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Biftu Dadi, born in US from Ethiopian family, stabbed to death

(Admas News) Seattle:- Her name, Biftu Dadi, meant sunrise, and those who knew her say it fit.
Born from Ethiopian families, Biftu Dadi, was a 24 years old girl. According to Seattlepi.com, She has been stabbed to death on March 9/2015.
“A daughter of Seattle’s Oromo family, Biftu Dadi was remembered as a smart, spirited young woman. She treasured her family, her friends say, and held to her Muslim faith even as her light dimmed.” seattlepi reported.
Biftu’s life was cut short at 24 when she was knifed on March 9 in the back of an SUV parked in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood. According to the news, she has been working as strip club dancer in Seattle area.
” King County prosecutors claim a person called Richards, killed her hours after an argument outside a strip club in Seattle’s Crown Hill neighborhood. Dadi had been working as a stripper recently; some who knew her claim she was using pain pills and stripping to feed her addiction.” the news media reported on its March 23/2015 post. R.I.P

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  1. I am witnessing that our children from that part of the continent are falling into such kind of traps;from my point of view the fractured politics of the country is taking them away from the joy of being young they are forgotten.Muslim,Christians all tribes including woyanai must give this serious issues a close attention.This is going to be a national epidemic amongst the youth it should be discussed on political level as well.
    When we say “Ethiopia b’keber Lezelalem tenoor”;means talking about such problems as well.

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