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Big Brother Africa’s Betty Abera Facing Jail Time For Sleeping With Housemate In Public

By Liya Nuru

Lawyers in conservative Ethiopia have asked police to investigate an Ethiopian contestant in the “Big Brother Africa” reality television show after she appeared to have sex with a fellow housemate.
Betty Abera, 27, represented Ethiopia in the pan-continental version of the show that has spawned editions around the world. She was not immediately available for comment.Under Ethiopia’s criminal code, sexual acts or “any other obscene act or gesture” in public could lead to a jail term of up to one year, or a fine of up to 1,000 birr (36 pounds).
If the authorities deem her act a criminal offence, prosecutors are likely to press charges.

“This was an act that shamed many Ethiopians. We have clear laws that reject such indecency,” said Paulos Tessema, one of the lawyers who have called for the investigation.
Police have yet to comment on whether they would take up the case.
Nonetheless, some Ethiopians have taken to social media to express their outrage over show in which the winner will scoop £300,000 next month, with Facebook pages denouncing the contestant.
“Betty didn’t represent Ethiopia on Big Brother Africa,” says one, with the contestant’s picture marked with an “X”. Another page has death threats posted on it.
Abera was evicted in June from the show that has whittled down the housemates since May. She told an Ethiopian radio show this month she was still in Johannesburg, where the series is being filmed, but planned to travel back to Addis Ababa soon.

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Ethiopia’s population of 85 million is comprised of an Christian & Muslim majority population.


  1. what a bunch of morons, if the have the courage why dont they face the weyane evil groups who are making life impossible in thier own country in stead of wasting thier time , money and energy on one single lady who has nothing do with our life. what a bunch of idiots, this is why weyane stays in power and we ethiopians dont put our energy towards the struggle in stead we are occupied by a nonsense staff like this or we are either silent and watching the evil crimes of weyane or we are here in diaspora sitting our lazy ass in diaspora and abusing welfare and attacking major medias like ESAT and genuine oppostions like G7 while we never contribute anything…shame on us

  2. what woyane has got to do with individual private life ?, We have lot of burning issues requiring immediate responses like short of water ,food ,electricity and the like. People in addis and else where in Ethiopia furiously demanding for the above amenities, not about Betty’s sexual doings with person of her preference .If woyane would have been serious ,why not expose those big shots of Alamuddin kind and Ministers , sugar dady’s who prostitute in broad day light conducting sexual perversion with girls equaled their grand daughters. So what the big deal here with Betty? unless it is a waste of time on the part of the lawyer .

  3. No one look down on us Ethiopians because they have seen Betty’s love life on TV. Instead we are shamed when we allow our innocent young sisters to be slaves, by sending them to Arab countries to be abused and killed. We are shamed because we allow our country to be divided and ruled by Woyane, the list can go on and on. So my point is any sensible person who has ever been in love knows what Betty did was simply natural. A lawyer with a right mind and education will not waste his time in on this unless he has personal agenda.. like may be deep down he is jealous of the man who has Betty, especially when the man is not an Ethiopian.

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