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[Breaking News] Dr. Hamza Abdurazaq working on new Oromo media

(SiiTube News) According to our sources Dr. Hamza, former chair of BOT of the OMN is planning a new Oromo media. He is reportedly developing a media with Obbo Ahmed Yassin. Ahmed Yassin had worked as a cameraman for OMN.
During his fallout with OMN, Dr. Hamza indicated he had no interest in forming a new media organization. He had warned against such suggestions. However, he showed support to the development of multiple Oromo media. He reportedly had performed an extensive research on media titans like BBC and CNN.
Oromo satellite medias including BakkalchaTV and OBS have emerged recently. BakkalchaTV was in the works during OMN’s inauguration and OBS came into existence just this year. BakkalchaTV’s satellite does not reach Ethiopia.
This should come as a pleasant surprise to Oromos whose voice has been minimal in Ethiopia. We expect more will emerge to fill the information void.
It is unclear if there is any political involvement. Ahmed Yassin is an ardent supporter of OLF. He had taped an unflattering video of the ODF head, Leenco Lata. Dr. Hamza has no known political affliation.
SiiTube has emailed Dr. Hamza but had no reply from him.
Source: SiiTube News

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