Breaking News- Brigadier General Kamal Galchuu has been removed from chairmanship

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, Brigadier General Kamal Galchuu

The Oromo Liberation Front (Popularly known as OLF for change) chairman, Brigadier General Kamal Galchuu has been removed from his position effective immediately. Kamal Galchu since he came to the helm of the OLF, he has caused great destruction to the  functions of the organization as a result of his poor leadership qualities and dictatorial actions.— Read more–


  1. Once side of me feels vindicated in my prediction of this outcome when this General set his foot in Asmara a few years ago. But on the other side I am ticked off like you can not imagine. Do you think this removal is independently taken by ‘OLF’? And if so, by which one? That demon in Asmara does not seem to run out of inventory of gullible individuals running to him from Ethiopia. Are you trying to tell me somehow and by some magic wand Al-Toweel Isaias has turned a savior of democratic forces and a lover of people he fought to depart with? Are you? If you are, that is not right and fair.
    In the meanwhile, I have a challenge or two for this group(OLF) and others like it who have made their base in Eritrea. I am asking every grouping who is on the honeymoon with the regime in Asmara to make every agreement they signed or asked to sign with the Isaias regime effective now or after they ‘liberated’ Ethiopia. From what I read in the autobiographies of former members of TPLF and EPRP, they were made to sign a ‘memo of understanding’ with the then EPLF that they had agreed to do so in so called ‘under duress’ situations that they unconditionally support EPLF’s objective of succession. One of these two groups was not ready to go by that conclusion until Al-Toweel kept its unarmed 12-man ‘peoples liberation army’ in unannounced imprisonment for more than a year. He was using them as cooks and sanitation workers for more than a year!!!! So I am asking all these ‘opposition’ groups who are now in Asmara to make public every agreement they signed with Isaias. If they decline, that means we are going to smell a rat in that. They are hiding something hideous and conspiring behind the back of the Ethiopian people at large. Isaias is not stupid or someone who is turning a ‘saint’ overnight. But for now, I am going to give him a shadow of a doubt. Let’s see the documents now, not next week, now. I am politely asking the editors of this website to join me in my legitimate demand. This group claim to be a liberator of my very proud Oromo people. Right? I want to see it. The Ethiopian people want see it and henceforth approve it. Let’s do this!!!!!!

  2. RUBBISH!! These are coward people from inside for the enemy. They already sold the ideals of the Oromo people. The General is firm. They could not get over his head, They are dying an agonizing death. They are the scum of history.

  3. I am extremely positive that such steps will remove all Wayane agents from the so called ‘liberation fronts’. If these people are very serious, they need to remove all those individuals who shared the name “Executive Committee” with G/Kemal, since they all are useless – bunch of opportunists.

  4. Reading the dismissal letter sends shocks to the inner bones of my body. Ethiopian politics is so rubbish one should consider it a refuse from the get go. Let us assume, the accused has done all the things he is accused of. A measured tone, a short and brief letter would of done the job. Instead we have got a Nuremberg trial document. What a shame! Parochialism will never succeed. OLF does not represent the Oromo People. It is a collection of narrow minded pseudo intellectuals that feed off from the plights of the Oromo people. The emergence of new and old political groups outside Ethiopia and within the country did not resolve the suffering of our people. The suffering of our people continues unabated as we squabble along ethnic line. This reminds me of a book I read a while back. The title of the book is “run baby run” by Nicky Cruz. I sure want to run away from Ethiopian Politics. Come join me and let us have a group of runners away from trash politics. Who knows where we will end up!

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