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Barack Obama to visit Ethiopia and AU headquarters

By Tinishu Solomon
obama480reutersUS President Barack Obama will next month travel to Ethiopia, making him the first sitting president of that country to visit the Horn of Africa nation and the African Union headquarters.
The visit will come after an already announced trip to Kenya.

This will be the first visit of a sitting US President to Ethiopia and to the African Union headquarters

The Office of the Press Secretary of the White House announced late last week that Obama will travel to Ethiopia for bilateral meetings with the government of that country and the AU leadership.
“This will be the first visit of a sitting US President to Ethiopia and to the African Union headquarters, underscoring our efforts to work with the countries and citizens of sub-Saharan Africa to accelerate economic growth, strengthen democratic institutions, and improve security,” reads the White House’s statement.
Obama’s trip to his father’s homeland of Kenya in July will also be his first as president.
He previously went to Kenya before winning the presidency and another while he was a US senator.
The president is due to attend the 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Summit, an event that brings together entrepreneurs, investors, governments and other organisations to Kenya next month to boost living standards around the world.
Obama has previously visited sub-Saharan Africa, traveling to Ghana, Senegal, Tanzania and South Africa.
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  1. We as an African we would like to say welcome back to home .But the Ameican African economic collaboration is not such important since America does not change its ideology towards Africa. America always primarily concern it’s profit. The economic integration between the continents is not comparable with that of China and far east.America is politically active in the whole World but china is economically and commercially active . So a country like Ethiopia must have economic integration more than political integration I am tawfik Shemsedin.

  2. President Obama, I wish you to have a good working holiday to congratulate your foot soldiers at the expense of the poor and retched people, now I know the hope you promised was not my hope but yours and your killer friends, good luck and I hope you sleep well!!

  3. By visiting Ethiopia next month, this President of United State will prove that he stands for strongmen than strong institution. Who cares for those who stand for strongmen?

  4. Can somebody tell me how Roman Tesfaye the full bred Eritrean survived in Ethiopia during the Badme Boarder conflict while countless other Eritreans got deported out of Ethiopia after they got all their property confiscated by the Ethiopian Military. Eritreans had to leave behind their life’s savings including all their assets when they were dropped off at Eritrea-Ethiopia boarder by Ethiopian military. The military did not show mercy to no Eritrean even though they were married to an Ethiopian and did not involve in Eritrean politics.
    Can somebody tell me whether Roman Tesfaye is considered an Ethiopian or an Eritrean-diplomat working at the African Union representing Eritrea?
    The way it is going Mrs. Obama herself might claim she is an Ethiopian overnight during this visit.

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