BREAKING: Joint Statement Between Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) and Patriotic Ginbot7 Movement for Unity and Democracy

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Delegates from Patriotic Ginbot 7 and ONLF met in Frankfurt, Germany from 15 to 17, May 2017. The delegates held a thorough discussion and assessment of the prevailing political, economic, and social conditions in Ethiopia and the crimes being committed by the TPLF/EPRDF dictatorial regime against the Ethiopian people.

The representatives of the two organizations acknowledged that the current crisis in Ethiopia is developing into a full-fledged catastrophe for the Ethiopian people and the region as a whole. They agreed that if the abysmal condition is left unreversed, it will lead to both humanitarian and political disaster possibly spiralling to the sub region.

After the delegates deliberated on the overall conditions and made a sober assessment of what needs to be done by all democratic forces, both sides vowed that they would take an active role with all stakeholders to create an effective platform and an alternative force that would work towards a process of bringing an end to the suffering of the Ethiopian people under the TPLF/EPRDF tyrannical regime. Thus, lay the foundation for a transitional process that will usher a new genuinely representative democratic order in Ethiopia.

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Both organisations categorically condemn the regime in Ethiopia and call upon it to stop its repressive policies immediately.

We call upon all stakeholders to come together to create a common platform to defeat the TPLF/EPRDF Regime and work towards the establishment of a transitional democratic order in Ethiopia.
Both organisations also call upon the international community to side with the people in Ethiopia and help end their long plight and suffering under the current regime.

Finally, we urge the- Ethiopian Military, the security and police forces to stop repressing your own people to shore up an illegitimate dictatorship and align with your people to bring about meaningful change in the country.

May 17, 2017
Frankfurt, Germany

Source: Ogaden News Agancy


  1. With this joint statement today Arbegna Professor Dr. Berhanu Nega has shown the expected sign of life. Thank you.

  2. Nothing breaking; nothing new; the same thing repeated 1 million times. You have no politics as long as you have no ideology that all people can appeal o embrace. You can form whatever, it will not change anything as it has not changed anything in the past 25 years. But you can still keep on fooling some innocent Ethiopians and taking their money.

  3. የጋራ ጠላት የሆነውን ወያኔን በጋራ መምታት ጥሩ ነው ግን በኢትዮጵያ ላይ ያላቸውን ፅኑ አቋም ምን እንደሆነ ቢገለፅልን ፡፡

    • Brother make no mistake. Both ONLF and TPLF are enemies of Ethiopia. Ethiopians should fight these evils and there collaborators like “Arbegna Professor Dr. ” Good for Nothing Birhanu Nega and EPLF.
      Ethiopia will prevail

  4. Squeezing out TPLF from Gonder and Ogaden directions! Soon the TPLF will bite dust but hunting the murderes and looters might take time. It is only wise to start pursuing the offenders wherever they are, including in Tigrai, and bring the loot back to the people ASAP!

  5. Here goes G7 again.

    The Joint Statement says G7 and ONLF agreed to work together to ” . . . lay the foundation for a transitional process that will usher a new genuinely representative democratic order in Ethiopia.”

    Why do they need a “transitional process” as if it will be different from TPLF/EPRDF’s transition process? G7 and ONLF are armed groups leading a bunch of blood thristy individuals that will never elect their leaders and never practice democracy since armed groups need centralism and not democracy to effectively function. TPLF/EPRDF failed to transition to democracy because of these problems and G&/ONLF are to fall likewise. Ethiopians should come together to stop these crazy guys since they will not be different from TPLF/EPRDF.

    In fact, G7/ONLF present greater risk that TPLF/EPRDF. ONLF is weakened right now because of the resistance to its hit-and-run by the people in Somali region. ONLF is a separatist organization with a fast dwindling support both in and out of the country. The only choice ONLF has it to cast its lot with G7 to show that it still exists. IF, again this is a big IF, G7 defeats TPLF/EPRDF in 2067, ONLF will rear its ugly head to use “democracy” in the “transition period” to hold a referendum and leave the republic.

