Blue Party Demonstration in Videos

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  1. How come only the Minority Amharas complaining and protesting ? Ethiopias majority (non Amhara Ethiopians) not there.
    I understand the Amharas wared to go back to the old outdated expired Amara era in the expense of non Amhara Ethiopians, but such hollow daydream is impossible, this time Ethiopia is belong all Ethiopians or there won’t be no Ethiopia.

    • @Southerner;
      It is now the end of divid and indirect rule; That is our official language. We are not west African countries speaking forigen colonial power language.

    • Dude
      I am non Amhara. But let me tell you the do have all the right to fight for their right. I you enslave yourself go ahead.

    • To southerner
      Everybody was there it was not only Amharas. Why are you people scared
      of Amhara. You should be thankful that The Amhara people brought all kind of civilaizatin and also taught all your great grand father how to read and wright.I know what tribe you came from so you r stupid to compred. The Amhara will live for a longn long time

  2. I am proud of my people! I wish I was there to to say what is in my heart. Th so called opposition leaders denied this opportunitie for people to vent but finally seamy awe party did it with courage and determination. So now I hope they do not crush this newly found hope by making mistakes like the other parties. All the ethiopian people needed was a leader. Much love to my brothers and my sisters. Specially the older lady who said what is in everyone heart. AGERACHIN DABO AYIDELECHIM!

  3. Fixing Amharas mess won’t be cakewalk.

    The previous three Amhara dominated governments did not systematically mass genocided Oromos,Tigreans and Eritreans in order to give lasting socioeconomic dominance to the Amhara tribe, this is also Ethiopians divided in tribe line a d distrust each other.
    I do not think EPRDF can correct Amharas eight decades of misdeeds and ignoble mess in such short time.

  4. The current problem of ethiopia is not freedom of speech,demonstration and existing federalist adminstration but outlook of some few arogant group who consider themselves as the only people to solve any problem of our people just ignoring the rest . This type of thought was burried befor 20 years. As we know any body has the right to work and invest in any region but he can’t be poletical leader. The slogans of few participant was as if our country is diveded into pieces like bread . This one comes from whose who don’t recognise the existanace of regional state who closely monitor their own adminstration. As national party they should respect their choice. If someone have a look at the group, most of them are from same region even as national party they do not have members from diffrent region. It is clear that they are power mongers.

  5. Some of our commentators have been telling us to forget history. To forget the history of the Ethiopian Empire. To forget the rules of feudal lords who had done injustices against people of the Empire. Let me read history from present to the past just for few decades by mentioning Melese zenawi, Megistu Haile Mariam, Haile Selassie and Minilik Haile Melekot, King Yohanis of Tigray. and then we can move back as far as we can go to flash back on the problems of justice in that country.

    Let Me totally reject my above statement and say I am not sure about the theory of creation of Ethiopia at all. I had read quite a number of books and I have not seen a solid state that had been in historical existence as “Ethiopia” for a very long time as people are trying to create an illusion. To have relationship as human beings and people is something very different from what writers call a state and live as a people under that government for a long time.

    I want to just indicate that some Ethiopians want to let history away while they want to keep the currently created state as their own under their control. But when they mention their civilizations of the Ethiopians they keep mentioning 3000 thousands and even Dr. Fikire is telling us about our relationships going back to 4000 years.

    Mentioning 3000 to 4000 years in the historical importance of the current empire is quite an amazing fit and intellectual excellence. I do admire that except it is a double standard that relegates the historical significance of Oromo people within
    such a long time by saying the injustice of past is gone with time and let us not mention it at all. I will again say this is total reductionism and shameful distortion of facts. Where is the historical truth and logical thinking when we write about the history of the Oromo People in the Ethiopian Empire. Our language, our history,y our culture, our history and existence in the Horn of Africa has been a
    taboo among the Ethiopian nationalists. But as people and second class citizens of the country we live in the Empire and we are stronger than 40,000,000. Take a good look at that number and we are pretty very strong.

    Therefore I want to say to those who want to glorify the Ethiopian Empire and keep it intact while leaving out the darkest side of the Ethiopian State; I want to tell them I do not get you. I do not understand their logic. I feel it is dangerous for the country and the people and themselves if the keep denying the injustices committed against millions of Oromo people over many centuries.

    The Ethiopian intellectuals whether they are from Oromo origin or from other people, should not deny historical facts concern the Oromo people and keep writing very contradictory past and current history of the our people. I do not want to hear or learn from distorted historical facts. Correct yourselves and correct injustice in the Empire.

    There cannot be resolutions and reconciling if writers, intellectuals, historians and social scientists and journalists deny the past and turn themselves into modern political ideologists who just want to grab political power and satisfy their egos.

    Do not mislead people and the consequences are most probably uncontrollable and dangerous. Do not forget history when you site the history of Nelson Mandela and South Africa. Do not throw out the injustices committed against
    the people of Africa by Germans, British, and other colonizer, please.

    Should not we Oromos speak about injustice in Ethiopian Empire in order to create and bring resolutions in the future of East Africa?. Can you tell African Americans not to write about slavery and its injustice in America because they had a black president for the last five years? I do not think so. Even if you have a most democratic government we can still keep writing about injustice in the past anywhere in the world including the history of the Oromo people under the Ethiopian Empire to prevent racism and fascism in the future history of the world.

  6. @Mr. Awasa

    It is true correcting amaras mess may not be easy, but we unite the possibility greater.

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