Baalu Girma’s Widow Says Description About Her Husband’s Disappearance Inaccurate

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Baalu Girma
Baalu Girma

Baalu Girma’s widow has hit out at the author of a new memoir, Fisseha Desta for hinting that only the former security chief, Colonel Tesfaye Wolde Selassie was responsible for Ethiopia’s most celebrated authors’ demise. In his memoir, “The Revolution and my Reminiscences,” Fisseha claims Baalu Grima was the causality of the state security bureau, whose chief Colonel Tesfaye might have solely decided the murder of the author, who produced a novel that depicted and exposed the futility of the military aspect of the 1982’s offensive against the Eritrean

People’s Liberation Front (EPLF) on several fronts.Fisseha Desta quoted the former security chief as saying that within a few months of the publication of Oromai, a measure was taken against the author after his novel had become a propaganda instrument for EPLF angering the powers that be, even though the book gained wide popularity among readership.

Approached by Ethiopia Observer to comment on the claim, Woizero Almaz Abera, Baalu’s wife of twenty years and the mother of his three children, Fisseha’s claim is inaccurate and incomplete. Speaking from her apartment in Piazza, Atikilt area yesterday, she said Fisseha chose to enhance the security chief’s role in Baalu’s demise, minimizing Mengistu Hailmariam and Fikreselassie Wogdres’s roles. “It is a decision that they took together and why is Fisseha putting the blame on one person?” she asked.


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