    Didn’t that happen with TPLF/EPRDF and EPLF when EPLF walked away with a vast territory, five million people, high value mineral deposits and thousands of kilometres of sea coast? ONLF will do the same and G7 will play TPLF/EPRDF game allover again. No Wonder G7 unexpectedly dropped the country’s “unity” as a precondition for talks. In fact there is no word of “unity” the so called joint statement. Smart asses.

    Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

    • what is the option then? Instead of criticizing others do something (if you can do something better) and let others follow you.

    • EPLF didnt’t walk away, EPLF had a clear mission from the get go it was Ethiopia of 1952-1991 that was defeated. TPLF was just installed by Sheabia to fill the vaccum of power, just because they happen to e there. There’s no way you can defy the relationship of TPLF and EPLF in the same context of ONLF/G7/TPDM etc.

    • Well said. I fully agree with you. Yemayategeb kita kemtadu yastawkal. They are really expired now. Dr. Birr has burnt all the cards he had and he is the biggest loser of our time. If he was a smart man, he would have taken addis ababa 2005 and by now TPLF was gone long ago . But that bigger loser, wasted all his cars when he decided to go to jail instead of taking over addis ababa and he signed a paper to get out of prison and run to USA, and run to Asmara, Egypt, made phony alliance with TPDM, Arbonoch, …. and now with OLF, and onlf? They never learn, never change, keep on doing the same old style and old stuffs. They are wasting resources, time, and also dividing Ethiopians on ethnic lines.

      What need now is fresh start from page one with one new paradigm that says United Ethiopia including Eritrea, Djibouti and mobilize people. And remove the ethnicist generation and throw them into a dustbin of history.We form a truly democratic Ethiopia based on merit, human identity, not based on race, ethnic, color, tribal, ethnic or regional, apartheid. The young has now access to information from the developed world and they must read, learn how democratic countries work and how people live and treat each other. That is the only durable solution. A system based on racism is to explode at some stage and cause bloodshed. Importantly the racist TPLF has to be removed by a united movement before it is destroys the country.

  6. Gimbot is uterlly abandoned by Ethiopians
    mainly the Amharas . Has no credibility at all.
    this group is now survived by Lenccho Letta and
    Lencho Bati . No Amhara is willing to work with
    this fake Ye KUCHU TIGL.
    Berhanu has sucked our money for 8 consecutive years.
    Enough is enough.

  7. The highest 11 members of ONLF are born in Somalia and they are working to fight a dream of greater Somalia that is dead in a water. Their Chairman Admiral Mohamed Osman was working with the butcher of Somalia , Ziad Barre and fled from Somalia in 1991. How on earth G7 is joining with ONLF? ONLF does not represent Ethiopian Somali people. They were formed in 1977 by a sub clan of Somali, called Ogaden. This curse of clanish has destroyed Somalia and will not be the right solution for any institution.
    It seems the long invisible hand of bloody dictator Isayas Aferwi is behind the scene of all these nonsense. G7 has to think twice before they join with a secessionist group while they are pretending to fight for the unity of Ethiopia. Ethiopia unity is sacrosanct, but we should fightfor justice, rule of law and Democracy.
    The notion of identity is worse thing that can happen that bring justice and democracy. All Ethiopian should work together to consolidate institution and identity politics.

  8. This is a very great statement. United we stand divided we fall. Injustice to one is Injustice to all. Let alone one over 99% percent of Ethiopians have been raped, looted, jailed, tortured, starved and enslaved by the tyrannical atheist TPLF/EPDRF government. Unification of all Ethiopian opposition groups such as Oromo/Amhara/Somali/Afar/Ogaden/Gambela/Sidama/Tigria and many many other liberation fronts is a must in order to completely, irreversibly destroy one of the worst tyrannical, criminal, antichristian/antimuslim government in the world, the tyrannical atheist TPLF/EPDRF. Time to kick ass? Yes Indeed. MAN up Ethiopians, East Africans and freedom/democracy loving people all over the globe. EVERY DOG HAS HIS/HER DAY, IT IS ETHIOPIAN IN PARTICULAR AND EAST AFRICAN/AFRICAN PEOPLE IN GENERAL DAY.

