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Breaking: Bereket Simon submits resignation

Breaking: Bereket Simon submits resignation

Read Aloud:   Foreign Ministry spokesman Tewolde Mulugeta said the insurgents were members of Ginbot 7, which Ethiopia says is backed by Eritrea.


  1. Who cares if u stay in office or not, this guy is a criminal and part of TPLF suppression machine. When the right time comes he should stand on trial for thousands of people killed by his direct involvement. You Damn ass, If u think that u can clean your hand that easy you are stupid. The Ethiopia people will challenge you for your genocide crime.

  2. Bereket Semo an ertirean man. It is only in the tplf ethiopia possible when a foreigner like Bereket(Bekt) take over the higher government position. He was even apointed by the gangster tplf as he were amhara to oppress the amharan people. The teret teret of tigrean federalisem.

  3. I didn’t know Berket as he was away fighting as a rebel but I knew both of his parents and his nephew, whom I went to school with during the Derg time. Although his parents were Eritreans, they moved to Gondar when they both were young and were a much respected members of the society. While many Eritreans and Tigrians spoke to their children & grandchildren in Tigrigna, Berket’s parents spoke in Amharic to their grandson. Bereket’s father also built many many churches and houses in Gondar, although I knew him after he was already old and died a few months before woyane entered Gondar. I’m not saying Bereket (his real name is Mebrhatu by the way) is a model politician, in fact I detest his and the entire Woyane politics, but to simply dismiss him as an eritrean is something I really disagree with. He was born in Gondar and he is as much of a Gondare as anybody else who was born there, so were his parents.

  4. All I can say is – Here goes the neighborhood. And about time, I may add. The old guards are falling off the machinery of the brutes one by one. You see, the ‘class struggle’ has not been going per plan conceived during the days in the bushes. Good riddance!!! My heart-felt crocodile tears for him!!!!

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