Border Walls and the Rise of the Right – By Dawit W Giorgis

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By Dawit W Giorgis

Dawit Giorgis
A wave of right wing nationalism is sweeping across Europe and the US. A decade ago it was not so visible but in the last two years the phenomenon has gripped the world and created a tension that could lead into global turmoil. From UK to France, Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Slovakia, and the United States, the slogan of WE FIRST has been resonating with fury and passion. It is far from certain that the hard right will prevail in all these contests in the near future but they are gaining ground. They may not have identical visions but they all share a WE FIRST, a sign of hard-core nationalism....Read full article (PDF)…..

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  1. GETACHEW REDA (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

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    Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

    • Not sure if this is the well known Getachew Reda writing. Nonetheless, if such an ad showed itself while you are viewing this website, it tells me you do not have a strong ad blocker. I suggest to try an ad blocker that is approved and compatible with the browser and the search engine you are using. I sure do not see any ad, while browsing Zehabesha!
      Remember, the Internet is like keeping ones hygiene. The more places/sites you visit the higher the risk of catching a bug. In our every day activities we leave enough electronic signature creating a shadow of ourselves for others to glean and commercialize our identities and preferences.
      Just recently, I was getting a ride from a friend of mine. While we are heading to my residence, the on board information system came on and said this. “It is Friday, would you like to stop by a nearby liquor store”? He spoke back and said, thanks, I have got enough left. Apparently, my friend goes to the liquor store right after work every Friday. I just wonder what else his car’s electronic system keep track of?

  2. Major Dawit,
    I thank you very much to share your much valuable knowledge with us .
    I appreciate also all your efforts to bring peoples struggle to full fruition.
    May God bless you.

  3. Well referenced and well written article! It is all obvious that walls were not the works of the right only. Left leaning regimes had erected walls either physically or in its abstract forms. In fact, left leaning including those who claimed to have been hell bent in creating a ‘classless’ society were busy in creating an ideology of ‘one-ness’ for more than 75 years in our time that miserably failed. Hitler and Mussolini were not right wing politicians. If we read some of their publications and listen to their mass rally speeches then, they all advocated economic programs similar to those of Stalin and Mao were slobbering over. Hitler was killing for such programs; Stalin and Mao killed tens of millions of their own citizens because they stood against the ‘fatherland’ or the ‘motherland’. They all exploited the fears and anxieties running amok among the masses masterfully with the greatest skills. Here in the USA such anxiety and uncertainties are not confined in the white communities. They exist in the African-American and even the established immigrant communities. Trump did not create it. All what he did is he picked it up and used it in his campaign speeches and rallies. Some of Obama’s ‘in your face’ actions and policies presented ample opportunities for anyone who gambled to stand on the other side. Then there is another very obvious phenomenon which is becoming the nightmare to mankind everywhere-religious terrorism. It is now perpetrated by those who claim to espouse the religion of Islam. But the material is in place it can be pushed by other religions also. The wealth gap running rampage by hard to control globalization is fueling such sentiment. It has devastated small rural and suburban communities in the old developed economies. I remember one well articulated comment by one young man on how he described his personal economic status. He is under-employed earning income barely to make ends meet. He was saying that he will never be able to buy a home like his grandfather who was not nearly educated as him. Steel mills are now replaced by Little Caesars that pay less than $10/hour usually on part time basis. His grandfather was paid more than $20/hr working at a steel mill or some other industrial outfits and he was able to buy a well built home where he raised a family. The wife did not have to work because what his grandfather was earning was more than enough to raise a family of multiple children. His only habit was taking Aspirin or other over the counter pain relieving medication. Now it is opioid devastating small communities in rural Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, on and on. And when good paying factories show up in the old factory buildings they don’t hire en-masse like their predecessors. Instead they show up with robots and other forms of automation. They bring job vacancies for may be 100 or even 10 instead of thousands. Now that grandson is desperate and seething mad. Now he is herded into this school of thought that well paying industrial can return and thrive is if we play the protectionist card. What he is not being told is the fact that those high paying still mills where his grandfather worked did not earn their incomes from domestic customers only. American steel was all the rage then throughout the globe. But now it is a different reality. Brazilian and Chinese steel mills are not only producing steel to satisfy their domestic demand but they are here with their dirt cheap prices. Then it happened one day – There goes the neighborhood!!! Manufactured goods were not flying of the shelves of factories but rather pink slips were being handed out by the thousands. Bethlehem, US Steel and many other steel mills are becoming of a distant past. Sheer and naïve nostalgia and feeling of hopelessness is feeding the frenzy of individuals with bad intentions. In the meantime, I don’t find it evident that President Trump is hateful. There is a ‘billion’ reason for him not to be just that. He picked up this prevailing anger and desperation when he decided to become a politician. His claim of China not playing by the book is legitimate. Some of the past trade deals turned out to be a death knell to small factories and businesses here in the USA. When Hyundai, Toyota, Nissan, Audi, Mercedes, Kia and BMW opened factories here in the USA, they did not go to Detroit, Ohio or Pennsylvania. Instead they went south with relaxed safety standards and culture where unionization is almost a taboo. These Midwest states went red instead of blue joining the longtime red states in the south. Remember this is only on the economic side. Then there is also religious terror by the offshoot grouping of the demonic Wahhabis, Now that grandson is not only worried about making ends meet but also is worried about his and his family’s safety because of this religious terror created by the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia. This real and present anger and fear have gripped the old western democracies. Russia and China were never democracies and the realities there have all the indications that they will never become democracies at least in our time.

