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BBN Daily Ethiopian News September 11, 2017

BBN Daily Ethiopian News September 11, 2017

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  1. Great job BBN keep it coming.
    Ethiopia and ethiopians used to be the pride of african people in particular and black people all over the world. That pride started to wane after the death of close to millions of tigria and wello ethiopians in 1984 famine. One of the main causes of the death from the famine was because the criminal and terrorist organization by the name of TPLF stole all the hundreds of millions of dollar donated by charities all over the world to the famine victim. During the derg regime the pride power of ethiopia was reduced by about 70% and after the tyrannical TPLF/EPRDF took power it is reduced by 99%. WE SHOULD ALL REMEMBER THAT ETHIOPIA/ABYSSINIA WAS ONE OF THE 4 SUPER POWERS OF THE WORLD IN ADDITION TO PERSIA, ROMAN EMPIRE AND CHINA CLOSE TO 2,000 YEARS AGO. Under TPLF/EPRDF it is last in the world. The goal of we the patriotic ethiopians is bring ethiopia to its former glory as soon as possible. We are going to aim high and shoot for the stars.

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