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BBN Daily Ethiopian News March 29, 2018

BBN Daily Ethiopian News March 29, 2018

Read Aloud:   The Million Voices for Freedom demonstration ended peacefully

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  1. Don’t forget that the majority of the Army/soldiers (90%) in Ethiopia are from non-Tigrian ethnic groups. They have no loyalty for Tigre generals.In fact they hate Tigre generals. They are now asking serious questions and have started challenging the regime. They don’t want to shoot against the people, and they don’t support the state of emergency. In a recent meeting, they said they are trained to defend the country from foreign aggression and not for shooting at innocent citizens. They also warned Tigrian army commanders they are responsible for what is happening now on the Ethiopian people under the State of Emergency. The soldiers are getting angrier every passing day on what is happening on the people under their name. They hear the daily sad stories from their relatives. Just watch! It is just a matter of time before they kill or arrest all Tigrian ethnic commandeers. What is needed now is just something to ignite it! If the Tigre generals try to show even a little disobedience for PM Dr.Abiy to govern, this will automatically anger all non-Tigre majority soldiers and will ignite the killing of all Tigre generals by the Army.

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