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Azeb has received serious warning from Getachew Assefa



Minilik Salsawi have got this news from the most reliable source that Bereket Simon has been already pushed further from the main stream power and damped in to an ordinary building rented from one individual based at kazanchis under the name of “policy study”

Azeb has also also received serious warning from Getachew Assefa who is currently excersing the real power, to arrest her if she is failed to remain silent.Now, she is hiding in Meles foundation, a project which is technically dead task.Minilik Salsawi



  1. This news is just created by Bereket himself.If minilik salisawi has reliable sources he would have known that this man is really the leader of the so called eprdf policy.He (Bereket) is the designer and implimenter of all policies even in the era of Meles.By the way Bereket had no attractive office since he started to experience his power. Look he was in etv building, he was in meskel flower old building and others offices of that man were not so attractive, but his power is real. I am lauphing
    at those people who said Bereket is powerless.If he is powerless really eprdf is defeated. Dear minilik salisawi this is a great comedy and jok upon Ethiopian people.By the way Bereket always created such news upon him. That is typically his strategy.who was appointing Hailemariam Dessalegne as prime minister?Who was appoinying that 31 tplf generals as soon as meles died by the name of Meleses plan? Who appointed Redwan hussen as minister of communication?……..bla bla bla I said so because inorder to divert attention …please do not foolish us.we know everything. Finally the office where Bereket now in is much beter than his previous offices. That is the real fact

  2. z habesha don’t ever make me think my real habeshawinet by spreading hate and too many lies. ohff give me a break, though i hate the gov’t in power.

  3. why he didn’t kill her or fuck her in the ass, instead of reprimanding her.kill the bitch so that she can join her rotten husband in the HELL

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