    Over all I enjoyed reading this well written article by my dear countryman. And this is my take. What is yours?

  4. The labels: Right and left wings…etc. could create prejudices instead of specifically dealing with issues based on pros and cons.

    Those who call themselves “progressives” could agree with this article more than conservatives.

    Building walls could serve a purpose to a limited extent. The Israel’s say: The walls they built helped reduce the number of terrorists that could disturb its peace and tranquility until a permanent solution is found between Palestinian Arabs and themselves. In the absence of a peaceful coexistence between the Arabs and Israel’s, having the wall has been beneficial to the only Jewish State in the Middle East.

    The Berlin Wall did serve its temporary purpose by keeping the two rival former German States apart thereby minimizing a potential of open conflict until their unification after the dissolution of the USSR.

    There are some European states who built walls to keep illegal immigrants/refugees away from their respectives countries. One cannot simply say, “Building walls are useless.”

    Some elites simply blame poverty as the main cause of terrorism. To some extent poverty has been a cause for terrorism. When it comes to Jihadists (Radical Islamists), the main cause for terrorism is their own religion. They use verses from Quran to kill infidels and other Muslim sects.

    Millions of Americans voted for Donald J. Trump in 2016 because of the overreach of the Democratic Party and President Obama. The Obama administration did not want to support DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act passed in 1996 and signed into a law by President Clinton). California voted against homosexual marriage “equality”. One gay district judge decided for homosexuals in opposition to the overwhelming votes of the people. The state and the federal government worked to overturn the people’s vote and homosexual marriage became the law of the land at federal level for the first time in American history.

    The lawlessness and animosity against people of faith, the failure of Obamacare among others in USA turned the majority of Americans towards the Republican Party in 2010, 2014 and 2016 elections.

    With all of his life time rich experiences, I believe Major Dawit could have done better to have a balanced view regarding building of walls…etc. and President Donald J. Trump election and some of his (DT’s)views had he made a slightest research as to why the majority of Americans voted against the Democratic Party in 2010, 2014 and 2016.

    The majority of Americans (especially Republicans) do not want illegal immigrants. Democrats want to have an open border to to let in illegal immigrants to get their votes in order to stay in power indefinitely. Some Republicans want cheap labor by illegal immigrants for their businesses.

    Candidate Trump rightly assessed the problems widely felt by the majority of Americans and used to his advantage to be elected as the 45th POTUS.

    The article was well written except that it did not take into account the views of the religious and other segments of the American society.

