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BASIC ISSUE WITH TPLF – By a patriotic Ethiopian

Ethiopian PatriotsAfter nearly 24 years of solid experience, I presume we all now know that Ethiopia has been ruled by the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) for such long time under the cover of EPDRF.  EPDRF was created by TPLF itself in its own image by incorporating ethnic-based political groups that neither have the capability nor the patriotic sentimental elements to govern a multi-dimensional country like Ethiopia.  It is safe to say that TPLF selected its partners in governance primarily based on their loyalty to it, and this has indeed been the case during the past 24 years.
Under the rule of TPLF, Ethiopia has experienced one of the worst administrative and human rights abuses that the world has ever seen in modern history.  As the crimes committed by TPLF against Ethiopia and its people have been described amply by many on numerous occasions and are well known, not much can be gained by repeating them here.  What inspired me to write this piece was my utter disappointment and frustration regarding the inability or unwillingness of the Ethiopian people to remove from power the organization (that is, TPLF) that has robed and abused them inhumanly for so long.  It is not as much about why and how TPLF is doing what it is doing since, by its very nature, this is expected of it.
As its very name indicates, TPLF is an ethnic-based organization that stands for the “liberation” of the Tigray people from Ethiopia.  According to available document, the organization was created from a small group of students in 1975 for the fulfillment of this objective.  After a long period of struggle both against a dictatorial Ethiopian regime and patriotic Ethiopian democratic forces, the Front assumed the helm of governing power in Ethiopia in 1991, with the help of some Western nations, particularly UK and the US.  Since then, TPLF has kept a tight grip over almost everything in Ethiopia, ranging from political domination to land control to local and foreign trades to military and intelligence activities.  The organization has neither “liberated” Tigrai and moved out of Ethiopia nor made itself Ethiopian by at least changing its name to something palatable to most Ethiopians.  Instead, while retaining its original name and objective of separating Tigrai from the rest of Ethiopia, it seems determined to rule Ethiopia for ever with iron-fist and cruelty unseen before.  Apart from its brutal rule, this is a blatant contradiction on the part of TPLF that cannot be accepted by anyone with some level of common sense and concern.
TPLF has been given the opportunity to adjust itself to the needs and concerns of the Ethiopian people during its 24-year tenure in power.  Refusing expectations, instead it has chosen to remain the enemy of the Ethiopian people not only by its evil deeds as demonstrated during the past 24 years but also by retaining its original name as a secessionist organization bent to destroy Ethiopia.  It is time that this has to stop.  There are two obvious choices to be taken by the Ethiopian people in this regard, and these, in descending order, are: (1) TPLF is an enemy which must be destroyed once and for all; or (2) to be considered and treated as a legitimate Ethiopian organization, TPLF has to denounce and change its name and political program of seceding Tigrai from Ethiopia.  It is totally absurd and idiotic to have such an enemy organization listed as a contender in national election in a country that it intends to destroy.
At this stage, it is appropriately justifiable to say that it is shame on us Ethiopians to be ruled and abused in this 21st Century by such an evil and savage organization never experienced anywhere else.  How long are we willing to stay with no clear stands for our own goods and harbor shame beyond acceptable standards by conventional measures? I do not blame TPLF that hard because it is the nature of the beast.  It is up to us to liberate ourselves, and, although we have been a little slow to act, it is not that late to make corrections and reverse situations.  On our part, let us add the above points as rallying items when talking about the fake election planned to take place in the near future.
Long live Ethiopia, the birth place of the human race on Planet Earth.

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