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BBN Breaking News: Bomb Attack Hits Mosque in West Hararge, Masala

BBN Breaking News: Bomb Attacks Hit Mosque in West Hararge, Masala

The death toll from this morning attack by “Ethiopia”Agazi soldiers on a mosque in West Hararge, Masala District, Waltasis Village has reached 5. A total of 23 people have been injured and in critical condition. Those confirmed killed are:

1. Imame Mohammed
2. Adam Michael
3. Gadiss Abdurahman Shabo
4. Jabir Mohammed Yuya

Note that the Agazi invaded and besieged the area four days ago. The youth took refuge in the mosque hoping the soldiers will honor the time tested concept of religious places as sanctuary. But the killers threw grenade on the mosque and burned Imame Mohammed inside while shooting those who were running out with their head up.

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