Bill Gates Foundation Opens Regional Headquarters Office in Ethiopia

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Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation opened its new regional headquarters office on November 17, 2015, at the International Livestock Research Institute in Ethiopia, according to The Daily Monitor.

Roman Tesfaye, the first lady of Ethiopia was present at the official launch of office in Addis Ababa.
Roman said the Gates foundation in line with Ethiopia’s growth and transformation plan makes meaningful investment in combating health and development challenges.
She has also mentioned the expectations she has on the foundation on the realization of GTP II in partnership with The Ministry of Health, The Ministry of Agriculture and development agencies.
Ever since 2000, the foundation has been supporting health and agriculture projects in Ethiopia.
Gates foundation aims to improve agricultural productivity, increase the coverage of life-saving health and nutrition interventions and support the improvement of agriculture and primary health care systems in line with the Ethiopian government.
Lately, the foundation has doubled its nutrition investment to USD 776 million in the coming six years and has embarked Ethiopia and its Seqota declaration as a priority.
It was noted that 15 percent of Ethiopia’s budget has been allocated to agricultural development compared to the 2.7 percent average in the rest of Africa.
Source: The Daily Monitor


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