cross the Sahara, Bab-el-Mandab and The Mediterranean.

    My nightmare is such stupid and senseless conflicts may lead to the demolishing and destroying of the center with no one strong enough and ready to take over. Then you will see the entire 130+ million citizens on the move in every direction. That is what these bigots and connivers in Minnesota, California, Toronto, Michigan, Tennessee, Oslo and Down Under are salivating about so they can go in there and yank away a territory to call it their own. Above all, there has never been a single armed group since the American War of Independence that brought democracy and the rule of law after it topples a sitting regime. It is not in the nature of such armed groups. You need proof? Just look around in that region. Look around!!!

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