Bereket Simon is critically ill and receiving treatment at Bugshan Hospital in Saudi Arabia

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Minilik Salsawi (ምንሊክ ሳልሳዊ)

Bereket Simon, a senior member of the ruling party in Ethiopia and an adviser to Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, has been admitted to Bugshan Hospital in Saudi Arabia. According to Ethiopian Review sources, he is critically ill but in a stable condition. A representative of Bugshan Hospital told Ethiopian Review that Ato Bereket is receiving treatment for coronary heart disease at the cardiology department.

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  1. I hope he will recover soon. He works very hard under much stress for most of his life. He never had time to relax or be with his family.
    Get well Bereket and Best wishes to his family!

    • yehararworke,
      your comment reminds me of what Mr Bereket first publicly said of the reasons for Meles’ alleged illness three years ago…about exactly the same month…I hope history does not repeat itself, i.e., hope you are wrong for Bereket’s sake.

  2. Again has he gone mad!oh my god he must be tormented soul; perhaps god is paying him in kind to all the atrocities he commited and lies he told to the Ethiopian and Eritrean people, well let me bid him fare well my you rot in hell and hope you will take all the ills your brought with you!!!!RIH Berekt simen the liers git!!!

  3. Bereket has done enough while you keep on collecting and using fundraised money for your own benefit.
    you were not able to win game with Bereket
    never give up and never loose your faith. Just be honest, committed, responsible or what you are doing.
    I think this time our direction and strategy should be stronger

  4. Hospital # +966 2 669 1222
    Wish him what is in your mind
    He will soon meet his creator and will reap what he sow
    Ethiopia will be free such scumbag pastes

  5. Alegena Alegena gena for Sat
    Alegena Alegena gena for Symbian
    Alegena Alegena gena for Zamora
    Alegena Alegena gena The dross Adhnom
    Alegena Alegena gena Told Spielberg boss

  6. Alegena Alegena gena for syum Mesfin
    Alegena Alegena gena Samora
    Alegena Alegena gena sbhat Mega
    Alegena Alegena gena Tplf spie boss

  7. The TPLF fools are laughing stock of the world. They had peace for the last 23 years. But they don’t have any good hospital where they can trust their life to be treated in inside Ethiopia. Shame Shame to be TPLF. What did they think for their wives and kids? Suadi that killed may people from our country just last year?

  8. I hope he will recover soon. He works very hard under much stress for most of his life. He never had time to relax or be with his family.
    Get well Bereket and Best wishes to his family!

  9. Tesfaye Gebreab said in his book ” ..there is no healthy top member of TPLF ” he said simonsuffers from some brain problem ..victory to the oppressed : mot le woyane

  10. wow it is cute story…my God rest him not soooon…he and other TPLF members ..are bucher he torched innocent and freedom fighters so i wish him …not only death but God punish him by getting worse ….serious symptoms of …disease….woooowuuuuu i feel…happy to hear this………….

  11. You know what I am thinking reading this, I was wondering what is he thinking that he ia dying when
    All he been doing is evil. He will meet with the really power and without no dumbt that his
    Destination will be hell…this is what the angel of death would say to him..come out evil soul and the soul refuse and the angel of death will take it by force and his soul will never go up to heaven and it will come bk to earth to his grave where his punishment will start even before he is bared. Anyone who is part of evil just so they live confortable life…think the world we live in is just test and very short. Prepare for endless life.(hereafter) by doing the right thing and wanting what you want for others. This world seems like heaven for bereket simoon, Al maoudin, Azeb amesfin but they will be sorry when the right time comes. Actually for all greedy people who want.everything to themselves

  12. i am happy to hear this story,God punish woyanai ….eventhough their citizens silent bc of frighten..and torching. How ever God give them enough time to settle the case but they consider themselves as angle….finally the murderers get cute super disease which is not cure….ahahahah especially by arab….phisicians. Our smart doctors move to Europe and America bc of lack of facility…but their 4/5 grade generals have building which rented more than 200،000 …so this spiders …should eradicate as soon as possible from our country……gotegna… zeregna….their stomack is not getting filled whereever they..continously eat our country asset. Wish bereket to die and same to aboy sibhat….samora…others TPLF crazy generals dedebs ..sooon….soon please God make moracles.

  13. may God save his life. Human should be human not devil like those who pray for death of any human being in earth. again and again I pray for Bereket’s survival. God may save him. Amen.

  14. as a humanities no body is happy…since i am working with TPLF for the past 8 years i know them how they are arrogant and abuse our great nations…it is my pleasure and for sure all this groups are evaporating like a steam will continue to hear next the death of others …hulum yejun yagegnal

  15. From the get go his origin of Eritrean had never been accepted by those who don’t believe in the basic principle of “Equality” to be more specific for most Ethiopians who hate the current government, “Any Eritrean is welcome to be Ethiopian as long as they don’t hold a leading position in the government”. That is exactly what happen to Beteket. Think about it and correct your self. He earn his position by paying his young age to the Good of the Poor and oppressed citizens. Still according to you he shouldn’t be a leader just because his parents are born in Eritrea. If your dream of reuniting with Eritrea is still alive “Respect Eritreans before you dream about Eritrea.

  16. wish him …to die before ethiopian new year as usual….like his boss soon …and follow other village minded group members sooooon!

  17. May the power almighty God heals you from the the disease you are suffering with. I hope God will save your life from untimely death

  18. I am looking forward to hearing his death. As a matter of fact, I wish all Woyanes die and rot in hell for bringing our country unbearable pain and suffering.

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