Book Review: Fanaye Standing Strong

Fanaye Standing Strong (novel)
Author: Salome Kassa
Published by: Savvy Book marketing, 2022
470 pages


Commentator:  Berhane Tadese
June 15, 2022

The book has several interesting characters. The main character is a young Ethiopian girl named Fanyae who grew up during the period of Italian occupation in the mid-1930s. I read it with great interest until the end of the story.  Fanaye was a thirteen-year-old countryside girl.  She was a resident of a village called Dow Dow in Wollo province. She has a unique nature among the rest of her peers.  She was independent and had a go-getter character for what she believed in. She stands up against harmful norms that govern social behaviors.

The story takes the reader on a mesmerizing roller coaster with Fanaye’s strong will, adventures, love, humor, and defiance of the harmful cultures of the day.  Her life-changing incident began when she traveled, on foot, to visit her cousins in a nearby village.  The twists and turns of the story weaved on the ordeals she encountered during the travel and how that particular experience built her character in her later successful life.  The book had a different feel than similar books I had read before, which helped draw me to the story.  The book expands upon the traditional culture and the strong characters of Fanaye, which enhances the reader’s understanding of persistence in life and beating all odds.


It is a book that brings hope and happiness to young girls in dire need of encouragement growing up in a male-dominated culture. Enjoy the reading!

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  1. I just located the book online and I will order one tomorrow. Whenever there is a book that tells about the strength of our women, count me in!!!

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