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Bill Gates: We Must Depopulate Africa To Save Europe


Billionaire backtracks on globalist open borders agenda

By: Jay Greenberg

(Neon Nettle) — Billionaire Bill Gates has spoken out about the immigration crisis in Europe saying that the continent will be “devastated by African refugees” unless severe and immediate action is taken.

In an interview with German newspaper, Welt am Sonntag, Gates suggested that European nations must work together to reduce the population growth in Africa by committing more in overseas aid.

In a total backtrack of his usual New World Order style open border policies, Gates is now suggesting that the mass influx of migrants into Europe from Africa is threatening to overwhelm countries like Germany who have welcomed globalism.

Bill Gates recently caused a huge controversy in Africa when the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was accused of secretly sterilizing millions of women in Africa by doctors in Kenya after abortion drugs were discovered in Tetanus vaccines.

Could this have been a test for his proposed depopulation program?

Zero Hedge reports: According to Gates, the combination of explosive population growth in Africa combined with Europe’s notoriously generous open-border migrant welfare programs – as illustrated by the ‘German attitude to refugees’ have incentivised migrants to flood into Europe.

“On the one hand you want to demonstrate generosity and take in refugees, but the more generous you are, the more word gets around about this – which in turn motivates more people to leave Africa.”

While Germany has been one of the pioneers of the open door policy, it cannot “take in the huge, massive number of people who are wanting to make their way to Europe.

”Thus Gates advised European nations to take action in order to make it “more difficult for Africans to reach the continent via the current transit routes.”
Bill Gates

How to stop them?

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Gates, whose third world vaccination programs have contributed to Africa’s population explosion, suggested that heaping tons of money onto Africa while taking steps to prevent transit into Europe is the best solution.

After calling Germany’s commitment to allocate 0.7% of GDP towards foreign aid “phenomenal,” Gates encouraged “other European nations to follow its example.”

(Because Africa is of course known for efficiently managing billions in foreign aid without corruption to ensure that their people are taken care of. Surely Europe’s donations will create an Africa that rivals downtown Hamburg.)


Gates’ comments come as European leaders discuss the surge of Africans washing up on Italy’s shores every week, with Rome calling on other EU nations to accept more refugees.

On Sunday, Italy’s interior minister Marco Minniti begged for help – telling an EU summit in Tallinn “We are under enormous pressure”S

“If the only ports where refugees are taken to are Italian, something is not working. This is the heart of the question” –Marco Minniti

Italy has taken in over 82,000 migrants in the first six months of 2017, 19% more than the same period last year.

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Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the rescue organization SOS Mediterranee which runs an aid vessel along with Doctors Without Borders said that it would be logistically difficult to redirect migrants to other European ports.

If the order came “we would have no choice, we would obey. But it would be completely impossible with more than 1,000 people on board,” Mathilde Auvillain told AFP.

So there you have it

After years of liberal open-border policies predictably resulted in a flood of North African (economic) migrants into Europe, the EU is panicking. And the solution to preventing millions of migrants from upgrading their lifestyle by picking up sticks and moving is to throw more money at Africa…

However, as SHTFplan’s Mac Slavo asks, does this represent a major shift in the way globalists view immigration? And if so, why would this shift occur?

If I were to guess, it has nothing to do with the fact that mass migration is ruining Europe and Western civilization.

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The globalists have always advocated for the disintegration of Western values and borders. It has to do with the indirect results of mass immigration.

The refugee crisis is what has spurred the most resistance to globalism in recent years. It has ignited countless nationalistic political parties in Europe.

It has contributed to Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, and the slow motion fracturing of the EU.

What Bill Gates is saying, is a sign that the globalist may have realized that they’ve made a fatal mistake.

By promoting open borders, they’ve sown the seeds for their own destruction. Their decision to allow millions of refugees into Europe has solidified populist conservative movements across the West that threatens to dethrone them. Now they’re trying to close this can of worms.

Unfortunately for them and us, it may be too late.


  1. Mr. Bill Gates:
    The idea of depopulating Africa in the pretext of saving Europe is fundamentally immoral and ludicrously wrong. This discriminatory and racially motivated thought should not be promoted by a respected Bill Gates, a celebrated friend of Africa. Multiple wrongs do not sum up one right. Thank you.

  2. GETACHEW REDA (Editor Ethio Semay) The following is written by Dr. Assefa Negash (Medical Doctor specialized ‘Psychiatric’- Amstelveen, Holland – the 16th of July 2017)


    The author started saying

    “Several weeks ago, I received message from a London-based Ethiopian compatriot regarding a 13 years old school girl from Maksegnit, small locality in Gondar, on whose upper arm Norplant (a birth control implant) has been inserted. Norplant is a birth control method involving the surgical insertion of six thin flexible capsules made of silicone rubber tubing (implants) into the upper arm of a woman of reproductive age. The implants are inserted just under the skin.

    The six rods which are implanted into the upper arm of a woman contain Levonorgestrel which is a hormonal contraceptive that is released in the body of the targeted woman thereby preventing pregnancy for as long as 5 years. Critical Concerns regarding Norplant use: “The Implanon rod is marketed as a set it and forget it contraceptive even though this method requires six-month checkups. Removal can be difficult and must be performed by a provider. Once implanted, side effects, including……..”) The author listed all the lists of the side effects…

    The author asks us “who is doing this crime?” Here gives us answer by names;

    All this crime is done by USAID Ethiopia- directed by Gayle Smith In recent years (December 2015 – January 2017) the USAID was led by Gayle Smith, An American woman who has decades of deep involvement in Ethiopia as a champion of the fascistic TPLF movement since the 1980s. Amara which has been seen as an eye-sore to the incumbent minority Tigrean regime. What makes this diabolical drive of the TPLF regime that has particularly targeted the Amara people very disturbing and alarming is the fact that it is financially supported and bank-rolled by big government agencies such as the USAID, Swedish International Development Agency, EU, Western governments, giant multilateral organizations such as UN agencies, World bank, giant pharmaceutical companies, various NGO’s such as Pathfinder International Ethiopia and even foundations set up by philanthropist individuals such as Bill and Melinda Gates, etc. All aforementioned governments, institutions, NGO’s and foundations have inadvertently or unintentionally entered into an unholy alliance with the TPLF in the latter’s attempt at thinning out the Amara population in the name of promoting family lanning and reproductive health. None of the big media moguls, which repeat ad nauseam the double digit growth rate registered by Ethiopia, seem to have noticed the darker side of the population policy of the incumbent TPLF regime that has skillfully used funds it receives to arrest the reproductive capacity of the Amara people.

    Today family planning and reproductive health agencies are preaching the gospel of birth control to the Amara women whom they perceive as unthinking souls that need their paternalistic protection. As I was completing this paper, the British government announced that it is to release 90 million British pounds10 for family planning program in Ethiopia. This would be money which would be used by the fascistic regime of TPLF to implement its genocidal policy of targeting, among others, the Amara ethnic group which has been the most conspicuous victim of the genocidal war waged by TPLF in the last 26 years. …………….


    GETACHEW REDA (Editor Ethio Semay)

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