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Breaking News: Simegnew Bekele’s (Eng). death ruled as suicide

Breaking News: Simegnew Bekele’s (Eng). death ruled as suicide


  1. This is a major cover-up. One of the so called evidence the police has presented is the Achilles heel of the whole bloody investigation which the police has unwittingly disclosed in trying to make a water tight case. Baloney!! The police has said that they had requested MOENCO to provide evidence if it is possible to lock a car from the outside while the engine is still running. Indeed it is not possible to lock a car while the engine is running and the key is in the ignition by simply opening the door and pressing on the locking button.

    However, there are a number of ways to lock a car while the engine is running. Here are 2 simple ways: The simplest method is opening the window on the driver’s side, going outside and pressing on the lock button which will lock all doors. Then hit on the button to bring the window up and move the arm out quickly so that it does not get caught by the closing window. The other is you can use the extra key. For crying out loud, cars come with extra keys. You can either use the key mechanically by inserting it in the lock on the door or by simply pressing the lock button electronically. The elements who have executed this assassination had planned it for a long time and used any of the 2 options presented in the foregoing or any other option that can be looked up on the internet.

    As for the engineer being agitated, it can not only be taken as a sign of a person who plans to commit suicide. It can indicate that his life is under threat and that he is aware he’s going to face the dark force that is doing such demonic deeds and knows that he’ll not escape from their long arm. The system in Ethiopia is reeking with corruption and elements whose interests are threatened will not back from committing such an atrocity.

  2. When was the last time he had the pistol with him? any evidence from witnesses?
    How was the trajectory of the bullet measured?
    How come the bullet did not strike the left window?
    What part of the vehicle the exiting bullet hit? does it geometrically match a suicide?
    Was there a finger print evidenced on the vehicle and the pistol?
    What are the circumstantial evidence support his actions?
    What did his friends and family say about his actions?
    As a suicide investigation goes on were the officers trained in suicide investigation?
    I think the police is not capable to investigate this complicated crime. It looks a cover up story.

  3. የስመኘው ገዳይ፤
    ስመኘው በሙያው እንደተጠራ፤
    ገባና ጀመረ ጠንክሮ ሊሠራ።
    ስመኘው የነበረ፤
    እያለ ጀመረ።
    እኛ መርዙን ያወቅን፤
    “ተው ይቅርብህ”አልን።
    “ለአገሬ ነው”እያለ፣
    በደሙ ፈርሞ ደም-ወዝ ተቀበለ።
    ከዚያም አበቀለ፣ዓመታት አለፉ፤
    ብዙ ዘፈኑለት፣ውሸት እያፃፉ።
    አፉን ከፍቶ እያየ፤
    በውሸት ነገሮች ውስጡን ተሰቃየ።
    ለማን ልንገር ብሎ ችግሩንም ውጦ፤
    መፍትሄ ለማምጣት ለብቻው አምጦ፤
    በመሃይም ሥልጣን በግድ ተተብትቦ፤
    ሊጨርስ አልቻለም በቅን-ልቡ አስቦ።
    ደም ገዳይ ይጠራል ሌላ እማኝ ሳያይ፤
    አንድ ቀን ይወጣል፣
    የስመኘው ገዳይ።
    የስመኘው ገዳይ አድፍጦ ገምቶ፤
    ሥልጣኑን ጨብጦ፣ገንዘብ ተጠግቶ፤
    የነገን አስቦ በደም ተቀብቶ፤
    እመኑኝ ይመጣል
    ሕሊናውን ከድቶ።
    ይመጣል ታገሱ ዕድሜ ጤና ይስጠን፤
    ሰው ሹሞ ይልካል እኛ ተቀምጠን።
    እናም ይቀመጣል በደም ወንበሩ ላይ፤
    እመኑኝ ይመጣል የስመኘው ገዳይ።
    ይጠየቅ አቶ ኤፍሬም የወልደኪዳን ልጅ፤
    አይጠፋውም ሚሥጥር ለምርመራ የሚበጅ።
    ቢቻል በትግሪኛ በዘዴ መስቅሉት፤
    እኛ ግን አውቀናል ያሻችሁን በሉት።
    ለአራት ብሊዮን ዶላር
    ክቡር ሰውን መግደል፤
    በእኛ ዘመን አየን
    አወይ አለመታደል።
    እናም ይቀመጣል
    በደም ወንበሩ ላይ፤
    እመኑኝ ይመጣል:-
    የስመኘው ገዳይ።

  4. Dear Zehabesha,
    I believe your aim is to serve the public interact concerning the affairs of our country. Either you are busy censoring what gets published or you don’t have enough time to keep page current. Either way, you may be going the way of Abugida. Abugida was once a hub for discussion on Ethiopian affairs. Guess what? The managers started to censor, then to delay responses and later to respond to each topic BEFORE publishing the original comment. Someone discovered that and from thereon the site went downhill until it shut down! I am warning you that you be transparent and fair, otherwise you will meet the same fate. Remember tech is everywhere these days and there is no need to wait on Zehabesha to get heard.

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