  9. የሚደገፍና የሚበረታታ ነው ህወሀት ከበባ እየተደረገበት ነው ማለት ነው።አንዱም ማስፈራሪያው የኦጋዴን ክልል ነበር። ህወሀቶች ሆይ እንግዲህ ፅናቱን ይስጣቹህ።

  10. the best news i ever hear recent years, that related to ethiopia.

    we need amhara and somali community working togather,
    i am sure they going to change something,

    both community are strong and big,we need them to work togather,

    that means all so, we forget centuries of hostility and hatred between the two community,based on so called religion,and foreing interest to make amhara and somali people to hate each ather.

    thanks to ginbot 7 and onlf leaders to create brotherhood,neighbourhood and alliance between somalis and amhara community.

    beliefe me, this will be milestone and golden page of history

    we must thanks to our great leaders,
    ato berhanu nega and admiral mohamed omar,who lead us this milestone history.

    pasty times, our previous leaders both amhara and somali leaders, they failed to stop wars,hostiliy ,and sense less conflict, between the two community.

    that bad story b/w the two brotherly people gave advantage to athers.

    but, what happen is already happened, what ever it was, we have to forget pasty, and look the future.

    look europe, we knew what germans and french, did to each ather,in their pasty history,we can take example from them.

    french and germans they both forget their bad history, that happen between them.
    today, we know them, they are not only co leaders of europe, but they are wheels of Europe aswell. Instead of being bad neighbors and allways go to wars
    against each ather,french and germans agree this time to joing to gather for peacefull,stable and strong economy for europe,and keep europe free and indepedent, from outside influence,such russia america and china

    now, if we keep continue to joint work togather, i am sure amhara and somalis can reach their goals.
    i said above, both community are 2 big nations and if their political leaders agree to continue work togather and we support them,

    i am 100% sure, somalis and amharas can change something.

  11. Have you seen ESAT reporters struggling to expalin the Joint Statement signed last week between G7 and ONLF? Check their website for a video released on May 20 to watch the duo making up stories. They think people are deaf and dumb to suck whatever they are told without questioning. The way things go, time might be running out ESAT because it is so unprofessional propaganda machine staffed by amateurs.

    Where did the duo get all the stories they are making about the Joint Statement? They pretend to be outsiders to G7 but they are talking as insiders. Even to speak as insiders, they have to stick to the Statement rather than say what is not provided in the text. Let alone the reporters who did not attend the talks with ONLF, the 2nd person in G7 who participated in the talks cannot say anything out of the text. Reportedly, he has said many including about “Unity” which was raised and put aside because of ONLF opposition. Talk to one of them if you want the truth.

    More importantly, there is no reference to “unity” in the Statement. You can see it if you want and tell us if you find its reference. Unlike what the duo say ONLF will not sign a paper with a word “unity” in it. That’s why G7 by passed its reference and pretends now that it is somehow included somewher. It is not an oversight, folks.

    Even OLF which has not signed any document with G7 will be more than happy with a document like the Joint Statement G7 signed with ONLF. Ask them now and they will be ready to sign with fanfare.

    Who are the duo anyway? Aren’t they reporters to report rather than talk politics to distort a sacred document which will take us, Ogadenis, to freedom? Doesn’t ESAT claim to be the first independent media? But where is the independence? We see its reports scramble to save G7 to which they obviously belong from a mistake it has commited by betraying so many who trusted and joined it.

    Unless the duo remove the misleading video, we will withdraw from the Joint Statement which is being used against us and infuriate our members and supporters.

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