  5. Dear Abba Guutuu:

    I found your comment very interesting. I think all of us should take a rest from dwelling only on the affairs concerning the old country and start having an opinion about the society where we have been living for quite some time now. In reading your comment I found the following paragraph very telling:

    ‘The majority of Americans (especially Republicans) do not want illegal immigrants. Democrats want to have an open border to to let in illegal immigrants to get their votes in order to stay in power indefinitely. Some Republicans want cheap labor by illegal immigrants for their businesses.’.

    Can you list the sources you used for such claims so all of us can look into the matter? It is very deep. Thanks a lot.

  6. Dear Ittu Aba Farda:

    Thanks for your question. Let me attempt to answer your question.

    The two main parties of the USA: The Democratic Party and the GOP (Republican Party) have different constituents they would like to continuously have as their respective bases in order to win elections and stay in power.

    One of the main issues raised in 2016 presidential elections was illegal immigration.

    The majority of Democrats were/are for open border with Mexico while the majority of Republicans were/are for a closed border.

    It is widely reported on various media outlets that the Democrats want to have amnesty for illegal immigrants in order to have them as part of their constituents like African Americans.

    Superficially, it may seem that the Democratic Party is for a downtrodden and poverty stricken illegal immigrants. There are evidences in which illegal immigrants voted for the Democratic Party. Under a pretext of fighting for voters (the Old, the underprivileged etc.) rights, the Democrats have been against having a voter id for an election. Without an id requirement how can an illegal immigrant be stopped from voting several times in various states?

    As an immigrant, I am for the legal rights of all persecuted, economically disadvantaged individuals.

    After following the elections in USA for about a decade and one-half, listening and reading opinions of genuine individuals with balanced views, I posted the paragraph that you included in your comment.

    I am not for or against any political party in USA but truth (as much as humanly possible).

    Please let me know whether or not you may be satisfied with my answer.


  7. Dear Abba Guutuu:

    Thank you for your reply. I hope our conversation will set an example for others like us to engage matters that affect us all here where we live.

    Since we have come here we have learnt a lot how political discourse is being conducted. With its solid foundation democracy has flourished and matured. In an environment such as the old country we left behind it would unimaginable to find a couple where the wife is a democrat and the husband is a republican or vice versa. Throughout its history, USA has shown in practical terms that nobody is above the law. I am not sure how old you are or how long you have lived here(if your domicile is in USA), Nixon was the ultimate test against democracy. There was a lot of wrangling and immense blame to go around at that time. Honestly, I was getting leery. But at the end of the day, he was shown the door in utter disgrace. That is because nobody here is above the law. You see, like any engaging society there a good deal of rumors and unfounded innuendos going around here too. There were much more deportations during the Obama administration than his predecessors’ times and he was a staunch democrat. There was accusation that 3 million illegals were allowed to vote for the democratic candidate. But with all the government institution under the control of the Republicans, there is nothing to show as an evidence. You see, as common citizens we have to take such claims with a fat pinch of salt. This is very paramount especially in these days of the Facebook, Twitter and all other similar social media. Now, such rumors and innuendos do not have sources originating among the supporters one party only. Personally, I reject such claims that depict President Trump is hateful or most of those who voted for him were hateful of others either. His entire life has been around business and not politics. He has been so successful in his business venture that nobody will be able to get an open apology from him. That is close to impossible. One example is the ‘birther’ issue regarding Obama. When Trump finally realized that it was rubbish, he did not apologize for it. He just said Obama was born here in the USA, Period!!! And he moved on. I don’t believe he picked that false allegation because he was racist but because he was carried away by it. He just picked it up because the rumor was circulating in the ‘chitlin’ circuits of some hardline groups. Now he is in the white with houses of the congress controlled by his party, the public is already saying to him, ‘show me the money’. In the meantime, you and I as a common citizen, we should jealously guard our immense democratic opportunity to take every rumor and innuendo with a grain of salt. That is our citizenship obligation.

    Keep up the good work young man. I have enjoyed our genuine conversation.

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