BBN Daily Ethiopian News April 4, 2018

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BBN Daily Ethiopian News April 4, 2018

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  1. Yes, TPLF gangs have to go! They SHOULD LEAVE ETHIOPIA: either to prison or under the soil!!! They should not even get the chance to seek asylum out there by their alien masters.
    It is true. The fight against fascism has to continue. Tigre TPLF is:
    – Alien installed/maintained traitor (banda) gang
    – Indescribable hypocrite
    – Indescribable looter
    – Indescribable killer
    – Indescribable hatemonger
    – Indescribable naïve
    Election of Dr. Abey is great and it is also outcome of the struggle /sacrifices of the youth. TPLF Tegre may opt to use this great man of Ethiopia as a way out what so ever. But the use should embrace Dr Abey and intensify the struggle against TPLF. We have to clean Ethiopia from the TPLF dirt. These gangsters have to be buried incarcerated.
    Yes, TPLF gangs and its affiliates especially from Tegray have to be buried incarcerated.

  2. Like it or not

    Ethiopia today is shaped by TPLF for centuries to come .
    No chance for the outdated one country , one people and one religion motto of feudals any more .


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