BBN Special News – Ambo, Ethiopia

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BBN Special News – Ambo, Ethiopia

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  1. Ethiopians,now you know your enemy very well.Wayane and it’s Thugs are among you.Now some of them can speack Oromoffa yet you can identify them as they are strengers and don’t act like you.They always talk about differences between the Oromos and The Amharas.But what they don’t understand is as you know that Wayane is a rotten egg.So watch what they are doing to you as well as the Ethiopian people.In a month time Somale and Oromo Afar and Amhara,Oroma and Amhara(at Matu Iluababore)Benishangule and Amhara and so on.All the killings are done by Wayane Thugs and that is why the fake phd holder Bekuretsion congratulated the Ambo children killers.It is clear now.The Ethiopians on one side and Wayane and it’s Thugs on the enemy side.Ethiopians the victory is yours and Wayane will be hunted down where ever they are in side or out side where ever Ethiopians are present.

  2. This is ethnically motivated comment. Time of Habesha rule is gone for ever.
    Accept it or live your life in agony for the reset of your life.

    An Ethiopian

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