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Bekele Gerba and Other 4 Political Prisoners Launch Mass Hunger Strike

VOA | Bekele Gerba and other Politcal Prisoners Launch Mass Hunger Strike


  1. Dear brother Bekele Gerba, Sir,

    I can imagine your feelings and outrage due to your unacceptable incarcerating. TPLF is a bunch of wolfs who have are devoid of human senses. They won’t care if you face serious health problems due to the hunger strike. They would be pleased even.

    Please take care of yourself among others by eating well and by temporary snubbing the acts and deeds of them. It is a criminal group sustained and hailed by the global aggressors.

    Let us hold on our sovereign courses, yet paying due care to our daily well-being!

    Eventually the just triumphs!

  2. Guys!!! The Gerba’s case is approached the court. the court will decide soon. In my understanding, Gerba and his colleagues are not on strike. They are waiting the last decision of court. Let us be fair on some politics. camouflaging or liquidating could be done on both sides; but in order to learn or to have acceptance with the society, at least fairness is a common sense.

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