BBN Daily Ethiopian News September 9, 2017

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BBN Daily Ethiopian News September 9, 2017

Read Aloud:   TPLF Ambassador Girma Birru confronted by Ethiopians in Chicago | Video


  1. Getachew and Gidey,

    You scums of earth. You are the shit eating prostitutes slaves of tyrannical TPLF/EPRDF. You both are stupid and butt heads. Getachew, who made a speaker of ethiopians.

    Great gob BBN. keep up the good work of exposing the mafia TPLF vampire. EFFORT has monopolized 100% of government automobile business. Ethiopian businesses has to buy all their vehicles from either EFFORT or another TPLF company owned by TPLF generals. No competition from private ethiopian companies. All private ethiopian companes are crushed and destroyed. NO HOPE FOR OVER 99% OF ETHIOPIANS IN ETHIOPIA. We must destroy EFFORT and ethiopian military. 100% of high rank ethiopian soldiers are members of TPLF/EPRDF.

    With regards to a chinese company building a hotel in lake TANA, i say no way jose. Anything the Chinese communist touch is poison. NO CHINESE COMPANY SHOULD BE AWARDED BUSINESS IN ETHIOPIA. In the 21th century, can’t ethiopians build hotel and resorts? So, why in the hell does the business go to one of the most corrupt companies in the world, those owned by the worst government in the world, communist china.

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