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BBC Hardtalk interview with Neamin Zeleke on current political developments

BBC Hardtalk interview with Neamin Zeleke on current political developments

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  1. Political will is not enough. But the political weight and the opposition forces with military power in their hands will make the smooth democratic transition impossible. Those with banks and tanks in the hands of the few ethnic monsters has to be fought with a language they understand–violence. Those who make smooth democratic transition impossible will make violence inevitable. Woyane is doing just that. With the proposal and design and development of the “Gibre Hayle” or task forces on the economic,”democratization” foreign affairs,”public protection” from “lawlessness and violence” by people in the person of Abay Tsehaye, the father of tyranny and torture. Bereket Simon,a vicious and poisonous snake; Aba-dulla,an illiterate beast of burden of Woyane; Shiferaw Shiguty an opportunist parasite; Werkneh Gebeyehu,a Woyane house maid,yes-man and puppet of the regime. All these anti-people and Anti Abiy bunch of spoilers would not let the new prime minister perform the duties and responsibilities given to him by the people for the good of the oppressed mass and disfranchised, segregated, alienated and landless poor. The Qurros, the Fannos and the Zelmas, who are sheding their blood,their tears and their sweats, their lives and their limbs are watching. And those who fail to do what is required of them will pay the price. The heaviest price. Long live the anti-Woyane forces. Their victory is in the horizon. The future of Ethiopian people is bright.

  2. This is unbelievable!! These opposition leaders are still in the 20th Century!! They can’t even see what they should have been able to do through a peaceful struggle. These old politicians should leave the struggle to the young and innovative activists. Time is up for talking words of war in Ethiopia and assuming that they you the ones who know what is good for Ethiopians. They are making concessions with the enemies of Ethiopia for a short term benefits with out looking the longer term implications!!

    Mr. Neamin, Ethiopians are wise, patient and act with diligence. Don’t try to hijack what the people achieved and turn this to your credit. It is unfair and ignorance on your side Mr Neamin!!! and please stop drumming the word of war!!

  3. ይገርማል ይሄ የኢሳያስ ቅምጥ አፉን ሞልቶ, when he says the place where more than 70000 Ethiopians sacrificed their lives was internationally arbitrated to Ertra therefore its Ertrean, shows exactly where the loyalities and focus of the so called ‘Ginbot 7’ organization lies. It does not matter who was on the right or on the wrong for that senseless and unnecessary carnage, what matters is the opinion of the so called ‘armed’ organization that purports to be the liberator of Ethiopians from TPLF rule to give concessions and stand by the objectives and aspirations of the demented ‘one man PolPot of Ertra’. The bbc journalist said it well ‘it does not look good for Ginbot 7’and its leader Berhanu sitting in Asmara Harnet avenue cafe sippin his special absolut vodka and dreaming about seizing power in Ethiopia. What a power hungry individual this man is who left a comfortable university professorship to take assistance from a man who is responsible for the carnage and devastation that rained on millions of ETHIOPIANS for the last 40 plus years, a man who is primarily responsible for the carnage a present break up of our country distorting and destroying its history, a man who destroyed the memorial built for the Ethiopian patriot ‘Alula Aba Nega’ but built a tomb for a fascist Italian general instead?
    I wonder!

  4. how unprepared is Steven that he didn’t even know the prime minister is not Muslim and he should have addressed his with his well earned educational title that Dr Abiy Ahmed and the so called opposition rep didn’t even attempted to correct that mistake all he focused is that there was other oromo ministers which I never heard of them being the top leaders. he talks like a cry baby who lost real issue and answer to be an oppositional issues except they wanted and think to be the only people to lead the country. I hope you burn in hell as you try to do this to our beloved country. you sit in the comfort of your Washington dc home while people with no place to call home are being sacrificed. why can’t you go to the field and hold gun and fight and see how it feels may be you will become one of those querros and fanos.

  5. I cant believe he even endorsed that badme is Eritrean’s and should be returned? really?!!!! how low life are you? you are disgusting. believe me you will die wishing to have power in Ethiopia. you will sell Ethiopia to anyone that comes with a hope of giving you power. Shermuta. Your problem is the ruling party is from the minority tribe. How about now? How about you? Are you or birhanu from the majority tribe? don’t be hypocrite.

  6. You guys are enraged , if you are given a change , you would fumble , and rammble. Idiot woyanes stooges

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