Audio Video: Hidden Truth About Isaias Afwerki | TOP SECRET – by Assefa Chabo

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Audio: Hidden Truth About Isaias Afwerki | TOP SECRET – by Assefa Chabo

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  1. Asefa Chabo,
    Shimagle yo are wasting your time instead of talking about your leaders. Was Issayas your master ? Your country is collapsing while are talking about Issayas. You are useless

  2. ye 3000 teretna misale yamara neger 21 kiflezemn ayalqm bilewal :: lemehonu amara beheresb yemibal ale wey ? qmnqaw endale ahunm bamargna neherawi huno hzbun yinagerletal :: Amara bemil sim beqanqaw new ye ethiopia andinet andnet andinet mn maletu new? ye amargna qonkawu be ethiopia beherawi qanqa huno yinur malet new ? andinet andinet endet hzb mebtun kelkileh neh andinet mimetaw :: sle eritrea Isayas mitinagerew yeneberk tinish yesew chinqlat aleh ? be eritrea hzb be nabal bomb beklaster bomb be tankoch be Air wugiya hzbu sicheres mederoch siqatelu be derg serawit ethiopia mitlacho anta and qen balehbet bemenged wete eritrea hzb wendmachn new tew atigdelut bileh tawuqaleh ? slemnawuqachu antebqm ::oromo ugaden yihun lelaw hbreteseb ethiopia hzb new mebtu tetebqo new andinet yemiyameta ena mebt mebt hzb maweq alebh :: 21 kflezemen endezih mitnagerew yet neh mitinorew ygermal ::

  3. Ato Assefa Chabo has brought the truth to light. As we all know the truth always hurts; and as such I wouldn’t blame the frustrations of the 3 commentators before me. I think commentator number 2 who goes by the name “Furt”, whatever that means, is trying to say “big fart” in his comment. And if we correct his name accordingly, by changing the letter “u” with “a” that is, it’ll not fall short in describing him. Just a joke, no pun intended.

    As for me, Ato Assefa’s exposé has made me think a lot and to dare say that it has led me to believe the whole show regarding Ethiopia is back to square 1. All the huffing and puffing that we saw in the past few months, which by the way, is spiralling to hard core chauvinism and regionalism instead of grappling with the reality and strategizing accordingly in a unified manner is playing itself into the ominous design concocted by none other than Issias and Co. We should never forget what Issias Afeworki had gleefully said after the London Accord – “I gave Ethiopia a hundred years headache”. A quarter century has passed in turmoil since then. Are we to squabble in petty chauvinism and regionalism for another three quarters of a century or are we to transcend and bring about a unified and democratic Ethiopia?

    Beware Ethiopians; once again the Medusa is slowly rearing its deadly head.

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